Guardian ignores widely reported anti-Israel violence at Kings College

Richard Millett’s first hand account of violence by pro-Palestinian activists at an LSE Israel Society talk at Kings College featuring former Israeli Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon – cross posted here – not only went viral, but was widely covered in the Jewish, Israeli and British media.  The story was riveting because of the exclusive videos taken by Millett (and David Tamman) showing the disruption, and the fact that protesters hounded and intimidated Ayalon and the attendees despite the fact that the program was promoting peace.

The behavior by pro-Palestinian activists at the London university was strongly condemned by the British government.

In addition to reports at the Jewish Chronicle, The AlgemeinerTimes of Israel, Jerusalem Post, and Haaretz, the story was covered by most major UK media outlets, including LBCEvening Standard, Huffington Post UKTimes of London, The Independent, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Scottish Daily Mail,  Sky News and even the BBC.

Tellingly, the Guardian is one of the few major UK new sites which has thus far failed to cover the incident.

This of course isn’t the first time the Guardian has sanitized or ignored extremism by pro-Palestinian demonstrators.  In September, David Collier noted that a Guardian report by Peter Beaumont about an anti-Netanyahu rally at Downing Street failed to inform readers that some demonstrators waved the flags of Hezbollah and Hamas, whilst others engaged in explicit antisemitism.

Similarly, the Guardian failed to report antisemitic banners and extremist sympathies at a pro-Palestinian rally in London during the 2014 summer war between Israel and Hamas.

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  1. I don’t know why we get so hung up about The Guardian. We all know that it’s not fit to be toilet paper. We all know that we’re never going to change its anti-Israel position and the anti-Israel vitriol that it feeds to its readers, many if not most of whom hold similar views. We all know that it’s never going to publish / publicise any corrections to its narrative. We can’t do anything to change it so ignore it. Why waste time, energy and emotion which could be applied more effectively elsewhere?

    • The danger of the Guardian is more in its influence over the BBC. More than one person, having left BBC employ, make statements such as, ‘When I asked what items to select for the new presenter, I was told to look at the Guardian front page.’

  2. The Guardian, (Praise be to Allah), is known to be extremely selective as to the news items that it selects for publication when it puts Palestinians and their radical extreme left wing groupies, in any negative light. Guardian subscribers have delicate sensibilities and if confronted with ‘difficult’ facts, even slightly, seem to wet themselves profusely.

  3. Violence, what violence? The protesters were denied admission to the meeting and shouted and banged the windows to make the point that they wantede to be inside. Bad manners perhaps but violence, no. Compare that ‘violence’ to the callous shoot-to-kill policy adopted by Israeli forces towards Palestinians in recent weeks. 150 deaths, not just a few people inconvenienced at a political meeting.

    • Apparently breaking windows, screaming threats and obscenities is what passes for rational debate in paleswinian circles. They were rightly denied access.

      The palestinian flag should be banned as it is a flag of hate, threats and death and destruction.

      Anyone who attacks people with knives, axes, ramming cars, can and should be stopped with deadly force. Arab/Islamofascist savages were stopped, with extreme prejudice in Garland Texas before they could kill any innocents.

    • Obviously a Guardian reader. No mention of the stab-to-kill or ram-to-kill policy adopted, incited and supported by the PA.

      I’ll bet sencar believes that these people wanted to get into the meeting so they could sit quietly, listen to the speaker and politely ask questions at the end like proper human beings behaving in a civilised manner. And how did these protesters respond when they didn’t get their way? With violence, of course. They’re a fine example of the people they purport to support.

      But you and I know these people are not pro-Palestinian. Because if they were they’d be demonstrating against Hamas stealing from international aid funds intended to help improve the welfare of the citizens of Gaza to pay for weaponry and those big brave terrorists who fire rockets at civilian targets in Israel and from stealing construction materials intended for schools and hospitals and housing and using these to build rocket launching pads, underground ammo dumps and attack tunnels.

      These protesters simply hate Israel but are too cowardly to admit this publicly – and that applies to the Guardian editorial staff including its pet Jews.

    • You mean 150 deaths of people either murdering or attempting murder. You forgot that part, didn’t you?

      • No, I didn’t forget it. Many (but by no means all) of the dead were attempting to kill. The question is whether the responses were proportionate. Killing someone who is no longer a threat is called murder in civilised societies. Israel clearly no longer belongs in that category.

        • You’re right. Israel is not a civilized society. Because it is full of people who attempt to murder Jews only because of religious and nationalistic reasons, who refuse to accept Jews’ right to live there, who prefer their children dead as long as they take a few Jews with them, who condone the murder of Jews in words or in their silence.

          They are numbered in the hundreds of thousands. They are a great percentage if not majority of Arab Israelis and Palestinians. So, no, unfortunately Israel is not a civilized society.

          • If someone is hell bent on killing,be they children women or men,then you better be sure that you kill them first.There is no such a thing as disproportionate ask Obama and Putin about disproportionate….

        • I could write a lot but in your case I’d be wasting my time & effort. When mass murder & murder attempts come to British cities by all means shootings knifings car rammings bombs by all age and gender without regard to their target other than they aren’t fellow Muslims; we will see what prudent action the Security Forces of England take to protect her citizens. Lastly thinking like yours has gotten NATO Forces and others killed by one last effort of a hidden bomb belt or grenade after they thought they had been neutralized. If you haven’t been in the situation don’t comment and make an ass of yourself.

        • Proportionate… So how proportionate is the time you spend bitching about Israel? In other words, how many other countries do you bitch about and how long do you bitch about them? Are these countries citizens currently being stabbed in the streets because the Palestinian Leadership convinced a bunch of children that Al-Aqsa was under a considerable amount of threat. Which, as you can see, is totally proportionate to the amount of violence these kids have instilled upon Jews in Israel since the start of Rosh Hashana.

          Fucking morons like you provide the only oxygen the Palestinians need to continue to insist to do nothing but avoid peace, you idiotic piece of shit.

          Bless your heart.

          • The problem with people like sencar is that they know no better. They are not aware of the reality of the situation, of the whole picture. They’ don’t know that over 100 terror attacks – fire-bombings, stone-throwings and the suchlike which can and do result in injury and death – are perpetrated by Palestinians on Israeli Jews every month and that this has been going on for years.

            They haven’t been made aware that Palestinian children are taught in schools – which the UK helps to fund – to hate Jews and have been for many years.

            They don’t know about the adult and children’s programmes on the PA’s official TV channel where this hatred is promoted, where Jews are described as being descended for apes and monkeys, where viewers are encouraged to hate Jews and demonstrate their hatred, or about articles in a similar vein which appear in the Palestinian press and on the PA’s Facebook pages.

            They’re probably not aware that terrorists who kill Jews are honoured and glorified by having streets, squares, sports stadia, football tournaments and the suchlike named after them. Or that international aid funds intended for hospitals, housing and economic development etc – to which Britain is a major contributor – are used to pay convicted terrorists salaries when in prison and large grants when they are released. And I don’t suppose they know about the $13 million palace which PA President is having built for himself to retire to.

            And the reason why sencar and his/her ilk don’t know is that the BBC and the Guardian and the western mainstream press in general don’t broadcast or publish these events. But they will give coverage – and rightly so – to one Palestinian child killed in an arson attack on his home.

            When I raised this lack of coverage of terror attacks on Israeli Jews with the BBC last July – before the recent round of stabbing and ramming attacks – I was told that an item has to be of interest to the public to justify it being included in a newscast. And you can’t fault their logic: if you don’t tell your viewers/listeners about something, they won’t know so they can’t become interested so you have no need to report on it and future such events. Priceless.

            I’m prepared to accept that sencar and his/her ilk are not mindless bigots: they’re simply forming their opinions on less than full information. How he/she responds will determine whether I am right or wrong.

            • Anyone who is genuinely interested in what goes on in Israel rather than in posting bigotted crap, and assuming he has an IQ in 3 digits, can do a proper search and find out the facts.
              Of course, it’s easier to sit in mummy’s basement, watch the BBC and post the crap.

              • Which, of course, appears to describe sencar to a T. But let’s wait for his/her response. He/she may surprise us.

        • Uncivilized, sencar? You mean like your preconceived assumptions of Jewish wrongdoing and the hunting for “proofs” to support your bigotry?

        • “The question is whether the responses were proportionate.”
          No, sencar, the question is why you have zero complaint about the indiscriminate knifing of Jews, no complaint that such a political movement that encourages and approves of such wanton murder might indicate perhaps that the PLO, PA, Hamas, etc., should not be categorized as civilized. In fact, the case can be easily made that Palestinians clearly don’t belong in the category of a civilized society, based on your own criteria. Certainly it can be said of you, sencar, the armchair pogromist, that you don’t belong in the category “civilized.” Certainly, sencar, targeting Jews indiscriminately for murder on a trumped up charge of religious desecration is no more an uncivilized or disproportionate response than those carried out by your own people for centuries in a similar scenario. It’s no small wonder you’re a supporter of the “indigenous” Arabs of Judea.

        • sencar, I hope when someone tried to stab you with a butcher knife, you hand them a “Cease and Desist” order.

      • @Indigo –

        Way beyond “pathetic” is your assertion that every Palestinians killed (now over 160) in the current wave of violence was guilty of murder or attempted murder.

        How can you possibly KNOW this? From published inquiry reports? Inquests? Judicially cross-examined eye-witness statements? Forensic evidence produced? CCTV and bystander videos compared and analysed….?

        In all but a tiny handful of cases, not a word has appeared in any newspaper or IDF/police/government website confirming that post-mortem investigations were even CONDUCTED into disputed incidents, let alone concluded with guilty findings.

        As for the thorny question of whether or not “reasonable force” was used each time (which @lehi48 so confidently assumes): How can anyone possibly know the answer to this when autopsies haven’t been carried out – except, again, in a fraction of cases – to establish cause of death?

        How many were fatally shot while disabled or unconscious? Or died of blood loss because medical attention was delayed or denied? Or were lethally assaulted after being shot? Once again – zilch information is provided by the Israeli authorities in the vast majority of cases.

        Yet this almost total lack of transparency and accountability is apparently just fine and dandy with you and so many others on this site as you trumpet Israel’s “democratic” exclusivity in the Middle East.

        • I didn’t maintain any of the above things you wrote: not about inquiries, autopsies, definitions of democracy, etc. I simply responded to the statement about “the callous shoot-to-kill policy adopted by Israeli forces towards Palestinians”. To write that AS IF it happened in a vacuum where Palestinians don’t stab Israelis on a daily basis is pathetic. It is just that.

          To constantly complain about the RESPONSE to extreme violence, without EVER MENTIONING the violence itself, is ridiculous. You have questions with reasonable force, establishing cause of death, democratic values, etc? No problem. So do many of us. But to completely ignore the cause of all this makes the complaint outrageous and invalid. And that’s what sencar and his like do, time and time again.

          • Indigo,
            This is what she’s been trained to do by her “Pals,” i. e., immediately deflect attention away from crimes being committed by focusing all attention on the response to murderous criminal activity in order to make the response to the crime into the crime and remake the criminals, in this case race inspired wonton murderers, into the victims. In this case, the attempted as well as completed murders of the Jewish victims is inspired by an Arab/Islamic race hatred for Jews. Miranda bought into this twisted logic emotionally quite some time ago. Her skewed, screwed point of view is buttressed by a media and elite possessing such an unbelievably naked slant that it leaves sober persons with a knowledge of the facts and a modicum of rectitude scratching their heads.

        • And just think. If the Palestinians didn’t try to kill the Israelis – and succeeded in many cases – none of this would have happened. You’re putting the cart before the horse, dear.

    • You mean 150 deaths of people either murdering or attempting murder. You forgot that part, didn’t you?

    • Sencar’s response is typical of the antisemite. He shares a lack of nuanced intellect with the rest of his ilk. Even Ed Byrne [of Kings College London] admits on BBC News that violent protests shut down all dialogue and he will not tolerate this closing down of free speech at his university.

      Sencar cannot distinguish between open engagement / free speech [which every pro Israel student is denied right now on all the UK univ ersity campuses] and the complete shutting down of any view that does not fit in with the Jew-hater’s agenda [as witnessed at Kings College London last week.]

      More to the point: why Sencar posts on here is beyond me! Electronic Intifada, the BDS and PSC et al would welcome his anti Israel rhetoric with open arms. He can fill their pages with his rotten outpourings and dissemination of lies against Israel and the Jews to his heart’s content.

  4. THE Guardian reeks of ISA (Idiotic and Stupid Antisemitism).


  5. Why is anyone surprised by The Guardian. Their blinkered view of the world is proven. Take the example of Female Genital Mutilation. Of all the “broadsheets” over a period of 15 years The Guardian was the newspaper to provide the least reporting on this heinous crime (100,000 victims in the UK).

    The Guardian is known to even do “documentary videos” of demonstrations, where they will jump-cut in tracking shots to remove the presence of protesters whose presence exposes The Guardian’s bias.