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Ex Bradford Mayor, “Greater Israel” and Stupid Antisemitism

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Watch these three minutes of sheer lunacy below. It is unlikely that you will have seen a more obvious example of antisemitic craziness (and no, it appears not to be Larry David having a Borat type laugh at the expense of stupid antisemites).

Stupid as it is, this brings us immediately to the heart of antisemitic conspiracy theory and its underpinning of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist conspiracy theory. After 9/11, the widely held accusation was that 4,000 Jews (not Zionists) were warned not to go to work in the Twin Towers, because Mossad was controlling Al Qaeda. Today, that shifts seamlessly into Mossad running ISIS.

If you didn’t watch Brother Nathaniel above, here are some quotes. (1.36) “Nobody creates chaos  better than Jewmerica”. (2.02) “ISIS is good for The Jews and the lies and evasions keep pouring in”. (2.54) “Its Jews for Jihadists, that’s why it keeps gaining ground”.

Brother Nathaniel comes to us courtesy of the below Facebook posting from Khadim Hussain, the  former Lord Mayor of Bradford and former chair of Bradford Council of Mosques, currently suspended from the Labour Party whilst two other offensive posts by him are being investigated.  Click on the WHATSUPIC.COM article that Hussain endorses and you will find Brother Nathaniel.

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Khadim Hussain may well be ignorant of the origin of the above graphic. It is, however, the standard depiction of how conspiracy theorists allege “Greater Israel” will conquer the Levant. Often, its use is explicitly antisemitic, such as when appearing in an Iranian state edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It appears here in Britain in “Satanic Voices”, by David Musa Pidcock, then leader of the Islamic Party of Britain. This book alleges that Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” was a plot by: “the big finance promoters of the New World Order…the historic and modern conspiracies of freemasonry and Zionism”. (You can see a scapegoat theme developing here.)

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Returning to Khadim Hussain’s WHATSUPIC.COM, their Greater Israel article also includes brief videos of General Ramsey Clark and Norman Finkelstein as well as Ken O’Keefe, a reformed ex-US marine who now occupies the wilder fringes of the ‘anti-war’ left alongside Gilad Atzmon.  As usual, O’Keefe is angry, very angry. WHATSUPIC paraphrases him quite accurately, as follows:

“Ken explains the concept of ‘The Greater Israel Project’ and the balkanization of surrounding countries as a means of destabilizing them…The head of the snake, the system of power, is headed by the financial system. The bankers rule the Earth through the private control of the issuance of money, debt-based money…an INFINITE supply of money which means that they can buy anything and anyone so we see that the world governments are nothing but puppets of bankers who control their money supply. The bankers at the top of this pyramid are psychopaths.”

O’Keefe’s use of the word “snake” is striking (see above image). His depiction of bankers could be far left, far right or Islamist: but he avoids using the word Jew, so we can see that it is far left, even if the Greater Israel and global power accusations sound horribly familiar from other ideological strains.

O’Keefe’s interview comes from Press TV. This is the same Iranian state broadcaster that George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, and Jeremy Corbyn have all worked with.

None of this proves that Khadim Hussain is an antisemite, but it does prove that he is guilty of spreading at least one conspiracy theory that is rooted in antisemitism: both of itself and within its wider contexts of “Greater Israel” trash talk and blaming Jews, or Zionists, for whatever the latest ill is that befalls Muslims, be it Salman Rushdie, 9/11 or ISIS.

Neither is this the only time that Khadim Hussein has blamed Israel for ISIS. Indeed, one of the two items he is being investigated for by Labour is on exactly this subject and actually appears on his Facebook page immediately before the above WHATSUPIC article. The other item under investigation is his retweeting a pro-Black Lives Matter image that includes the words “Hitler killed 6 million Jews…your school system only tells you about Anne Frank and the 6 million Zionists that were killed by Hitler…”. 

Note how the words change from “6 million Jews” to “6 million Zionists”. Did Khadim Hussain even notice this in his rush to press retweet?

And yet Khadim Hussain has helped Bradford Synagogue. Other social media postings by him show attempts to distinguish Jews from Zionists. We can be cruel and thank him for such small mercies, but more useful would be to sincerely grapple with what this means about the ignorance surrounding antisemitism in Britain today, both within parts of the Labour Party and within parts of Muslim communities.

Khadim Hussain’s protestations against his Labour suspension have been strong and forthright (see here). The easy route here is to call him self-deluded, but the far harder and surely more constructive course of action, is to try and at least explain where he (and others) have gone wrong in their search for easy answers to our complex world.

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  1. When I read this and then watched the video I did wonder if the video was some kind of spoof.
    Much to my surprise the idiot in a dress and funny hat does exist and calls himself Brother Nathanael Kapner. He describes himself as a “Street Evange!ist” and writes “I grew up as a Jew” “I’m now an Orthodox Christian”

    I will not put up any links to his sites, as I refuse to publicise the anti-Semitic bilge he pumps out.

    • I saw one of his videos quite a while back. He is absolutely nuts, and not worth the trouble.

  2. Is it seriously being suggested that the neoZionist aspiration for Eretz Yisrael is a myth?

            • Islamofascism is NOT funny.

              See 9/11, Pan Am 103, Metrojet, 7/7/05 London, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, 1972 Olympics, Luxor, Beslan, Halabja, Bali, Madrid, Fort Hood, Garland, Copenhagen, Sydney, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Qada, …

                • Migraine, Islam as “the religion of Peace” is an Oxymoron.

                  See Brussels, Sydney, 9/11, Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, San Bernardino, Pan Am 103, Metrojet, Moscow, Nairobi, Mumbai, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherthood, Boko Haram, Fascist Iran, Marg Bar Iran, …

                  • Adhering to strict interpretations of religious doctrines per se and peace are oxymorons. What’s your point? Oh, I almost forgot, you don’t have points just non-sequitur’s.

                    • Blather all you want, but the news of the latest islamofascist atrocity proves you to be a moron.

                      Islam as “the Religion of Peace” is an Oxymoron. See 9/11, Brussels, Paris, London, Sydney, Ottawa, Jerusalem, Homs.

    • @Daniel Margrain:

      RE: “Is it seriously being suggested that the neoZionist aspiration for Eretz Yisrael is a myth?”

      This certainly is the impression given by Mark Gardner in his CST blog reproduced above. And he does it through a process of omission.

      By inviting readers to believe that aspirations for a “Greater Israel” are an entirely malicious/loony conspiracy theory dreamed up – apparently out of thin air, and ONLY the product of paranoid-cum-antisemitic propagandists – he ignores the contribution which several highly vociferous Zionist campaign groups have made to the fuelling of this suspicion.

      These activists make no bones about wanting the map of Israel to look exactly like the one cited. And although their influence may currently be marginal on “official” or “populist” levels, they have clearly gained enough traction to raise alarm (not least – ironically, perhaps – among Israeli law-enforcers; see, for example,,7340,L-4688640,00.html).

      The common denominator of “Greater Israel” aspirations is devotion to the tenets of Meir Kahane, whose adherents and apologists include members of:

      * The Hilltop Youth

      * Jewish Defense League

      * Land of Israel Movement

      * Temple Institute

      * The Jewish Idea

      And to get some notion of the “ultimate” Israeli state they envisage, Kahane’s description was this:

      “…the southern boundary goes up to El Arish, which takes in all of northern Sinai, including Yamit. To the east, the frontier runs along the western part of the East Bank of the Jordan River, hence part of what is now Jordan. Eretz Yisrael also includes part of Lebanon and certain parts of Syria, and part of Iraq, all the way to the Tigris River.”

      True, Kahane framed this verbal map in the context of “annexations” in the event of war being declared on Israel, but all one needs to do is visit the websites of his 21st century supporters to see how much credence is given to the imminence of such a threat. (Alternatively – just note @Edward’s repeated trumpetings here on the “Islamist hordes are hell-bent on Israel’s destruction” and “no such thing as Palestinians” scores, most of which directly echo tunes from the Jewish Defense League songbook.)

      It would, indeed, be very interesting to now hear @Edward’s views on whether the “Greater Israel” idea is pure propaganda scaremongering by Israel’s enemies or a valid Zionist aspiration, and one which he shares. Not holding my breath, though…

      • In 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazis which said this:

        “On the foundation of the new [Nazi] state which has established the principle of race, we wish to fit our community into the total structure so that for us, too, in the sphere assigned to us, fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible.”

        (Quoted in Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, 1983, pp. 48—49).

        Later that year, the World Zionist Organization congress defeated a resolution for action against Hitler by a vote of 240 to 43.

        Leading Nazis like Joseph Goebbels wrote articles praising Zionism, and some Zionists received Nazi funds. A member of the Haganah, a Zionist militia in Palestine, delivered the following message to the German SS in 1937:

        “Jewish nationalist circles…were very pleased with the radical German policy, since the strength of the Jewish population in Palestine would be so far increased thereby that in the foreseeable future the Jews could reckon upon numerical superiority over the Arabs.”

        (See Brenner above, p. 99).

        The Zionist movement went so far as to oppose changes in the immigration laws of the U.S. and Western Europe, which would have permitted more Jews to find refuge in these countries. In 1938, David Ben-Gurion wrote:

        “If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Yisrael then I would opt for the second alternative.”

        (Brenner, p.149).

        This philosophy was put into practice. As the author Ralph Schoenman notes in The Hidden History of Zionism:

        “Throughout the late thirties and forties, Jewish spokespersons in Europe cried out for help, for public campaigns, for organized resistance, for demonstrations to force the hand of allied governments–only to be met not merely by Zionist silence but by active Zionist sabotage of the meager efforts which were proposed or prepared in Great Britain and the United States.

        The dirty secret of Zionist history is that Zionism was threatened by the Jews themselves. Defending the Jewish people from persecution meant organizing resistance to the regimes which menaced them. But these regimes embodied the imperial order which comprised the only social force willing or able to impose a settler colony on the Palestinian people. Hence, the Zionists needed the persecution of the Jews to persuade Jews to become colonizers afar, and they needed the persecutors to sponsor the enterprise.”

          • As I highlighted previously, Zionists were friends with Hitler as were the UK Royal Family. What’s your point, again?

            • Migraine, Really? Any movies, pictures of Zionists and Socialist SHlTler meeting, greeting, breaking bread?

              I’ve got movies and pictures of Islamofascist pig soldiers in WW2.

              I’ve got pictures of representatives of Soviet Socialist Republics signing a Non-Aggression pact with National Socialist Germany in 1939 – AKA the SHlTler/Stalin Non-Aggresion Pact.

                • Documented “evidence” from 9/11 Troofers, Moon Landing Troofers, Pearl Harbor attack Troofers, Reptile Overlord Troofers.

                  How’s that for a surprise?

                • Mr. Margarine I would be very interested to read the “documented evidence” you claim to have.
                  Sadly so far all you have provided are quotes from a book by a self confessed American Trot. And the other person is the discredited one removed from the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation by Bertrand Russell himself.

                  Any credible “documented evidence” or are all your sources as reliable as the above?

                  • If it isn’t pro-Hasbara propaganda hogwash, nothing’s acceptable as far as neoZionist fascist sympathizers’ go. I get that.

                    • Pro-Taqiyya propaganda HOGWASH doesn’t get the Respect it used to get. That’s a Nakba for Islamofascists and their obsequious slaves.

                    • So your answer is that you do not have any credible “documentary evidence”, just the ramblings of those who confirm your own prejudices.

                      Who will you be quoting next Mr. Margarine, David Icke or the man in your local park who stands there shouting at the ducks?

                  • Since I am well versed in propagandists’ posting these pictures as a replacement for civilized debate in addition to the tactics of ad hominem attacks and the personal smearing of opponents, the pics are no surprise at all.

                    • Mr. Margrain the only ‘propagandists’ tactics I have noticed are those you have attempted to use.
                      Post a quote from a dubious source that confirms your own prejudices and when requested to post credible “documented evidence” attempt to avoid answering the request.
                      It is more than reasonable to assume that the reason you have not posted credible “documented evidence” is that such evidence only exists in the twilight zone of your, and assorted other fruitcakes, imagination.

                  • Sources:

                    10 Quoted in Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators (Westport, Conn.: Lawrence Hill & Co., 1983), pp. 48—49.

                    11 Quoted in Brenner, p. 99.

                    12 Quoted in Brenner, p. 149.

                    13 Phil Marshall, Intifada: Zionism, Imperialism and Palestinian Resistance (London: Bookmarks, 1989), pp. 35—43.

                    14 Quoted in Schoenman, The Hidden History of Zionism (San Francisco: Socialist Action,

                    • Migraine, Why don’t you quote your fellow fascist pigs goebbles, david duke, sinister louie farraklan, prophet of satan you call mooohammed too. LOL!

            • Margrain,
              The British appointed the Grand Mufti, and he was an active ally of Hitler and the Nazis, who had promised him his own little genocide of Jews in Mandate Palestine (which BTW was very definitely NOT named for an Arab people as your obfuscatory cherry picked “history” tries to paint). The indigenous name for that territory is Israel, although it had been colonized by Arabs and Muslims from just about everywhere else. What was your Marxist-Trotskyist point again?
              Shall we now explore the 3CP’s “friendship” with Hitler?

                • Zionists collaborated with Hitler. I know that makes you feel uncomfortable but it is what it is.

                  • Any movies, pictures of known Zionists meeting and greeting Socialist SHlTler as there is of your Grand Poofti of Jerusalem sitting down with Socialist SHlTler???

                    I think you are getting desperate. But keep flailing away. It’s beginning to get fun. LOL!

      • MiranDUH,

        Pray tell, who hijacked 4 passenger planes on 9/11/01, told the passengers that if they don’t resist they will be safe, YET, the islamofascist hijackers flew two planes into both World Trade Center towers, one into the Pentagon and the third crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers learned of the events of 9/11 with cellphones mounted into seatbacks on the plane?

        Here’s a hint:

        FBI Announces List of 19 Hijackers

        A bunch of barbaric Islamofascist terrorist pigs, some of whom are named variants of the name Moooohammed.

        9/11 was followed by
        – Failed sneaker bomber who FAILED to bomb an inflight passenger plane due to vigilant passengers
        – Failed underwear bomber who FAILED to bomb an inflight passenger plane due to vigilant passengers
        – Successful July 7, 2005 London transport bombings
        – Successful beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby
        – Successful bombing of the Boston Marathon
        – Successful massacre in San Bernardino
        – Successful massacre of the mall in Nairobi Kenya
        – Successful massacre of Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris
        – Successful massacre of Bataclan music hall in Paris

        9/11 was preceded by
        – 8 year Iraq/Iran war – 1,000,000 dead
        – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103
        – Saddaam Husseins use of poison gas, a WMD, on the Kurds of Halabja

        Happy Eternal Nakba filthy MiranDUH!

        • Let me guess. You are a member of either the JDL, EDL, BNP, UKIP or all four. I can almost hear the scraping of knuckles to floor from here.

          • Let me guess, You are a member in good standing of either the BNP, Labooor Party of Fascists, UAF (United Alliance of Fascists), FAKE “anti-war”, Al Qada, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Boko Haram, Fascist Iran, Andy Choudarys Party of Islamofascists?

            • No neither. The organizations you stated are the antithesis of liberal social democracy. However your support – either tacitly or actively – of the fascist ideology of those I described, are consistent with your political outlook. Now are you going to answer my question. Which are you a member of?

              • Yet the Left defends Islamofascism and piles on the US, Israel, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Belgium for RESISTING Islamofascism.

                What’s the deal with the Love of Islamofascism by the Left?

                • So, as predicted, an utter fail in responding directly to the questioned I posed. I answered yours, so please do me the honour of answering mine. Thank you in advance.

                  • Migraine, What’s Progressive about siding with “Progressive” people who bomb passenger planes while in flight, bomb airport terminals in Brussels, bomb London transport in 2005, bomb the Boston Marathon, shopping malls in Nairobi Kenya, Mumbai India, murder people at a party in San Bernardino, behead a British soldier on the streets of London, shoot girls in the head for wanting an education in “Afghanistan, issue a death fatwa on celebrated writer Salman Rushdie?

              • “The organizations you stated are the antithesis of liberal social democracy.”

                I got news for you, Margrain, so are the PLO, PA, Hamas, and the “Palestinian cause.”

                • It’s not news to me. Who said I agreed with their TACTICS? That’s the problem with you idiots – you project fantasies upon others and expect a response to your straw men fallacies.

                  • Migraine, You defend Pal-e-SWINIAN terrorists. You are a terrorist sympathizer. You have the blood of innocents on your hands.

            • NeoFascist Socialist freak justifying Genocide. Fascist Iran will give you a framed picture of ayatollah khomeni and the grand mufti..

              • You were the one who justified Genocide, not me, sunshine. No wriggle room there old chap.

                • Migraine, Genocide is what is being called for by Fascist Iran and its ally Fascist dictatorship of North Korea, but for some “progressive” reason, that doesn’t irk you – you fascist dog.

        • @Edward –

          Does this (repeated) list along with your (repeated) racist slogans mean you do – or don’t – subscribe to the idea of creating a “Greater Israel” with borders incorporating parts of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq “all the way to the Tigris River” as advocated by Meir Kahane?

          It really is a VERY simple question, Edward – so I wonder why you’re making such an effort to duck it.

          • You’ll never get a straight answer, Miranda. Fascism is based on lies and deception.

            • Fascism is at the Heart of Islamofascism, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Fascist Iran, Boko Haram, Al Nusra, Al Shebab and National Socialism.

              • Islamofascism is a silly term that was invented as weapon of propaganda. It has no objective meaning. I agree with you that probably the majority of ISIS members and those of their affiliates are motivated by fascistic ideals.However, it’s also the case that others see them as being representative of forms of resistance against the imperial rape of Muslim countries. It’s often the case – but by no means exclusively so – that socioeconomic and political alienation is an outward expression of ‘religious-based violence’.

                Calm down, relax, make yourself a cup of coffee and digest what I’m educating you about.

                • Migraine, Watch this 31 second video. You might learn some inconvenient truths about IslamoFascism.

                • “Islamofascism is a silly term that was invented as weapon of propaganda”

                  Oh. But NeoZionist fascist is just straight news? I’ve never met anyone who calls himself NeoZionist, no less NeoZionist fascist freak. Do you ever get concerned about your own hypocrisy or the fact that you’re not really the liberal you claim to be?

            • ” Fascism is based on lies and deception.”

              So is the BBC and Guardian coverage of Israel, as well as the poisonous Palestinian Arab propaganda you so love and support. And just to be fair, it’s also the basis of your claim that the Zionists were great buddies with Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Party.

              In fairness to everyone, Margrain, you should stop deluding yourself that you are some sort of liberal, and learn to embrace your fascism, because you are entitled to your own self discovery and the rest of are entitled to know whom we are talking to (although we already do).

        • You conveniently “forgot” to mention that the vast majority of the 19 were Saudi’s whose oppressive and tyrannical government the Western axis – including Israel – politically covertly support.

          • Migraine, Yep. Islamofascists are at War with the ENTIRE WORLD.

            British Muslims have joined ISIS too, and ISIS took credit for the recent Brussels massacre.

              • Why did US President Barack Hussein Obama overtly deeply BOW like a subject, like a slave, to the late King of Saudi Arabia?

                • I’ll put the question to you for a second time. Why do you think the Western axis – including Israel – support Saudi Arabia? Take your time, now.

                  • A SLAVE bows to his Master.

                    Obama bowed to his Master – the late King of Saudi Arabia.

                    What other World Leader at that conference bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia???

                    • Yes, it’s disgusting that Obama bows to him. But its also disgusting that Obama shakes hands with BIbi despite the fact that he once dissed him after the mikes were turned off. So that’ll make Obama a hypocrite. No disagreement with me about that..

          • Regressive “progressive” fascists politically OVERTLY support islamofascism as both see each other as allies with the shared HATE of the West, Capitalism, Tolerance.

            Really, what values could “progressives” share with Ultra Conservative Right Wing mullahs, sheiks, ayatollahs who hang gay teen, stone girls to death over “family honor”, deny the Holocaust, behead captives and post videos of the barbaric act on the Internet?

            • I’m still waiting for an answer as to which of the fascist organizations I mentioned you support or are a member of.

              • Migraine, I’m still waiting for an answer as to which of the fascist organizations I mentioned you support or are a member of.

                BNP (British Nazi Party)? They hate Israel, Jews, Zionists too – just like Islamofascist Hamass, Hezbullah, ISIS, Taliban, Islamofascist Iran, Taliban, Nation of Islam.

          • “You conveniently “forgot” to mention that the vast majority of the 19 were Saudi’s whose oppressive and tyrannical government the Western axis – including Israel – politically covertly support.”

            Ah, yes! The “liberal” and his conspiracy theory. They bombed the US to strike a blow against Saudi Arabia! Flying those planes in the World Trade in New York sure taught Riyadh a lesson! The Saudis sure got their comeuppance with that one!

            • So are you claiming that Israel and Saudi Arabia are not politically aligned? By the way, I didn’t mention anything about Israel being implicated in 9-11. That’s more projected fanciful nonsense from you

              • Migraine, What is the address of the Israeli embassy in Saudi Arabia?

                Who is the Israeli ambassador to Saudi Arabia?
                Who is the Saudi ambassador to Israel?

          • Margrain,
            Why did the Soviet Union support Syrian, Egyptian, and Iraqi dictatorships? Was it some great concern for human rights and democracy? Why is Russia selling military hardware to the regressive theocracy in Iran? Why do self-labeled “progressive” leftists support right-wing religious and secular dictatorships with no regard for human rights and simultaneously indulge in blatant antisemitic conspiracy theories? Why are those M.E. Muslims who were the least touched by western imperialism vaulted to the top of a list of victims who suffered western imperialism? Why are so many misogynistic, homophobic, and imperialist religio-fanatics being indulged? What would think of someone being threatened with capital punishment for selling his/her private property to a black family? An Arab family? A Jewish family?

            • Do you, or do you not accept, that the ME is more chaotic and destabilized than it was prior to 2003? I agree with your premise that different sovereign states support others based largely on geopolitical and strategic considerations. But it wasn’t the countries you mentioned who were the catalyst for setting the region on fire but the “democratic” West and their satellite brutal protectorates of which the tyrannical totalitarian dictatorships of the Arab Gulf peninsula as well as the colonial settler state, Israel, who were deeply implicit. I accept that that large swaths of the populations of Arab countries believe in the kinds of nutty conspiracy theories you describe but it’s also true to say that the quotes attributed to Ahmadinjad, for example, were in fact, misquotes that were initially made by the Iranian’s themselves but were then further picked up on and exploited for political propaganda purposes by MEMRI and subsequently the Israeli state/the West.

              • Migraine, Today the Isalmofascist Regime of Iran operates under Sharia Law, NOT beholden to the USA, and Fascist Iran continues to destabilized the Middle East – AND calls for death to America.

                Hopefully the US will have a President who will respond and call for DEATH to IRAN.

                • Islamofascism is an oxymoron and only bigots believe otherwise. It’s Israel that is the destabilizing force in the region, not Iran. You really are a retard aren’t you, Eddy baby?

                  • Migraine, Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron.

                    For proof see 9/11, Brussels. Paris, London, Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Fascist Iran, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, San Bernardino, Boston, Pan Am 103, Metrojet.

        • Professor Pappe’s relatively recent historical work has been an invaluable source in countering Zionist myths.

          • The News has been an invaluable resource in countering Islamofascist Taqiyya..

            See Brussels, London, Paris, New York, Boston, San Bernardino, Moscow, Halaja, Mumbai, Nairobi, Bali, Madrid, Jerusalem, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Sydney, Pan Am 103, Metrojet, Fort Hood, Garland Texas, Damascus, Homs, Luxor…

          • “Professor Pappe’s relatively recent historical work has been an invaluable source in countering Zionist myths.”

            Ilan Pappe is an anti-Israel nut job. Calling him Professor Pappe isn’t going to help your case here. In any case, citing him only exposes that fact once again that you are not liberal.

      • So according to you there is a causal link between the release of news of terrorist atrocities and moronic behaviour? Let me know if you actually feel like engaging in a proper discussion/debate.

        • There is a DIRECT LINK between Islamofascism and Terrorism.

          See the latest example in Brussels.

          You TRIVIALIZE the deaths of 31 innocents by calling the terrorists moronic.

          Migraine, YOU are moronic.
          The terrorist islamofascists are EVIL and need to be eliminated.

          • I’ve done no such thing. To remind others, you justified Genocide. You are one sick individual.

              • I’m not the one who supports or is a member of a fascist organization, you are. And you support Genocide too….Wow!

                • Migraine, Your posts prove otherwise.

                  Brussels prove that appeasement of Islamofascism still doesn’t work.

                • “I’m not the one who supports or is a member of a fascist organization”

                  Margarine, your comments are your membership card.

                  • In what way, Jeffrey? I haven’t openly supported Genocide like your friend, Edward. Please highlight any comments that I’ve made that support your contention.

                    • Migraine, Your fascist Iran calls for genocide of the US.

                      I respond and call for DEATH to Fascist Iran.

    • Mr. Margrain is the ‘piece’ you provided a link for supposed to provide the credible “documented evidence”I have repeatedly requested from you?

      • No it highlights the relationship between Zionism/Christian fundamentalism’s war drive that exposes your lies. I’ve posted links and you have failed to critique them. I’ve also cited professor Pappe’s “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Perhaps you will care to critique that too. No name calling/ad hominem attacks. There’s a good fascist

        • Fascist Migraine.

          Here’s ANOTHER Nakba for you.

          Iran’s Ayatollah Chants “Death To America” During Nuclear Talks

          How about we respond and call for DEATH to genocidal Islamofascist Iran?

            • Still waiting to know why you support Islamofascism which has most recently murdered people in Brussels.

              What’s in it for you???

              • It’s not possible to something that is an oxymoron, so that’s another canard from you. If you mean, I support Salafist/Wahabist Islam or Islamist-based terrorism, then the answer is I don’t. Now answer my question, fascist.

                • Migraine, What is it about the meme that Islam is “the religion of peace” sounds logical to you.

                  Please consider the recent Brussels attack, Metrojet bombing, San Bernardino, knife attacks by Pal-e-SWINIAN fascists into your answer.

            • What is the “correct” translation of the words of the “supreme scumbag” of fascist Iran, where he calls for death to America?

              Marg Bar Iran?

        • Mr. Margrain then you are wasting my time posting it as it is clearly not relevant.
          Are you going to post a link to this fabled credible “documented evidence”?

          By the way when it comes to the use of ad hominem attacks aren’t you the poster who used such an attack,above, on David Icke?
          Or is it Ok to launch such an attack as long as it is on someone you disagree with?

          • The links I posted are credible. I also cited Professor Pappe. Or is he another of your supposed antisemites?….LOL.

            • He’s credible if you believe that

              – Islam is “the Religion of Peace”
              – Fascist Iran calling for death to America only refers to the government of America and not of all it’s citizens

              I say DEATH to Islamfascist Iran, Hang all ayatollahs and their revolutionary gestapo.

              • As Norman Finkelstein correctly said, Israel is a lunatic nation, a pariah state, that as a hunger for death and destruction. By contrast, despite its many faults, Iran hasn’t preemptively invaded anybody for hundreds of years..

                • Migraine, I don’t see Israelis, Zionosts, Jews shooting people at a Brussels airport, shooting party goers in San Bernardino, bombing the Boston Marathon, beheading captives and posting the executions on the Internet, hijacking passenger planes and flying them into buildings, calling for death to America at massive rallies in Fascist Iran.

                  Do you?

                  However I do see adherents of the oxymoron calling itself “the religion of peace” doing exactly that.

                  • No I see neoZionist Jews pounding Gaza to smithereens including schools and hospitals, spitting on Palestinian women, pushing disabled Palestinian’s from their wheelchairs, terrorizing Palestinian children, building illegal settlements and engaging in ethnic cleansing. I also see fundamentalist Christians wrecking entire countries, creating chaos and destabilization, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of civilian’s, undermining the territorial integrity of other nations, wrecking their infrastructure and assassinating their leaders.

                    • Migraine, Your Hamassholes use schools and hospitals as weapons caches, rocket launch sites AND women and CHILDREN as Human Shields to SHIELD those now military targets.

                      Hamassholes use CHILDREN to dig tunnels toward Israel that collapse and kill CHILDREN.

                      Hamassholes fired 8,000 rockets, some of which land in Gaza (LOL!) and kill Pal-e-SWINIANS, yet blame Israel.

                      Egypt has blockaded Gaza too because Al Sisi also knows that Pal-e-SWINIANS are savages.

                      Hamassholes throw gays off rooftops.

                      Hamassholes execute people who resist their rule, and drag their body behind motorcycles through Gaza as a warning.

                      As for Syria, what can we say. 250,000+ dead in the Muslim Civil War.. Muslims can’t get along with Muslims, and idiots like you expect Muslims to get along with NON-Muslims??? LOL!

                      Israel rightfullly

                    • ” I see neoZionist Jews pounding Gaza to smithereens ” – Margrain

                      I saw the satellite photos of the damage done, and most of it was in one small area. Western military leaders think the IDF’s methods are unfair to them, because the next time a western nation goes to war it will not be able to protect civilians as well as the IDF does. That’s an objective assessment, as opposed to your emotional blackmail nonsense. BTW, Hamas was the aggressor in that war.
                      I’ve seen the wheelchair video you speak of. That man was rushing into an unsecured area of a terrorist attack where the soldiers were still not sure if a secondary attack was coming. They were in the process of securing the area. His actions were the determining factor in his treatment. But if you think that only Israel would have thrown him off the chair your are right. Any other army would have shot a person rushing into an unsecured area while being ordered to stop.

                      Spitting on Jews and teaching kids to stone them is a centuries old Arab tradition. You see, traditionally, Arab Muslims see themselves as superior to Jews. There is a word for that. And they had laws that treated Jews as their inferiors. There’s a name for that too!

                      ” I also see fundamentalist Christians wrecking entire countries, creating chaos and destabilization, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of civilian’s [sic]”
                      Name them.

                • “As Norman Finkelstein correctly said, Israel is a lunatic nation, a pariah state, that as a hunger for death and destruction.”

                  Norman Finkelstein is something of a lunatic himself, and of course, he is incorrect.

                  I guess that if I took a leisure trip through Syria and Iraq over the past decade or so I wouldn’t find any Iranian military personnel or officers of the Revolutionary Guard, right? And if I took a leisurely stroll through Southern Lebanon I wouldn’t find any weapons for Hezbollah or ever any Iranian military there to train them, right? Or a peaceful stroll through peaceful Gaza, no weapons supplied by the peaceful and benign Islamic Republic of Iran. Yemen? Any Iranians in Syria? How many Iranian children died searching for mines in the Iran/Iraq war?
                  How many times have Israeli leaders called to wipe Iran of the face of the earth, and if I took another fun vacation along the length of Iran’s border, how many proxy armies of Israel would I find? What is their military strength in men, missiles and other weapons? Give me some daily statements they make about killing Iranians, targeting its industries, airports, citizens, and nuclear installations. What names do some of these proxy armies go by?

                  • Jeffrey, You are a brainwashed fool. Everything you have said in the above exchanges has been a lie predicated on Israeli propaganda and Western media mis-information. Contrary to the various claims on this site, the Guardian has a pro Israeli bias, Professor Greg Philo and his colleagues at Glasgow Universities Media Group undertook detailed research over many years and concluded that the UK/US mainstream corporate media is SYSTEMATICALLY biased in favour of the Israel state position which includes Cast Lead, Protective Edge and Mavi Marmara. You’ve smeared Finkelstein. The question is, will you now smear Philo?

                    • Migraine, Pot. Kettle. IslamoFascist.

                      IslamoFascist Iran will soon be wiped off the pages of time, history, koran – and the Mahdi is as real as Porky Pig.

            • Oh, and by the way, Gerald, if you don’t believe that someone who claims he is the son of God and that the Royal family are reptiles, is mad, then perhaps you are mad too.

                • “More vile and repugnant Jewish extremist racism.”

                  You sound like Hitler. That’s no joke. Your liberal mask is off. Adam is pretty open and dedicated to free speech on this site, but that is the kind of overtly racist comment that can get you banned.

                • Mr. Margrain are you leaving us?
                  Doubtful, your kind are like turds that will not flush and keep popping back up.

              • Mr. Margrain YOU are the one complaining about the use of ad hominem, except when you use them.
                You have failed to provide any credible “documented evidence”, just links to articles by a couple of discredited individuals and a link to an ‘article’s by you that is not relevant and very poorly written.

                The only examples you have provided are clear demonstrations of your hypocrisy, arrogance, and ignorance.

              • Mr. Margrain, I do not, and did not, support the views of David Icke in anyway.
                I just pointed out your glaring hypocrisy in complaining about others using ad hominems while using them yourself.