Guardian contributor Kate Shuttleworth tweets anti-Israel conspiracy article

Kate Shuttleworth is a Guardian contributor who’s published eight reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so far this year.

A couple of hours ago, she tweeted an article from the pro-Palestinian propaganda site Palestine News Network.


Here’s the PNN article Shuttleworth linked to in her tweet.

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning have shot dead a 50-year-old Palestinian woman in East Jerusalem, under the pretext of  a “stabbing attempt.”

IOF shot-dead Fadwa Abu Tair from Sur Baher town, East Jerusalem, near Al-Hadid Gate of Jerusalem’s old city.

Israeli army spokeswoman, Luba Samari claimed that the police immediately shot Fadwa for her alleged attempt to stab an Israeli policeman.

Intense numbers of Israeli police rushed to the spot and reportedly opened an investigation in the case, and closed the gates of the old city of Jerusalem following the shooting.

Shortly after killing Fadwa, IOF kidnapped a girl from Qalandia checkpoint, claiming she has a knife.

Last Friday, IOF killed a Palestinian mother of four, Amani Sabateen (31), claimed that she tried to run over an Israeli soldier.

This morning as well, IOF kidnapped Manal Tamimi, a mother of six and prominent nonviolence resistance activist from her home in Al-Nabi Saleh.

Ironically, these violations come on the International Women’s Day, 8 March.

The term “IOF” is short for Israeli Occupation Forces, a term popular within anti-Israel activists when referring to the IDF.

Additionally, the claim that the “IOF” killed a Palestinian woman “under the pretext of a stabbing attempt” parrots the incitement routinely found on Palestinian social media sites claiming that Israeli forces summarily execute Palestinians, and then later plants a knife to make it look like a terror attack.  

In the case in question, police released this photo of the knife the Palestinian woman used in attempting to kill them.


PNN’s subsequent claim that the “IOF then kidnapped a girl from Qalandia checkpoint, claiming she has a knife” is contradicted by the reported admission by the Palestinian suspect, as reported by Times of Israel:

Shortly before that, in Qalandiya, IDF Military Police officers arrested a Palestinian woman who had a knife hidden in her bag, the army said.

The Military Police officers, who guard some checkpoints, saw the knife as the woman’s bag passed through their X-ray machine, the IDF said in a statement.

The Palestinian woman told interrogators that she had planned to carry out a stabbing attack with the knife, according to police

Here’s a photo of the knife (as seen through the security x-ray) released by police.


Moving to PNN’s next claim, that “IOF killed a Palestinian mother of four” (Amani Sabateen) and “claimed that she tried to run over an Israeli soldier”.  

Actually, it wasn’t merely a claim that she “tried” to run over a soldier.  Sabateen was killed after she in fact rammed her car into soldiers at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank, injuring one soldier.

Finally, PNN claims that “IOF kidnapped Manal Tamimi, a mother of six and prominent nonviolence resistance activist“.

Of course, Manal Tamimi is one of the many Tamimi’s who routinely spark confrontations with Israeli soldiers in the town of Nabi Saleh. Contrary to PNN’s Claim, Manal has clearly advocated violence – including a series of hateful tweets calling for a third intifada and explicitly supporting the murder of “Zionist settlers”.

In short, the PNN article tweeted without comment by the Guardian contributor is complete propaganda, and – at the very least – seriously calls into question her objectivity, fairness and commitment to professional journalism. 

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    • “Kate Shuttleworth” is a lying bigoted sack of shit.

      Which is exactly what i posted on both her and my Twitter pages–and i encourage other to do the same.

      Time long past due for calling out these racist antisemitic liars from the hatespeech rag Guardian.

  1. “seriously calls into question her objectivity, fairness and commitment to professional journalism. ”

    Now that’s a dose of extreme understatement!

  2. Here we go again – get the messenger. If every woman who carried a kitchen knife around was summarily executed, the female population would be greatly diminished. Surely, the second most powerful army in the world are professional enough to disarm a knife-carrier? Our unarmed police have managed it for about seventy years, with very few casualties.

    • My word Robert you really are a glutton for punishment. At least now we have a new topic I suppose. There is a teeny bit of difference between the average British (or Irish) housewife and a Palestinian woman intent on killing or wounding anyone with whom she has an issue. Women in general don’t go around with concealed kitchen knives and, therefore, if those who did were “summarily executed” as you so emotively put it then the female population would be relatively unaffected. The second most powerful army in the world (and oh my, is it good to hear you say that) would need to know that a woman was carrying a knife for other than purely domestic reasons in order to disarm her. Even our wonderful policemen might find that task a little difficult.

    • Sure. My own mother used to go out with a kitchen knife all the time. She used to take it with her shopping, because you never know when some fresh fruit or vegetable will appear asking you to slice and dice. Anyone who is anyone carries around a kitchen knife. Sure. Sure.

  3. Any journalist who refuses to refer to the IDF by its correct acronym should not be employed by any reputable newspaper.

    But then there’s always the Guardian, long ago giving up on being reputable, available to Shuttleworth, this former reporter from the sheep stations of NZ’s far North.

  4. “IOF” is a disqualifier. That’s not journalism, it’s activism, it’s politics. It’s the kind terminology employed by the likes of the GOF.

  5. But the Guardian and its ilk will never grasp that they are anti-Semitic because to them, Jews are vile creatures by definition; like devils. So being “anti-Semitic” is as absurd as being “anti-devil.” Devils do evil things by definition, and everything devils do or say is by definition evil. Thus anyone in conflict with the devil is by definition in the right; no need to “fact check.” Jews would do well to get a grasp on how this works and not waste time trying to plead their case to the descendants of Europe’s Jew-massacring trash of yesteryear using logic or evidence. It’s hopeless.

    • Kate Shuttleworth is a pathetic bigoted liar, and miserable excuse for a “journalist”.