Indy highlights taunting of Palestinian journo by soldiers, yet buries Jerusalem terror attack

A great contrast in priorities was on display at the Independent in editorial decisions involving two articles published yesterday.  

Last night, they published a full report on an incident in the West Bank in which a few Israeli soldiers taunted and disrupted a Palestinian journalist as she was “reporting on what she describes as Israel’s ‘racist policy’ of collective punishment.” (See video here)

pal journo

The Indy explained that an IDF spokesperson rebuked the soldiers, saying the video “depicts combat soldiers behaving in a way unbecoming of IDF soldiers.

Fair enough.

However, most observers would be aware of another far more serious incident which occurred yesterday afternoon in Jerusalem involving a Palestinian terrorist who rammed his car into a crowded bus stop, inuring more than 12, including a baby.  Following the ramming, the terrorist evidently intended to attack more Israelis with an ax, but was shot by police before he could get out of his car.


An ax found by police in the car of a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem, December 14, 2015 (Israel Police)

In contrast to their coverage of the incident involving a taunting of one Palestinians journalist, Indy editors relegated the Jerusalem terror attack to two sentences in the final paragraphs of an unrelated story about comments by Israel’s Defense Minister about the NGO Breaking the Silence.


(Regarding the baby who, the Indy noted, needed surgery: surgeons were actually trying to save the baby’s leg, and there are unconfirmed reports this morning that it had to be amputated.)

Despite the fact that, since October, Palestinian stabbings, car-rammings and shootings have occurred nearly every day, the Indy hasn’t published a stand-alone article on a terror attack since Nov. 23. 



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  1. I really don’t see anything wrong here. The Ziocon occupation soldiers were clearly and brutally violating this reporter’s human rights. It’s crime against humanity known by the UN as “photo bombing”.

  2. And there’s nothing wrong with the possible amputation of an 18 month old baby’s leg? Tells me everything I need to know about the type of person/reader who thinks irreverent photo-bombing is worse than the serious wounding of 11 people including a toddler.

    • I’m only level 4 but we are taught that the interference of a Palestinian TV item is much more important to the British public than Israeli colonialist babies. The Ziocon soldiers were smiling and saying horrible vicious words like the “l-word” (liar: I feel so dirty just saying it) to the helpless reporter, who is now on intensive psychological care at Al-Wabab hospital following her abuse. May Allah(n Rusbridger) prey for her.

  3. This pop squeak wet behind the ears reporter might be very surprised how SAS behave after sustained fire fights or combat. If words hurt their feelings too bad! Get real lady. You never report on PA/Hamas TV Radio Newspapers Imams or Haniyeh Meshaal or Abbas. They’re blatant Anti Semitism doesn’t fit your Publishers, editors or your Agenda

  4. An interesting thought. Here is a Palestinian journalist making a live report in Israel. So she gets some unpleasant flak. Naughty, naughty. How about an Israeli journalist standing in a street in an Arab country making a live report – would (s)he be merely subjected to nasty comments from bystanders?