Telegraph headline falsely suggests Israeli anti-Muslim racism

Please read the words in this headline, accompanying a March 3 article by their Jerusalem correspondent Raf Sanchez, and tell us what comes to mind.


Sounds pretty sinister, doesn’t it? It certainly suggests that some racist, ‘far-right’ Israeli group is trying to promote the message that Muslims should be killed.

However, if you pay attention to the easy-to-miss strap line, or go past the headline to read the text and video several paragraphs down, you’ll learn that the story highlights a campaign by the Israel Law Centre (ILC) to combat official incitement broadcasted on the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation.  

The ILC video dubs the voices of well-known American personalities to make it sound as if they’re saying “kill the Muslims”, in order for people to relate to the odiousness of official Palestinian TV messages which incite the murder of Jews. 

Here’s the ILC video:

As we’ve argued previously, the UK media seems incapable of honestly reporting on the widespread and extremely well-documented problem of Palestinian antisemitism and incitement.  This institutional failure prevents British news consumers from understanding one of the major impediments to peace in the region.

Remarkably, even in this rare UK media report which focuses on this pervasive problem, editors couldn’t resist the urge to sell the story in a manner that makes the Israeli message about PA incitement seem more disturbing than the incitement itself.

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  1. Actually their bigotry and stupidity could aid the process. It might help because the people that normally wouldn’t see this video may look and learn the truth in spite of the BBC

  2. @Adam Levick –

    Only someone with very severe eyesight problems could describe the Telegraph’s strapline as “easy-to-miss”. Urgent visit to an optician strongly recommended….

  3. lols . I am with Basner on this one .
    Its up to La Winfrey if she upset about it or not . I missed it . Hardly anyone reads the Telegraph nowadays . Its like if you want to hide something you print it on page 12 of the Telegraph and BOOM !! its invisible to mortal eyes . Tho their sports pages are still OK.