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Daily Mirror claims Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital

Earlier in the year, the Daily Mirror somehow claimed that the Western Wall is in Tel Aviv, before placing the Jewish holy site back safely in Jerusalem after our tweet to the journalist.  

More recently, however, we noticed another erroneous designation related to Tel Aviv, in a March 8th article by Siobhan McFadyen:

tel aviv

Though most countries maintain their embassy in Tel Aviv (for diplomatic reasons), Israel’s capital is of course Jerusalem. Even the Guardian no longer explicitly claims that Tel Aviv ‘is’ Israel’s capital.

We’ve contacted editors at the paper to complain (and tweeted the journalist) and will update you when we receive a response.

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    • George Orwell your “1984” Futuristic Bazaro World of infomation/data control & revisionism is here. Who would have thought the Media would be a willing partner not the antithesis to a government disrespectful of the Constitution and Law.

  1. Adam, the referred to Jerusalem Legilation in 1980 was more to the point about regarding East Jerusalem. If my recollection is correct the Law had two parts. Jerusalem is the UNDIVIDED, Eternal CAPITOL OF ISRAEL. The points beieg that all of Jerusalem is ours West/East Jerusalem and the Old City. Eternal being that we are NEVER GIVING IT UP. This was during the perid of Menachim Begin. Yasser Arafat and the PLO still resided in Southern Lebanon firing Katyushot into Kiriyat Shmona And Gallali. We also annexed the Golan at that time by legislation and gave citizenship to the Druze of the area. In the early years a few South American and African Countries in Jerusalem until the Muslim Countries applied financial pressure that proved to be too much. All this said the UN is suppose th recognize a Country’s Capitol by what that Country has designated as their Capitol. Accordingly.i don’t know of Western Countries refusing to recognize West Jerusalem as part of Israel. Netanyahu needs to get the PMs in a locked room and them who has the balls to tell him why their Emdaasy isn’t in West Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel

  2. As a factual issue, the matter of papers inaccurately stating Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel and not Jerusalem isn’t a major matter to me–it’s tied up in the reflexive need to kiss Pali-Arab ass and has seen more corrections than any other topic I can remember. In a larger scale, though, it’s an important matter because it fits into the CiF/UK narrative of condescension towards Israel and its supporters, mixed with hostility when said insulting/ridiculous “advice” is rejected. Simply put, one of the biggest problems with how Israel is covered is the feeling that Israelis shouldn’t be supported by facts or allowed to make their own decisions.

  3. Judging by the little stars there are people who disagree with the commenters, but not one has shown up to make a case. Fascinating.