UK Media Watch prompts Guardian correction to misleading claim

Earlier, we posted about a Reuters article published at the Guardian on Feb. 25th on the latest news regarding the US legal battle over Palestinian terrorist Rasmieh Yousef Odeh.  Odeh killed two in an Israeli supermarket bombing in 1969.

Of course, as we pointed out to Guardian editors, there is no actual evidence to support Odeh’s allegations – and they remain just that, an unproven claim.

The Guardian agreed, and changed the strapline to reflect this fact.  It now reads:

new strapline

They also added the following addendum below the article:


For background on the topic, see posts at the blog Legal Insurrection.

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  1. Coming right on the heels of Elliott’s article, this is even more inexcusable.

    It is clear that Odeh’s unsubstantiated accusation is at the very least considered to be so obviously typical Israeli behavior by their biased editors that a libel like this is not even noticed, or, in fact done deliberately and with malice.

    Good work getting it changed, Adam!

  2. Any slur, slander or libel, by any delusional psycho, is OK by the Guardian. As long as it is against Israel of course. This is no accident, they have history.

    • Pressure advertisers to cease advertising in Der Guardian due to its fascist leanings.

      Hit Der Guardian where it hurts – in their purse.