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Why have the UK media ignored yesterday’s deadly Palestinian terror attack? (Update)

Early yesterday evening, a terrorist stabbed a 39-year-old woman, Dafna Meir, to death in front of her teenage daughter at their home in the town of Otinel, near Kiryat Araba in the West Bank.  Meir, who reportedly fought with her Palestinian attacker to protect her children, leaves behind a husband and four children, aged 11 to 17.


Dafna Meir

A search is ongoing for the Palestinian attacker. 

Thus far, the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph and Times of London have all ignored the story.

Interestingly, the Indy did find time to publish an unrelated article by their Middle East correspondent on how Palestinians are “united” by Israel’s revived policy of demolishing terrorists’ homes. This article, by Ben Lynfield, was published more than 6 hours after the attack in Otinel.

Minutes before this post was published, another terror attack occurred in Tekoa, southeast of Jerusalem in the West Bank, where a pregnant woman in her 30s was stabbed and moderately wounded by Palestinian.  The victim was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

We’ll update this post if major UK news sites do eventually report on either of these latest attacks. 

Meir was the 29th person killed since the latest wave of Arab terror began on Oct. 1st. 

UPDATE: Since this post was published, the Guardian and Telegraph ran stories on the terror attack. Thus far, however, neither the Independent nor Times of London have done so.

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  1. One thing is certain: If a report about it does appear, the murdered will be described as a “settler”. The phrase settler will be used heavily because that is the code word in the left-wing media for someone who while they don’t condone his murder they kind of understand it.

    Because in the left-wing media if the place of residence of an Israeli is considered controversial then his murder is a natural part of life. It’s not quite like the murder of another person. He had it coming a bit.

  2. I dont know the other two, but The Guardian is really the born-again “Der Stürmer”. They would probably even sponsor the killing of Jewish People. They are simply disgusting and in addition actually belong to that Media that is called by thinking people in Germany these days: “Die Lügenpresse” “The Lying Press”.

    My condoleances to the family of the victim and to Israel. Decent and half-way intelligent people stand by Israel, after the motto: In a war between the savages and the civilised, we will stand with Israel.

    • Why don’t people start a campaign to tell companies that buy advertising in the pages of that fascist rag that they will be boycotted as long as they do advertise in Der Guardian?

      Put the screws on Der Guradian to change its ways and upgrade its journalistic standards from the gutter.

      • Good idea ! ….BUT …speculation: for example, they are very much “quoted” in the Australian tax-payer funded ABC, who in turn is serving Al Jazeera to a point where I call them “the Australian branch” of that islamist propaganda chain – as is the rest of the leftist media gang – “solidarity among those who once were the 4th Estate and now are the 5th Column”.

  3. Why has the UK media ignored yesterday’s deadly Palestinian terror attack?
    The same reason that the BBC and the new York Times ignored the Holocaust. #Jewish lives don’t matter.

  4. The Guardian barely ever reports the Palestinian murders of Israelis. They have the morals of alley cats. This from Beaumont today, all about Palestinians “killed”:

    In the Palestinian village of Saer each young man’s death at the hands of Israel’s security forces has set the stage for yet another death, 13 now in the space of a few months.

    Less than two weeks ago four of its men and youths were killed in a single day in what Israelis say were two separate attacks by those who died. One was on the outskirts of Hebron, the second at the Gush Etzion junction where three young men – Muhanad, Ahmad and Alaa Kawasbeh – were killed, all of them cousins.

      • Strangely, the Guardian, along with The Independent”, is regarded as a paper read by leftish-leaning people, hardly to be compared to the Nazi party, surely?

        • The full name of the Nazi party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , i.e. National Socialist German Worker’s Party. You can’t get much further to the left if you have included both the words “socialist” and “worker” in the name of your party. Perhaps the name of a certain paper should be changed to “Guardian of the Left” which could be translated as “Linkswächter”

          • The SWP “Socialist Workers Party” which exists today,


            is a descendant of the NSDAP “National SOCIALIST German/Deutch WORKERS/Arbiter PARTY”.

            They both hate Capitalism, Jews, America, Christians.

        • Frau Pam, Your “left” have become the 21st Century FASCISTS. You side with authoritarian, ultra conservative, mysogiynist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Freedom, anti-Free Speech thugs in keffiyahs.

          Here is a 30 second youtube of a newsreel of Socialist Shitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem meeting face to face.

  5. Adam, these brainwashed tools or Leftist elitists have no Empathy and cannot see beyond their nose that grows each time they speak. One England 2 will be under full attack from within an they will have to make a choice.

  6. Other sources say that she had 6 children, while this story says 4. I wonder what happened to the other two children.

    • She had four children and was fostering the two little ones. Nothing ‘happened’ to them

  7. I read the Guardian and am often very upset when the paper fails to report the deaths of Palestinians, but I think that’s because it’s a daily event, especially when young men are used for target practise by both the IDF and settlers, just for throwing stones. What right -minded government condones the use of live bullets to deter stone-throwing?

    • A right-minded government uses the means necessary to deter those lethal stones from killing its own citizens. But, since you think that they are so harmless try bashing your own skull with one. Who knows? It might actually knock some sense into you.

      • @Michael –

        How strange, then, that those “means necessary” never seem to include lethal shooting when the assailants happen to be Jewish stone-throwers or rampaging knife attackers … (Dec 21); (Nov 22); (Oct 9); (Oct 11); etc, etc…

        • Aw Miranda sweeite, you went fishing and didn’t catch anything. Boo-hoo-hoo!
          “Six police officers were wounded by violence directed at them by a SMALL MINORITY of the protesters, a police statement said. One officer had a broken hand.”
          Oh and then you go to Ma’an????? I find it strange how they always state how a Palestinian “allegedly” stabs an Israeli but that “occupation forces” never “allegedly shoot.
          Your story about the Israeli teenager stabbing omits the key information about the teenager not attempting to stab the Israeli soldier who tackled him. Think (despite the difficulty) would the soldier have risked being stabbed himself?
          And your point about the last one?

          • I’m not quite sure why some of you don’t get it. I know it does indeed, deeply cut the soul and that part of us that we grew up with of what is right and wrong; honest and deceit. It is trans-generational. What is different today than yesteryear is its institutionalized and employees who don’t follow the script are out.
            We used to have Journalists and investigative reporters as good as any MI-5 or MI-6 operative. Today we have reporters assigned to get a specific story or like we’ve seen in Israel stage it with the cooperation of the Palestinians. Why the Government Press Office is so quiet and timid I don’t understand. Everything else in Israel is outspoken. Cann you picture England putting u with it with IranianPress coming I’ve over to cover agitated. Violent demonstrations by Shiites and then covering it like the BBC covers Israel plus staging incidents. How long would they put up with it
            So we’ve established the Press Corps or Editors, Publishers or voices behind the Mics are Anti-Anti-Semitic or willing for whatever reason to participate in Anti-Israel/Semitic activity.

          • @Michael…you say “I find it strange how they always state how a Palestinian “allegedly” stabs an Israeli but that “occupation forces” never “allegedly shoot.” could this be because we see the video footage of Israelis whooping for joy when an Palestinian lad is shot and we also see the sleight of hand of the Israeli placing a knife by the injured or dead Palestinian. It’s not hard to see what’s happening!

            • we see the video footage of Israelis whooping for joy when an Palestinian lad is shot
              Pam you have to understand us Jews – every Palestinian children slaughtered by our executioners will push down the price of the gentile children blood before Passover. This is nothing personal, simple finances, it is in our blood.
              BTW have you ever considered applying for a job at the Stuermer or at the Aryan Nation? You would be warmly welcome at both…

            • I have been wanting to ask someone who believes that knives are placed next to innocent Palestinians
              whether they know that Israelis have been stabbed and murdered by these knife jihadis?
              Do you not believe that there are any attempts?
              Do you believe that Israelis stab each other or themselves and grab any convenient Palestinian who happens to be around (illegally in many cases) to frame?
              Do you not believe that some attempts fail or are foiled?
              Do you believe that all Israelis are evil and all Palestinians are innocent despite their declared determination to kill Jews and their president’s encouragement?

              • That’s why videos are great. They show what was happening. Like store video of the jihadi pig who murdered people in Tel Aviv and the bus stop video of the jihadi pig running his car into a bus stop and stabbing a guy.

              • “Do you believe that all Israelis are evil and all Palestinians are innocent despite their declared determination to kill Jews and their president’s encouragement?” –

                these dregs evidently do.

        • Oh yeah more code from Guardian: “In the incident on Monday, the attacker apparently entered the Tekoa settlement and stabbed the 30-year-old settler, the Israeli military said, before being shot by the settlement’s head of security.”
          Now how many times can they possibly squeeze variations of “settler” into one sentence?

          “The latest incidents have added to the growing sense of crisis over the continuing violence that has seen almost daily attacks and which has claimed the lives of about 180 people on both sides, including 100 Palestinians Israel SAYS were killed during attacks and attempted attacks.”
          Oh, I don’t think that the Guardian said anything similar about France “saying” that the Charlie Hebdo murderers were killed while carrying out attacks.

    • Do you think maybe there aren’t as many deaths of Palestinians as you and your cohorts in the world of Paranoid Jewish Conspiracies truly want to believe?

      The 2000+ who died during the Gaza war, do you at all care that more than 1200 of them were fighters?

      You just like death numbers because it gives a reason to hate. That’s how we know your newspaper of choice is a fucking joke.

  8. @Adam Levick –

    (a) UK newspapers almost certainly weren’t “ignoring” Dafna Meir’s murder at the time you posted this article. Far too many “unfolding news” stories involving I/P violence are so blighted by unreliable information – whether from Israeli or Palestinian sources – that silence is often much the safer and wiser option than a dive into the initial media fray.

    NB: Scores of death-and-injury I/P incidents have been unreported by UK media during the past three months. If this one REMAINS shelved I’ll be mighty surprised. But even if it ultimately does get “ignored”, this wouldn’t be at all out of kilter with very patchy reporting – not least concerning controversial Arab casualties – during the so-called stabbing intafada so far.

    (b) Your article winds up with: “Meir was the 29th person killed since the latest wave of Arab terror began on Oct. 1st.” She wasn’t. The full tally of PEOPLE killed since October 1st now stands at 155.

  9. Adam, have you ever tried shaming the News Media by contacting them to tell them you will be chronicling all acts of terror against Israelis and Jew and that a Competitor has agreed to disseminate the information once a week T the top of the week when interest up. First find the competitor. I don’t know if this will wake them up or no t to get on board.