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Financial Times amplifies Palestinians’ exploitation of Christamas, Part 3

Palestinians are quite adept at cynically exploiting clashes in Bethlehem between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers to take advantage of the UK media’s appetite for Christmasthemed narratives of the conflict. 

Sometimes, they even drag Santa Claus into the mix.

Here’s a photo published at the Financial Times – the British equivalent of the U.S.-based Wall Street Journal, which largely focuses on international business and economic news – two years ago, Dec. 20, 2013.

2013 ft

Here’s a photo published at the Financial Times last year, Dec. 19th, 2014

ft last year


Now, here’s a Financial Times photo diary published just yesterday – Dec. 19, 2015.

ft photo

So, for three years in a row the Financial Times has amplified Palestinian efforts to misleadingly suggest that Israel is oppressing Christians in the city believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ. 

Of course, such narratives obscure the fact that whilst Christians face unprecedented persecution in Muslim majority countries, Israel, the only majority Jewish country, is the only regional safe-haven for Christians.  Indeed, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the indigenous Christian population is actually growing.

Evidently, Israel’s progressive advantage in the area of religious freedom isn’t the Christmas picture Financial Times editors want you to see. 

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  1. That boy dressed in a red hoodie brings tears to my eyes. There’s nothing worse than seeing a boy dressed in red standing in front of soldiers.
    Nothing can justify this kind of barbaric standing of the soldiers. What with the boy. And the red outfit and all. The way that stand there. Occupying. And near Christmas time. And the boy is wearing red. BARBARIC.

  2. As has been noted occasionally, if Joseph and Mary rocked up to Bethlehem on their donkey this Xmas, they would be lynched by the Palestinians and the donkey smuggled into Gaza.

  3. Wow. Saatchi & Saatchi has NOTHING on the Palestinians when it comes to semiotics and branding! The way in which Muslim extremists are able to pass themselves off as ‘peaceful’ and present themselves and their children as Christians that pay reverence to the Xmas festival is such a fantastic manipulation of the truth.

    This Arab propaganda is so blatant and transparent I am gob-smacked at the amount of serious coverage the media actually gives it. [No, wait. I’m not gob-smacked. The British media’s in cahoots with Palestinian Christmas propaganda too.]

    • So true Mr Bellamy! It is in occupied Palestine! Just like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Very good sir. We are on the same page here. The Santa slaughter must stop!

      • I think the word you’re looking for is Unhinged.

        Oh. Sorry. I described you, John. As in, Do you think Stephen is going to respond to you? Maybe you think you’ve finally shut Stephen up? Or did Stephen really get your, erm, goat this time?

        I do feel so very sorry for you, Mr. Kinory. Best of luck!

          • Right, John. You keep emulating Donald Trump and Alex Jones with regard to President Obama, and the rest of us Yanks will nod our heads with acknowledgement.

            Because, golly, it would be so sad if I were to continue being considered “unhinged” by such a logical, forward thinking individual such as yourself.

            Poor John. His whole world is a prism.

                • Israel is liberal…. Let’s count the ways!

                  In America, the Tea Party goons and Crazy Christian Right don’t want to grant women the right to abortions, even at 14 weeks. The government is in constant threat of shutdown because of funding for Planned Parenthood which is an org that conducts abortions (3% of the time) along with basic affordable women’s health like breast cancer detection. But, see, John Kinory hates liberals, so one wonders what he’s doing defending Israel on these boards. Maybe it’s not the women of Israel he cares about, but rather the missiles Israel uses to defend herself. Noted.

                  In America, President Barack Obama finally passed a health care law that required insurance companies to cut their rates for the greater good of all 300 American citizens. Funny thing is, the Tea Party goons and Crazy Christian Right don’t like that law. Because Communism = BAD!!!1111. I must admit, Liberals like me want what’s called a Public Option — government pricing! I don’t think Israel has this problem, but alas.

                  In America, the Tea Party goons and some fellows from the Crazy Christian Right don’t want to accept any Syrian refugees. Because, Paris!!11 and San Bernardino!!1111. Not that even one refugee was involved with Paris or San Bernardino. Meanwhile, in Israel, the government has spent $50 million shekels to cross the border and save the lives of fighters injured in Syria.

                  I don’t want to go and list too many more instances proving Israel is more liberal than the current Tea Party and Crazy Christian Right of America because I don’t want John’s precious, pointy head to explode all over the computer screen. That would be sad.

                  • Crazy Socialists like you get your panties in a knot over the Tea Party, “Crazy Christian Right”, Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Tissue Exchange – but as we see in your above rant,

                    and NOTHING about the “Crazy Muslim Fascists” (backed by Crazy Socialist Left in Eurabia and the US) which hijacks planes and flies them into buildings, bombs the Boston Marathon, shoots up office parties, bombs London transport, massacres Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, San Bernardino, Nairobi, Mumbai.

                    km, Where is your bile over Crazy Muslims of the Right and Left???

                    Islamofascists, with cover of Socialists, use any way possible to sneak jihadis into the US. fiancée entry, “refugees” without vetting. How do you vet someone with no documentation or counterfeit syrian passports??? Why are most of the “refugees” males of fighting age???

                    • Shit does happen. You are just the sort of human excrement that is living proof of that. many Nazi leaders were ‘good fathers’ and family men. This did not stop them from butchering millions of ‘sub – humans’.

                  • I support Donald J. Trump for President of the US in 2016.

                    I add that in hopes that it helps your Socialist, regressive Progressive blood pressure.

                    • In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Bernie beats Donald “The Schlong” Trump by 13 points.

                      No, Ed, your voting interests don’t interest, bother, or confuse me at all.

                    • The Capitalist vs The Socialist.

                      Should be interesting.

                      I predict Capitalism will defeat Socialism in America.

  4. Typical of the FT! Who is Jamie Han who took photograph?

    All FT articles about Israel in FT try to belittle the country and their correspondents have preconceived biased views

    Note the person dressed up as Santa spots an Israel Supplied Gas Mask

  5. Do I understand from the photographs that these Muslims have left their faith and become Christians? Will they get stoned or crucified (choose your pick)?

  6. Is there anything more dehumanizing than a wall built to stop (successfully) stop all suicide bombers and causing no deaths, thereby saving untold lives during a time when the Palestinians refuse to sit at any negotiating tables, relegating their “Intifada” to stabbing innocent pedestrians who just happen to “look” and/or “feel” Jewish to their teenaged attackers?

    I call this, Good Times with Palestinian Advocacy. Much like calling Samir “the” Kuntar a Militant when what he really did as 20 year old was smash the head of a 4 year old girl with his rifle butt. Now, that’s what I call Peace1111