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Scottish paper: extremist settlers conduct “Jewish ceremonies” in Al-Aqsa Mosque

We recently came across an article in The Herald (of Scotland) by former MSP Colin Campbell, titled ‘The power keg that is East Jerusalem‘, which recounts his tour of Jerusalem as part of a delegation funded by the Palestinian Committee of the Jordanian Parliament.  

Its propaganda value is truly off the charts, as Campbell repeats nearly every Palestinian talking point about Israel’s alleged “desecration” of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City.  He also notes that al-Aqsa is Islam’s third holiest site, while failing to even acknowledge the holiness of the Temple Mount complex for Jews (It’s of course Judaism’s holiest site.) 

However, the most egregiously false claim is found in the context of his complaint about Israel’s ‘encroachment’ on the al-Aqsa mosque 

Extremist settlers have been allowed, many would say assisted, in entering and occupying the mosque and using it to conduct Jewish ceremonies.

However, as anyone familiar with the rules in place at the Temple Mount / Al-Aqsa Compound would surely know, Jews (and all non-Muslims) are not allowed inside the mosque, and are only allowed to tour the larger compound.  Indeed, even within the larger compound, Jews are not allowed to (even silently) pray. 

The only Jews who ever occasionally go inside the actual mosque for any reason are Israeli soldiers, who of course do so to quell periodic Palestinian violence.  Indeed, we were unable to find any serious news site even claiming that Jews have entered the mosque to “conduct Jewish ceremonies’.  

Indeed, such broader narratives about ‘Jewish incursions’ on the mosque “to conduct Jewish rituals” are sometimes spread by Palestinian media sources, but are widely understood to represent crude propaganda designed to fuel the campaign of incitement.  

Here’s one example, from Palestine News Network (republished at International Middle East Media Center) to show you how bizarre such claims are:


We’ve complained to Herald editors, under the terms of the accuracy clause of the editors’ code, and will update you when we receive a reply.

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  1. Im still confused by the concept of “third holiest site”. Can anyone name the “third holiest site” in any other religion? This propaganda term has slipped into the overall discussion with no serious thought, just like West Bank or Arab East Jerusalem have. Why should terms that were created during a 19 year, and internationally considered, illegal occupation by Jordan still be in use? No one speaks of East Berlin anymore, and that division lasted more than twice as long as that of Jerusalem. under the Mandate for Palestine, all this land was to become a Jewish state – the UN’s 1947 suggestion of a second partition having been rejected by the Arabs.
    These terms are all made up. They are meant not to describe accurately but to change perceptions and advance a particular and historically false storyline. It’s time basic questions be asked to bring reality back into the picture.

    • Islam has two holy sites. Mecca and Medina. Muslim scholars admit that the invention of a 3rd was done in 1930 by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (the one that aided Hitler).

      “Arab East Jerusalem” was only 80% Jewish in 1948 when the Jordan Legion (under British command) ethnically cleansed it of every single Jew. Today over 60% of the population is Jewish – so much for the Arab part.

    • If Jerusalem, founded by Jews is Islam’s third holiest site, what is Islam’s FOURTH Holiest Site?

  2. the funny thing is the Mosque is on the south end of the Temple mount and the sight of the ancient Jewish Temple was certainly to the north of it. Sadly there is no false claim about Jews and Judaism beneath the Palestinians and no such claim they and their supporters are not willing to believe.

  3. “….designed to fuel the campaign of incitement.”

    The fueling of incitement results from the attempts by Jewish extremists to enter the mosque which is specifically intended as an exercise in political provocation.This planned periodic Jewish instigated violence against Muslims, who have the temerity to fight back, provides the justification for Israeli soldiers to “quell” the violence by assaulting Muslims even more. This is the reality and no amount of neoZionist propaganda by Levick will change that.

    • Why Margrain the thin veneer that you try and disguise your vile racist anti-Semitism with is cracking more and more.
      “Jewish extremists”, “Jewish instigated violence..”

      If you had an ounce of decency you would hang your head in shame.
      But, I do not expect any decency from a low life such as you.

      Be gone vile racist, your presence on this site pollutes it.

      • @Gerald –

        Perhaps you should read more ISRAELI media reports, of statements made by ISRAELI government/security spokespeople, along with manifestos published by ISRAELI activists before being so hyper-critical.

        The most compelling propaganda coups are scored when extremists in an opposing camp can be quoted directly – “condemned out of their own mouths” as it were – or when evidence of complicity in wrongdoing, double-dealing, etc, comes directly from opposing camp sources.

        So take a look at some of these links if you want some idea why allegations concerning “Jewish extremism” are a lot better founded than you seem willing to credit:

        1. On the specific issue of the Temple Mount/al-Aqsa Mosque:

        Haaretz reported (@ ) in 2012 that “No less than ten organizations, including the Temple Mount Faithful, the Temple Mount Movement, The Temple Institute, and Women for Temple Mount now share a very active central administration. It has managed to shake off the movement’s messianic image and reposition it as a legitimate body. In recent years even the Education Ministry has been encouraging schoolchildren to visit the site….”

        Then, in 2013, the Jerusalem Post (@ ) reported: “Over the course of the last decade, the Education Ministry and the Culture and Sport Ministry have transferred between NIS 300,000 and 700,000 to a non-government organization known as The Temple Institute. Just last year, the group received NIS 282,000 from the Education Ministry and another NIS 134,000 from the Culture Ministry.”

        OK, now that we have some background about what the “official image” is and where the Israeli government stands, let’s see how this support squares with, for example, the Temple Mount Faithful’s extant “Long Term Objectives” (published @ ). This section states that the aims are: “Liberating the Temple Mount from Arab (Islamic) occupation…. The Temple Mount can never be consecrated to the Name of G‑d without removing these pagan shrines. It has been suggested that they be removed, transferred to, and rebuilt at Mecca.”

        Or how about this from the Times of Israel in October 2015 (@ “Returning to the Mount has offered NIS 2,000 ($516) to anyone who goes to the Temple Mount and is caught praying,..”

        Do you seriously think that bulletins like these – not to mention a viral video produced by the Temple Institute (@ ) in which the al-Aqsa Mosque is entirely erased – would NOT be regarded as “extremist” and “inflammatory”, or that the Israeli government would NOT appear to be “complicit” in such activism?

        2. For more general – and, I repeat, ISRAELI – critiques of Jewish extremism, I strongly suggest you see a story headlined
        “Foreign Ministry: ‘Price tag’ attacks increase anti-Semitism” @,7340,L-4771475,00.html dated Feb 27, 2016; and from August 7, 2015, one headlined “Ex-Shin Bet chief: Government does not want to deal with Jewish terror” @,7340,L-4688640,00.html

        • Mad Cow Miranda I don’t waste my time reading your posts.
          I lived in Allt-yr-yn for a number of years, so I know what a stupid cow you are.

          • In other, words, like a spoilt child in a playground, you refuse to address her reasonable and substantiated arguments by sticking your fingers in your ears, and shouting “I’m not listening, go away”. You are a troll who is in denial. Unfortunately for neoZionist fascist apologists like you, the world is watching and what the fascist Israeli state is doing on an almost daily basis is being monitored and recorded.Those who have committed their crimes as well as others who turn their heads away or otherwise perpetuate them by propagating Hasbara lies and deceptions and are therefore complicit, will eventually be brought to justice. There is no hiding place for fascists and ethnic cleansers.Thanks to alternative media sources and social media, your parasitical fascist little state will eventually become a footnote in history. This will happen incrementally within the coming decades without the need for external intervention. Demographic shifts will result in such an eventuality. The tide of history is turning. As certain as night follows day, there will be no hiding place for people like you and the nasty criminal rogue state you unconditionally support. Systematic neoZionist criminality is being monitored and recorded and justice for the oppressed Palestinian’s will come, one way or another. Palestinian’s are not going anywhere no matter how many attempts at genocide are attempted against them. Don’t underestimate their will to fight on until the last drop of blood of every man, woman and child has been spilled. There cannot be any peace until Palestinian’s get justice and justice will be theirs.

            • Margrain what are you waffling on about.
              Nobody, with an ounce of knowledge, takes any notice of the likes of you.

              Apart from being a vile racist, apart from being a plagiarist, apart from being a phoney, you are truly sad and pathetic.

              Now why don’t you and Mad Cow Miranda vanish back into the Twilight Zone of your imaginations where the nonsense you spew out makes sense, because in the real World neither you or Mad Cow Miranda have anything to offer but lies and at best half-truths that have been distorted.
              Of course as we all know you do not have an original idea in your head and rely on others, so you can ‘copy and paste’ and hope it makes you look intelligent. Sadly for you it is a failure much the same as everything else in your sad and pathetic racist existence.

            • Migraine, There’s something you and your fellow fascist swine seem to have forgotten.

              The Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2. The Israelis are equipped and trained and ready to fight and crush you.

              > Don’t underestimate their [pal-e-swinian] will to fight on until the last drop of blood of every man, woman and child has been spilled.

              Migraine, THANKS for documenting your genocidal views!

              As always, Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • @Gerald –

            RE: “I lived in Allt-yr-yn for a number of years …”

            The only “Gerald” I recall from those days – around 40 years ago! – wouldn’t have cowered behind a shield of anonymity while throwing toxic mud pies.

            It really is hard to believe that he – a spiky journalist named Gerry Thurston – could have evolved into the vicious chicken “Gerald” posting here. So unless you disillusion me, I’ll assume you’re NOT one and the same – and just some grey little bloke who never registered on my radar at all

        • Yes, but, Miranda, what do you think of the Arabs repeatedly using violence to keep the entire Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest place, exclusively Muslim? It’s an act of Arab/Muslim apartheid, wouldn’t you agree, sweetums? After all, shouldn’t Jews, as well as others, say, Christians, have access to a place such immense importance to two religions?

      • Yes, yes, everybody who criticises the vile racist Israeli state and the Jewish extremist fascists who spit on Palestinian women, push disabled Palestinian’s out of their wheelchairs and physically and mentally abuse Palestinian children, are antisemites. We get that.

        • How about the vile racist “Palestinian” women who have been spitting on Jews for centuries? Then of course there are the “Palestinian” women who launch rockets at Israel, talk tough about their bravery against cowardly Jews, and then go crying to the EU about how they got their asses kicked again.
          Of course, Palestine, is an old Roman name for a bunch of Greeks, which makes these pretend Arab nationals vile racist NeoPalestinian fascists, that racist NeoMarxist-Trotskyist totalitarians like you are constantly apologizing for.

          • Ah, you mean the ineffectual “fizzle rockettes” that have killed a handful of Israeli’s in the last decade or so compared to your pounding of Gaza during cast lead in pursuit of your fascist wet dream of attaiing Eretz Yisrael, that killed well in excess of a thousand civilians many of whom were women and children. And that’s despite your “protective” dome that’s as good as useless. You neoZionist fascist animals make me laugh.

                • Migraine, How close are you willing to stand next to an “ineffectual” exploding Hamass rocket.

                  • If they are effective the hundreds of thousands that have been fired in the direction of your beloved fascist state would have killed more than a handful of people in the last decade now wouldn’t they?

                    • The question Margrain was how close would you be willing to stand next to one.
                      Instead of trying to waffle your way out of answering the question, try answering the question you were asked.

                    • No I wouldn’t like to stand next to one. To do so would be far more dangerous than sitting in a bar in Tel Aviv.

                    • Is this joker for real, or is it an elaborate windup? I have rarely seen such a concentrated mishmash of ignorance, stupidity and bigotry expressed in so few words.

                • Margrain,

                  If the rockets are ineffectual, then perhaps we can get you to stand in front of one being fired at you for proof, or perhaps drop one through your roof.
                  They do seem to have caused deaths and casualties in Gaza initially blamed on the IDF, of course!
                  And of course many were shot down over Israel by Iron Dome. Why spend that much money (Iron Dome is quite expensive) to shoot down “ineffectual” rockettes [sic]?
                  But of course that is the objective of defense – to make attempts by aggressors such as Hamas futile and to neutralize its war making capacity. This was brilliantly achieved by the IDF with a minimum of civilian casualties, putting aside your inflated blood libel numbers. Western military experts recognize this.

                  • Jeff, the home made “fizzle rockette fireworks” are clearly not effective given that the tens of thousands that have been fired in the direction of your beloved fascist state within the last decade have killed just a handful of Israeli’s. Is that logical explanation too complicated for you to grasp?

            • Migraine, As long as fascist Pal-e-SWINIAN rockets kill Pal-e-SWINIAN savages, I have no problem with their rockets. But when they land in Israel, the gloves are off.

              You and other fascist animals need to learn that the Israelis and other civilized nations are NOT going to tolerate that kind of crap.

              You can’t continue to shoot at your neighbors or passerby’s as long as you only kill a few. You will be brought to justice and punished.

        • Migraine, Yes, yes, everybody who criticizes vile racist Islamofascist terrorist gangs and theocracies and the Islamist extremist fascists who
          – stab people at bus stops
          – hijack passenger planes
          – bomb public transportation
          – murder journalists at Charlie Hebdo and from the Wallstreet Journal
          – threaten writer Salman Rushdie with death
          – behead captives and post the video on the Internet
          – declare Sharia Law enclaves in the UK
          – hang gay teens
          -throw opponents off rooftops and drag their bodies behind motorcycles through the streets of Gaza as a warning to others
          – use children as Human Shields for weapons caches
          – use children to dig tunnels that collapse
          – physically and mentally abuse children

          are Islamophobes. We get that.

      • Pure fantasy and projection almost certainly predicated on Jewish Pre TSD:

        “Jews are often tormented by a phantasmic traumatic event set in the future. No one exemplifies this mental condition better than the Jewish poet [Michael Rosen]:

        “I have to ask myself, who would I turn to for assistance in the case of unwarranted attacks, persecution, harassment or pogroms?” What persecution, what pogroms, Mr. Rosen? You are one of Britain most beloved children’s poets. You are not a Syrian refugee, no one calls to kick you out of the country. You are not the oppressed. Why do you feel the need to prepare for a pogrom? Is it guilt on your part? Are you hiding something?

        Let me tell you, Mr. Rosen, none of my Jewish friends are afraid of pogroms or “unwarranted attacks.” In the eyes of the so called ‘anti Semites’ I should be seen as a Jew, my kids are also ethnically Jewish and yet, the fear that you describe in your statement is totally foreign to us. We are free of fear. We enjoy our lives, we listen to music, we love each other and pray for peace. What we don’t do is imagine the next pogrom. Is it because we do not identify politically as Jews?”

      • Islam, It’s “the Religion of Peace”.

        Anyone who disagrees will be dealt with harshly by representatives of the OIC, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, UNHRC, Al Shabab, Al Nusra, lone-wolf jihadis, ayatollahs of Islamofascist Iran.

      • I don’t lie and deliberately deceive and mislead. You must be confusing m with one of your neoZionist mates.

        • Margrain that is another lie you have posted on this site.
          But what else should anyone expect from you a racist, a hypocrite, a plagiarist and phoney.

          Now be a good boy and toddle off back to the sand pit you infest with the rest of your kind.

          • NeoZionists and Hasbara merchants, by definition, lie. An entire industry depends on it, Wiesel out of that one

  4. It’s a testament to The Herald’s sloppy journalism that the headline itself was meant to read “powder keg”, not “power keg”.
    (At least I read of no reference to powerful beer).