Guardian headline on terror attack focuses on death of Palestinian perpetrator

As we’ve noted previously when commenting on misleading Guardian headlines, it would be difficult to find an example of terror in world – outside of Israel – where media outlets prioritize the fate of the perpetrators over that of their victims.  

Sure enough, the Guardian has done it again, with the following headline accompanying an Associated Press (AP) report on yesterday’s deadly terror attack in Beit Horon.

guardian headline terror attack


What possibly would motivate editors to lead with the death of the terrorists, while relegating the victims of their attack (one of whom died after the story was published) to the strapline?

It is important to note that, when publishing articles written by news agencies such as AP, editors have control over the headline, strapline and photo choices.  As such, it’s quite telling that the AP article itself begins appropriately, by prioritizing the victims:

Two Palestinians stabbed Israeli women in a mini-market in a West Bank settlement before being shot dead, Israeli police said.

So, somewhere along the line, a Guardian editor decided – in spite of the clear sequence of events described in the lead passage – that the death of the Palestinian terrorists was the most important element of the story. 

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  1. It’s the Guardian. What do you expect? This publication is complicit in the movement to destroy Israel.

  2. It could be that Adam’s war of words is having an effect on portions of the media, even if not directly on the Guardian’s reporters and other staff.

    AP reports that an actual woman was killed, not a “settler”. Of course, this is not a Beaumont special. Someone at the Guardian forgot to turn the events around so that even this report would lead with the deaths of the terrorists.

    Attack on Shlomit and her death are mentioned BEFORE stating that the “assailants” were killed. Nor was her death “alleged”.

    An Israeli woman has died a day after she was attacked by Palestinians in a West Bank settlement, a Jerusalem hospital has said.

  3. @Adam Levick:

    Re: “… it would be difficult to find an example of terror in world – outside of Israel – where media outlets prioritize the fate of the perpetrators over that of their victims.”

    No, it wouldn’t be difficult … if you researched more thoroughly. Many factors influence press prioritizing, including how seriously victims were hurt, what the “latest” news angle is, and how concrete the initial information issued in a developing story is assessed to be. Death frequently trumps injury as a “news value”, and this is almost invariably the case where injuries are very minor or none occurred (eg, “attempted” stabbings).

    Just a cursory Guardian search by me, for instance, produced these outside-of-Israel stories where terrorists’ deaths prevailed in headlines/intros: (Australia); (China); (France).

    In addition, you’ll find, several Guardian reports filed on its “Israel” page @ during the current wave of violence have PRECISELY followed the prioritizing formula you favour – sometimes (to my mind) downright irresponsibly and uncritically!

    Sure, there are cases (and arguably, this is one) where issue can be taken on the prioritizing score. But to imply to readers that the few you selectively notice are somehow symptomatic – of a journalistic mindset that “singles out” Israel for “unusual” headlining treatment – is neither fair nor accurate.

    • Typical obnoxious bullshit coming from a woman who couldn’t give 2 flying craps about the 3 Israeli women murdered over the past 5 days.

      The only pleasure I have in reading your bile is knowing that you’re as disgusting a person as your words and intentions indicate.

      And in case you’re wondering, Yes, Miranda, I blame you and people like you for the Palestinians’ collective inability to take responsibility for their own statelessness. You and your cause of bashing Israel nonstop are the biggest jokes of all.

  4. In America, the GOP poisons the water of cities like Flint. Because those people are poor, and the GOP government is about saving money.

    Has this happened in Israel? Are Arab children in Arab neighborhoods drinking lead tainted water, and being charged upwards of $140 a month to do so?

    Show me the links, Miranda baby.

    • You want links? How about YOU presenting links to support your idiotic comment that the GOP poisons the water of cities like Flint Michigan?????

              • rachel madcow is NOT a journalist but Opinionist – pushing her distorted view of reality.

                I’m more concerned over left wing crazed socialists like obama, bernie who want to do to America what socialists have done to Eurabia.

                BTW comrade, what’s your position on importing thousands of Arab/Muslim “refugees” into the US as Barack Hussein Obama, defender of the faith of Islam, wants to do?

                • She actually provides all her source material. So, in the context of reporting news like this, she’s a journalist.

                  And her lesbian self can kick your sorry ass sideways. Sorry!

            • See, Ed, this is where you have problems with the truth. When Gov Snyder took over, one of his first priorities was to “save the state money” but taking over local control from local city councils. It’s all in the report, Ed. So Snyder took over, place his lackeys, and they proceeded to shift water intake from Detroit to Flint River because it saves money. The Flint River water is rougher than the Detroit water, and proceeded to destroy the lead pipes. That’s how lead got in the water. By cheapskate state politics taking away local control for sake of saving money.

              Anyone else is welcome to follow up, Ed, by clicking the link and watching the evidence as it gets presented. You, of course, don’t have to. You are welcome to be as batshit as Miranda is. As far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what you are.

              • And never mind that she was elected AFTER the water was poisoned and nobody listened to the city residents. Yes, Ed, it’s hard to lie about the truth when people have documented it.

                • Comrade, your being LAZY is not mitzvah.

                  Karen Weaver (D) was preceded by Dayne Walling also (D).

                  FYI (D) is shorthand for DEMOCRAT.

                  • So the part about the State taking control of City issues… you’re just going to ignore that?

                    The State, Ed, destroyed the water. The City has a new mayor because of that.

                    As I said. But you think this is a battle between political parties and not right versus wrong. Just like Miranda sees death tolls and can decide one side has a reason to fight, and the other side is completely wrong in winning that fight.

                    Yes, you two are both psychonutjob peas in stupidest pod ever.

                  • Oh, Ed. Do I really have to explain to you my admiration of the man, as well as his deed back in 1965?

                    No, Ed, I don’t. You are a silly, whiny little man. Just like Senor Orange Face.

            • Ah, the Crazy Lady cometh!

              I knew that the one person on the Interwebz that would have a link to “certifiable proof of Animal Waged Espionage” it would be Wacky Miranda.

              Thanks for keeping my faith in you moronic abilities on the Top Shelf.

  5. Here’s another Stateside story, Guys. A few years ago, while searching for a cop turned cop killer, the LAPD plugged a pickup truck driven by 2 Mexican ladies delivering newspapers with about 120 rounds of fire. The cops were exonerated because, see, their lives were potentially at risk from the cop killer. Even though the police messed up by not making sure the cop turned cop killer was actually driving the vehicle. No one is going to be charged with a crime.

    And Israelis are accused of extrajudicial killings when shooting people who are in the process of stabbing them.

    Today’s word is Disconnect.

    • In essence, the LAPD and city prosecutors said that the threat of being shot by a cop killer was reason enough to shoot at a slow moving vehicle 120 times.

      And as we know, Israelis aren’t allowed to shoot their attackers as they are being stabbed in the middle of the street.

        • That’s right. The NYPD will choke you in the street for selling loose cigs. Got to have that tax money to pay for the 4 officers at the scene of the incident.

          I brought this up yesterday, and didn’t get an answer, so I’ll bring it up again. How many Arabs in Israel have been brutalized over cigarettes? Either smoking them (Sandra Bland), stealing them (Michael Brown), or selling them (Eric Garner).

          That’s to all the Israel bashers out there who like to analogize these crimes with Israel and the IDF. The truth is what keeps you useless and stupid.

          • I feed awful for the late Eric Garner . The NYPD and the EMS screwed up. Thank G-d for videos. Rodney King and Eric Garner, the other guy who was shot in the back, and other videos. There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for “cops” who don’t perform their duties lawfully.

            We all heard Eric Garner say he couldn’t breath on the recording.

            I was thinking that Eric Garner had a health problem where he could not breath because he was lying down. He was a BIG guy and may have had a problem where he couldn’t breath while lying prone.

            His family was awarded a multi million dollar settlement. But Eric Garner is dead.