Guardian misleads on row over Arab MKs meeting with terrorists’ families

In the last two paragraphs of  ‘Israeli bill targeting leftwing NGOs passes first hurdle’, by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspndent Peter Beaumont, the focus pivots from the much discussed NGO bill in the Knesset, to more recently proposed legislation.

Netanyahu is expected to introduce another bill that would make it possible to suspend sitting MPs for denying Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state, inciting racism and supporting the armed struggle of a terror organisation or an enemy state.

The bill is aimed at Arab Israeli MPs, three of whom are currently suspended for meeting the families of Palestinians killed during attempted attacks on Israelis. It would be introduced as an amendment toughening an existing provision in Israel’s basic law.

Beaumont misleads on two counts.

First, contrary to Beaumont’s claim, the Palestinians terrorists in question were not killed during “attempted attacks”, but during deadly attacks. One of the Palestinians killed three Israelis in a terror attack on a Jerusalem bus in October.

Also, the Arab MKs did not merely visit with the terrorists’ families. As Palestinian Media Watch reported, they ‘honored’ the terrorists themselves with a moment of silence, and referred to the terrorists as shaheeds (martyrs).

It’s one thing for the Guardian to avoid publishing a stand-alone article on the disturbing behavior by three Arab MKs, but quite another to mention the row in a report about another topic, while failing to reveal the most relevant elements of the story.


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  1. While Peter Beaumont is an incompetent hack of a pseudo-reporter whose collected idiocies in digital file form would cause even the sturdiest laptop to burn out its CPU, I believe that the way UK papers (and some other Western ones) report on Arab Israeli MKs is partially based on non-comprehension and complete differentiation from anything they see in their home country (along with ideological basis and stupidity, of course). The notion that a representative chosen in democratic elections by citizens who adamantly loathes the state, electoral system, and most of those citizens in favor of a different entity (let alone one that’s corrupt at best like the PA and a terrorist organization like Hamas at worst) isn’t part of Western politics on even the Hard Left. When George Galloway became Syria’s MP in England, he got thrown out of office, and even Jeremy Corbyn would want to lead a UK that was in favor of the likes of Iran and Hamas and not one that had its primary loyalty to them (distinction with a little difference, I suppose), and in the U.S. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and a basic Independent but he’s fully committed to the political system of the United States as a Congressman and then a Senator. There’s no real equivalent to Haneen Zoabi in these countries and it’s hard for reporters there to recognize that someone like her is a genuine 5th columnist and not a representative of political rule at all, and that almost everything she does is part of being a political representative of a state she does her best to see dismantled whether or not such efforts are effectual. Of course, what the likes of Beaumont should do is recognize HOW this is different, but if they won’t I’ll just do it for them.

  2. @Adam Levick –

    Yes, Peter Beaumont’s report certainly does mislead – but, in just the same way, so too does your riposte that ‘the Palestinians terrorists in question were not killed during “attempted attacks”, but during deadly attacks”.’

    What both of you should have made clear was that SOME were killed during actual attacks, and SOME during attempted attacks (including two which are strongly contested, and thus should be acknowledged as “alleged” attempts).

    You, additionally, were wrong to suggest that all the attacks were deadly. I’ve only managed to find ten named Palestinians of the eleven whose withheld bodies were discussed at the meeting with Arab List MKs (@ ), so this isn’t definitive, but here for the record is a summary of the incidents in which the dead Palestinians were reportedly involved:

    * Two deadly attacks
    * Five non-fatal attacks
    * Three attempted attacks

  3. Take these three Arab MK’s to gather with Peter Beaumont and throw them over the fence into Gaza….I would to see how they fare there.Peter Beaumont needs to keep away from high rise buildings in Gaza….