Guardian letter by Gilad Atzmon ally blames ‘100 years of Arab hostility to West’ on Zionism

The historical distortions about Zionism advanced by Karl Sabbagh in his April 10th Guardian letter aren’t at all surprising when you consider that he enthusiastically endorsed and wrote a blurb for Gilad Atzmon’s ‘The Wandering Who?’, a book characterized by the CST as “quite probably the most antisemitic book published in [the UK] in recent years”. (Among Atzmon’s observations about Jewish identity in his book is the claim that Hitler may one day be proven right about the Jews.)

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Sabbagh (far left) on panel discussion with Gilad Atzmon (far right) to discuss Atzmon’s book on “Jewish identity”.

Sabbagh ostensibly sets out to correct a claim about the Sykes-Picot agreement in an article by the Guardian’s Giles Fraser, but quickly pivots to ‘setting the record straight’ on the broader historical record concerning Britain’s “unjust treatment of Palestine”.

His letter begins thusly:

Giles Fraser makes one small but significant error in his piece on the Sykes-Picot agreement (Loose canon, 8 April). He says that the agreement “gave … Palestine to the British”. In fact, Britain and France each wanted Palestine and, as will be revealed in an al-Jazeera documentary on which I am a consultant, to avoid coming to blows Sykes and Picot agreed that it should be put under international administration. This avoided the intolerable situation for each country of seeing its long-term rival control Palestine. However, in 1918, at a meeting in 10 Downing Street with the French prime minister, Georges Clemenceau, Lloyd George asked for – and got – Palestine for the British. The British then, of course, set in motion a process that made the country Jewish, even though its population was 90% Arab.

First, “Palestine” prior to 1948 was not a “country”, but a large territory with a uniquely Jewish historical connection. At no time in history was there an independent Arab state of Palestine.  This is why, on July 24, 1922, the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine (recognizing this historic connection) laid down the Jewish legal right to “reconstitute their national home” by settling “anywhere in western Palestine between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea”.

Also, in light of the Partition Plan of 1947 (accepted by the Jews, but rejected by the Arabs), it would of be more accurate if Sabbagh were to say that British control of Palestine “set in motion a process” that offered independent states to both Jews and Arabs. 

(It should also be noted that by 1945 Jews represented over 30% of the population.)

Sabbagh concludes:

It is arguable that this unjust treatment of Palestine, sacred to Muslims as well as Christians and Jews, did more to initiate 100 years of hostility by the Arabs against the west than the creation of Syria, Iraq and Jordan, which, unlike Palestine, did eventually gain their independence.

However, not only did Palestinian Arab leaders reject an independent Palestinian state in 1947, but, following the War of Independence, neither Jordan nor Egypt (which controlled the West Bank and Gaza respectively) created a Palestinian state in these territories.

Additional offers (by Israel) to create a Palestinian state were turned down by Palestinian leaders in 2001 and 2008.

Indeed, Sabbagh’s real complaint, it appears, isn’t so much that a Palestinian state was denied, but that a Jewish state was realized.

Moreover, Sabbagh’s specific distortions and omissions pale in comparison to the larger lie implicit in his letter that support for Jewish national aspirations in Palestine initiated “100 years of hostility by the Arabs against the West” – representing his attempt to put a an academic veneer on the agitprop advanced by extremists (such as Gilad Atzmon) suggesting that Zionism represents an organic obstacle to peace and progress in the world. 

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  1. I would have thought Arab hostility to the West began at the time of their 7th century imperial conquests which eventually left them in Spain and parts of the Balkans and led to centuries of conflict, raids and slave taking (as Cervantes, for instance, experienced personally). That “hostility” had nothing to do with Jews. Sabbagh’s is far too narrow a reading of the undisputed history and also has the defect if being self-evidently false.
    The truth is that Sabbagh would be on firm historical footing were he to argue that Arab “hostility” is a Qur’anic imperative that will exist until everyone becomes Muslim – so, that “hostility” is actually not limited to the West but to all non-Muslim majority countries, otherwise known in Islam as Dar al Harb (the Hiuse of War).

  2. Islamofascism declared war on the entire world in the 7th Century. They brag about their wars of conquest and have the largest colonial empire in the history of the world.

    Guess facts and real history are superseded by their hatred of Jews

    • Notice that if we investigate precise Quaranic/Koranic injunctions and criticize them in depth as dogmas and doctrines we risk being smeared as `Islamophobic.’

      • Similarly, any criticism of Talmudic texts and fascist Israel is to risk being smeared as “anti-Semitic”.

        • Migraine, Israel isn’t holding rallies of tens of thousands calling for death to America.

          Fascist Iran is.

          Happy Eternal Nakba Migraine!

        • Fascist Israel? Thank you for showing the real face of your kind of fake human rights warriors Margrain. Are you often dreaming about guarding the death camps in your vintage SS uniform? Do you feel very frustrated after awakening and realizing that your only way to solve your social, marital, sexual and professional failures are only dreams and never could be realized?

          • So legitimate concern for the brutal fascist Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian land predicated on the concept of Eretz Yisrael, is extrapolated as me being a Nazi…..LOL.

            • Israel like all Civilized nations, has the Right to Resist Islamofascism.

              Your Pal-e-SWINIAN JIhadis need to be treated like National Socialist Nazi filth were treated in WW2.

              • The word Pale-e-SWINIAN does no exist. It’s the Palestinian’s who are resisting Israeli oppression not the other way round. Back to Hebrew school for you, racist.

                  • Interesting, not a word of criticism against the moron, Edward, who has openly desires the Genocide of the Palestinian people.

                    • Migraine, May you and your family of piglets suffer the fate that Islamofascists desire for Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais and the other kind of Muslim (sunni, shiite, whatever).

                      Happy Eternal Nakba!

        • Got any real quotes moron? Thought not. If you racist ever told the truth that would be news, but that will never happen

      • Being smeared as `Islamophobic.’ is actually an honor. That doesn’t mean to say that it is anti Muslim, but it does say that you reject outright the teachings of the ‘one true prophet(ess)’.

    • Islamofascism is an oxymoron. It’s a meaningless term that was invented after 9-11 as a neoZionist propaganda tool.

      • Migraine, Islam calling itself “the Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron – because Islam and Peace are polar opposites.

        • Anybody can cherry pick violent quotes from just about any religious book and thereby justify violent acts. The problem is not restricted to Islam. If your thesis was correct, there would be 1.6 billion acts of Muslim violence on a daily basis. So, racist moron, as usual you are wrong.

      • You’re thinking of Islamophobia, and anti-Zionist propaganda tool. Plagiarist idiots like you get them confused all the time.

            • Yes and plenty of Zionists met with, and supported Hitler too. What’s your point, racist moron?

              • Migraine, Any videos, pictures, radio broadcasts with Zionists meeting Socialist SHlTler???

                Let’s see what you got, you ignorant sack of SHlTler.

                • In 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazis:

                  On the foundation of the new [Nazi] state which has established the principle of race, we wish to fit our community into the total structure so that for us, too, in the sphere assigned to us, fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible.10

                  Later that year, the World Zionist Organization congress defeated a resolution for action against Hitler by a vote of 240 to 43.

                  Leading Nazis like Joseph Goebbels wrote articles praising Zionism, and some Zionists received Nazi funds. A member of the Haganah, a Zionist militia in Palestine, delivered the following message to the German SS in 1937:

                  Jewish nationalist circles…were very pleased with the radical German policy, since the strength of the Jewish population in Palestine would be so far increased thereby that in the foreseeable future the Jews could reckon upon numerical superiority over the Arabs.11

                  The Zionist movement went so far as to oppose changes in the immigration laws of the U.S. and Western Europe, which would have permitted more Jews to find refuge in these countries. In 1938, David Ben-Gurion, who was to become the first prime minister of Israel, wrote:

                  If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Yisrael [greater Israel], then I would opt for the second alternative.12

                  This philosophy was put into practice. As the author Ralph Schoenman notes in The Hidden History of Zionism:

                  Throughout the late thirties and forties, Jewish spokespersons in Europe cried out for help, for public campaigns, for organized resistance, for demonstrations to force the hand of allied governments–only to be met not merely by Zionist silence but by active Zionist sabotage of the meager efforts which were proposed or prepared in Great Britain and the United States.

                  The dirty secret of Zionist history is that Zionism was threatened by the Jews themselves. Defending the Jewish people from persecution meant organizing resistance to the regimes which menaced them. But these regimes embodied the imperial order which comprised the only social force willing or able to impose a settler colony on the Palestinian people. Hence, the Zionists needed the persecution of the Jews to persuade Jews to become colonizers afar, and they needed the persecutors to sponsor the enterprise.


                  10 Quoted in Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators (Westport, Conn.: Lawrence Hill & Co., 1983), pp. 48—49.

                  11 Quoted in Brenner, p. 99.

                  12 Quoted in Brenner, p. 149.

                  13 Phil Marshall, Intifada: Zionism, Imperialism and Palestinian Resistance (London: Bookmarks, 1989), pp. 35—43.

                  14 Quoted in Schoenman, The Hidden History of Zionism (San Francisco: Socialist Action, 198.

  3. Don’t forget that the collapse and defeat in World War One and earlier instability of the Ottoman Empire ruled from Istanbul spurred a large migration of people into what is now controversially called, depending on your politics and understanding, the Territories, Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, as well as migration into Israel. The percentages are thus very skewed from when the earliest Zionists began to return to what they hoped would become a peaceful, free, sovereign homeland for Jews.
    Sidenote: Bill Clinton allegedly explained one component of the Palestinian rejection of peace terms by saying that he thought Arafat was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and could not speak coherently.
    If that’s a fair psychological evaluation of the always dubious Arafat, if that might not be connected to Arafat’s realization that all of his power and influence depended on keeping a state of conflict punctuated by open warfare alive? Thus, not a fair broker for any deal.

    • Don’t forget that the collapse and defeat in World War One and earlier instability of the Ottoman Empire ruled from Istanbul spurred a large migration of people into what is now controversially called, depending on your politics and understanding, the Territories, Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, as well as migration into Israel.

      Oh dear. I’m afraid that an informed statement like that would be quickly deleted on ‘Guardian Opinion’. The Palestinians, according to Guardian riffraff, have been in the area called Palestine for 10,000 years and are actually Islamized Jews. And Ashkenazi Jews are all Khazars anyway. As proven by … whats-hiz-name. All antisemites know it. Ah yes. Shlomo Sands. Or something.

        • Despite what Hitler called himself, fascism and socialism are irreconcilable concepts, moron.

          • Migraine, Socialist SHITlers party was called the National Socialist Party.

            Show us wereh Socialist SHITler ever ranted about Socialism. He ranted about Bolshevisim – but suprisingly not Socialism

            Let me guess, you’re a Socialist too. N’est–ce pas?

              • “You obviously have comprehension problems. Most racists do”

                Aaah so Margrain that is the reason you are unable to answer, or understand, questions when they are put to you.
                It is because your racism gives you comprehension problems.
                Well there is an old silly I am and I thought it was because you are a complete idiot as well as a phoney, plagiarist, hypocrite, racist and liar.

              • Well, YOU are the moron who cannot comprehend the concept of an armistice line.
                Draw from that fact, together with your own proposition, whatever conclusions you want.

      • No, it’s not called freedom of speech, stupid. It’s called lack of good editorial judgment.

    • Guilt by Association? What could possibly lead you to that conclusion?

      – Hamass
      – Hezbullah
      – Al Qada
      – ISIS
      – Taliban
      – Muslim Brotherhood
      – Al Shabab
      – Al Nusra
      – Boko Haram
      – Fascist Iran

      What’s “progressive” about you siding with ultra conservative right-wing ayatollahs, imams, sheiks who hang gays, stone girls to death, shoot girls for wanting an education?

      • The first represents the Palestinian resistance movement against illegal Israeli land grabs and settlement building. No fascist Israeli occupation =No resistance to occupation. The second, represents the Lebanese resistance against neoZionist fascism. The third, has nothing to do with the Palestinian’s and represents an extremist Salafist strand of Islam that originated in Saudi Arabia who Israel and the Western axis support and again, has nothing to do with the Palestinian’s. The fourth emerged out of the chaos of Iraq which was bombed to smithereens by the US-led alliance who unconditionally support Israel. This group also have no ideological conection to the Palestinian’s The fifth, emerged in Afghanistan against a backdrop of Western support as the bullwark against Russia ….etc etc Oh, and Iran isn’t fascist as it hasn’t pre-emptively attacked anybody in hundreds of years.
        Is there anything else I can help you with, you ignoarant racist twat?

  4. The caption under the photo:
    “Sabbath (far left) on panel discussion with Gilad Atzmon (far right) to discuss Atzmon’s book on “Jewish identity”.”
    Far left, far right – who can tell the difference these days.

    • Lets put it this way. If you were an Arab Muslim living in one of the states next to Israel and you saw all the dysfunctionality that you know is Islamic generated in spite to the lunatic far Euro left ‘explaining’ to you that your hostility to Israel is because you suffered the crusades, colonialism, imperialism and now Zionism, wouldn’t you hate Israel and the Jews who have made Israel a wonder-state? And you are not ‘white’ either.

  5. “Indeed, Sabbagh’s real complaint, it appears, isn’t so much that a Palestinian state was denied, but that a Jewish state was realized.”
    I think you’re getting warm.

    • Margrain so enthral me with the depth of your knowledge that justifies your statement, “Sabbagh’s historical analysis is absolutely correct.”

      Which of the primary sources have YOU examined in detail to support your conclusion?

      • Professor Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. I’ll expect the usual smearing of the professor in due course.

        • Margrain are you really too stupid to answer the question put to you?
          Do you even know what a primary source is?

          I will repeat the question.
          “Which of the primary sources have YOU examined in detail to support your conclusion?”

          Try to answer the question put to you.

            • Margrain you are still attempting to dodge answering the question put to you.
              Or in spite of your claim to know what a primary source is based on your inability to answer the question and your proven record of being a liar, hypocrite, and a plagiarist it is more than likely you will have to wait for someone to explain to you what a primary source is.

              I’m not interested in what Prof. Pappe has or has not read and cited.

              Which of the primary sources have YOU, Margrain, examined in detail?

              • All of the history is in that book and is consistent with Sabbagh’s analysis. Read it or remain the ignorant twat you are. The choice is yours.

                • Margrain so the answer to my question is that YOU have NOT examined ANY of the primary sources in detail.
                  You have relied on the works of others. It is their conclusions that you accept.
                  To describe you as an intellectual lightweight would be a gross understatement.

                  It fits in with your parasitical nature. You rely on others to do the work for you.
                  So we have now clearly established that you Margrain are;
                  A hypocrite
                  A racist,
                  A liar,
                  A plagiarist,
                  A parasite,
                  An intellectual lightweight,
                  A phoney.

                  You really are a waste of space Margrain, no wonder the Axis of Arseholes use you as their pet idiot.

            • “At best, Ilan Pappe must be one of the world’s sloppiest historians; at worst, one of the most dishonest. In truth, he probably merits a place somewhere between the two.” – Benny Morris

                • You flip flop like a fish on a wooden dock when confronted with your lies.

                  Happy Eternal Nakba!

                  • You mean like the documented “lies” proving the Zionists actively supported Hitler?

                    • Any newsreels of “zionists” meeting and greeting Socialist SHlTler as there is of your Islamofascist Grand Mufti?

                      To prove your idiotic contention?

                      Should go great with your newsreels of black people supporting the KKK?

              • The claim was that Pappe HIMSELF boasted that he is not a proper historian. You really do have comprehension problems don’t you, Jeffrey?

  6. @Adam Levick-

    RE: “At no time in history was there an independent Arab state of Palestine.”

    You might say the same about great swathes of the historical world – most notably in sub-Sahara Africa – but that doesn’t mean the inhabitants were any less viscerally attached to specific territories they regarded as “homeland” than those colonists who swept in from differently-configured territories to impose alien systems of governance and mapping arrangements upon them.

    Attempts by modern Zionists to cast doubt on – sometimes to the point of complete negation – the authenticity of Palestinian Arabs’ sense of a distinct national identity are at best misinformed and, at worst, downright dishonest.

    One of the most insightful assessments I’ve read of Palestinian land attachment was written in 1923 by a Zionist whose militant rhetoric and activities on Israel’s behalf are legendary – Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotisnky. His full text is posted @ Here are just a few extracts:

    “There can be no voluntary agreement between ourselves and the Palestine Arabs. Not now, nor in the prospective future… it is utterly impossible to obtain the voluntary consent of the Palestine Arabs for converting “Palestine” from an Arab country into a country with a Jewish majority…

    “Every native population, civilised or not, regards its lands as its national home, of which it is the sole master, and it wants to retain that mastery always; it will refuse to admit not only new masters but, even new partners or collaborators.

    “This is equally true of the Arabs. Our Peace-mongers are trying to persuade us that the Arabs are either fools, whom we can deceive by masking our real aims, or that they are corrupt and can be bribed to abandon to us their claim to priority in Palestine, in return for cultural and economic advantages. I repudiate this conception of the Palestinian Arabs. Culturally they are five hundred years behind us, they have neither our endurance nor our determination; but they are just as good psychologists as we are, and their minds have been sharpened like ours by centuries of fine-spun logomachy.

    ” We may tell them whatever we like about the innocence of our aims, watering them down and sweetening them with honeyed words to make them palatable, but they know what we want, as well as we know what they do not want. They feel at least the same instinctive jealous love of Palestine as the old Aztecs felt for ancient Mexico, and the Sioux for their rolling Prairies.”

      • @John Kinory –

        RE: “Just the usual recycling of quotations…”

        No, it isn’t . And I very much doubt you can show me any site(s) where the extracts I’ve quoted appear as part of a “recycled” collection. (Just to save you a wasted trawl, BTW, I googled two full pages of “Jabotinsky quotes” after reading your inane reply and none appeared even as a SOLO item.)

        • I have no idea what you are dribbling about this time. Are your reading comprehension skills really THIS abysmal? I never mentioned any ‘collection’. I said that YOU are recycling quotations you have found somewhere without understanding them, which is something all the sane posters here know you ‘excel’ at: totally missing the context every single time, and cherry-picking everything in order to find the most minute fact that can be construed against Israel, in the service of your bile-driven agenda.
          Or the short version: you are one hate-filled fruitbat.

          • “I have no idea what you are dribbling about this time.”

            Of course you don’t. Comprehension isn’t the forte of ethnic cleansing and Nakba deniers.

            • Who would deny your Nakba of five Arab armies in 1948, expecting to slaughter Jews in Israel as they were in WW2 Euroe – and FAILING?

              Enjoy your Nakba Migraine! You deserve it for all time.

    • Yes like the Limeys the Islamofascists like other people’s lands and are really attached to them. It usually takes a lot of force to get either to leave

          • Migraine, The US, UK and SU were not “fascists’ when they defeated your fellow nazi filth of Naitonal SOCIALIST Germany.

            BTW, the 71st anniversary of the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of your fellow filth and the Grand Muftis allies is coming in May.

            • What??? My “fellow nazi filth of Naitonal SOCIALIST Germany”?…LOL. Grow up you childish fool.

              • Yes Migraine, are you ARE a fascist – and like all fascists, you are destined for defeat.

                See May 8, 1945.

    • Miranda,
      You can frame that as proof of a Palestinian National identity, but it is really not inherent in the text. What is there is an Arab national identity in that locale, the parameters of which had been recently created by your forebears.

  7. “but that doesn’t mean the inhabitants were any less viscerally attached to specific territories they regarded as “homeland” than those colonists who swept in from differently-configured territories to impose alien systems of governance and mapping arrangements upon them.”
    For instance, the colonial empires that swept into the indigenous Jewish homeland.

    • RE: “For instance, the colonial empires that swept into the indigenous Jewish homeland.”

      That’s a very good “for instance”, Jeff. If the the dream of a return to ancestral land could be kept alive by ex-patriot Jews for thousands of years, there’s every likelihood that Palestinian Arabs, whose sense of ancestral attachment has become no less strong and authentically-felt, will fight against displacement for as long as a collective memory of “home” remains.

      By BEHAVING like colonists, Israel now faces exactly the same problems of attrition all previous colonists in the region have done … and we know what happened, eventually, to them.

      • You mean the fate of the biggest colonist country called the United States of America?
        But naturally you have the right to dream about the annihilation of Israel if this is the only trigger of your feeling satisfied…

        • @ peterthehungarian –

          I didn’t realise the United States of America was “in the region” I referred to – i.e, the one more commonly known as the Middle East. But having seen how much historical and map distortion is possible in all I/P discussions, it really wouldn’t surprise me to learn that this has become a widespread belief…

          • Anyone know what the fruitbat is whining about this time?
            Perhaps she is talking about the maps that lie, the ones so beloved of her ilk, that ‘prove’ how much land the ‘Palestinians’ lost to Joooz in the last 100 years?

            • “Anyone know what the fruitbat is whining about this time?”

              She’s actually extremely lucid and her arguments, cogent.

              Not once have you countered her. Instead, all you have managed to do is to insult her.

          • Odd. Since batshit twits like you claim all Jews are white Westerners from presumably New York– I’m sorry, Jew York– and, of course, we American Jews control the banks like the those white Western Jews of Israel, one might think that Israel = USA.

            That is, if one can think any longer after subjecting oneself to reading your blabbering, blithering, flaming pile of American Jew bashing bullshit.

            On a side note, you’ve done a masterful job making sure the Palestinians never reach autonomy. Your futility comes second to only that cobwebbed cranium of yours.

      • Miranda,
        Who is denying that the Arabs feel an attachment? It’s the Palestinian Arabs who have made the denial of a historical Jewish connection and attachment to the land of Israel OFFICIAL STATE POLICY, and to teach a pseudo-history of “Palestinians” as the original inhabitants from time immemorial including, incredibly, “Jesus, the Palestinian shahid,” to sell their ahistorical nonsense to gullible westerners as well who have their own well-docmented ingrained animus toward all things Jewish. To put it simply, this is a war by the Arab world, vast in area and population, waged against the small Jewish minority’s independence on its native soil. The Arabs already have the lion’s share of the Palestine Mandate, and they have shown that they are willing to do anything to get it all, including telling absolutely shameless lies.
        When the founders of the state, on the threshold of independence, decided to do away with the designation “Palestine” in favor of the indigenous “Israel” they weren’t engaging in colonialism but rather, throwing the historic colonialism of ancestral Jewish turf off a cliff.

      • “By BEHAVING like colonists, Israel now faces exactly the same problems of attrition all previous colonists in the region have done … and we know what happened, eventually, to them.”

        Yes, they went on to claim to be “the Palestinian people,” fooling the world into believing they had a state which was stolen by Jews.

        Or to put it another way, I can’t believe you made this stupid statement, as if, only Europeans were colonists. BTW, just when did they settle in Arabia?

  8. @ John Kinory –

    RE: “You can’t ‘behave’ like a colonist in your own homeland.”

    Yes, you can – and in all sorts of ways. But most obviously where Israel’s concerned by settling your own citizens on land that even Israel officially concedes to be “disputed” territory and then administering those settlements under civil law while subjecting the rest of the local population to military law.

    • Yes, Miranda, disputed in the legal sense. But the Arabs, again, don’t even acknowledge this, and instead teach their children, adults, and any idiot who will listen, that all of Israel (and only Israel) is occupied Palestinian land. Any bells going off yet?

      • @jeff21st –

        RE: “…the Arabs … instead teach their children, adults, and any idiot who will listen, that all of Israel (and only Israel) is occupied Palestinian land.”

        How strange, then, that when Arabs are ASKED for their views, this “teaching” seems to have produced very mixed results – sometimes, even, almost exactly matching the opinion variations among Israeli Jews.

        Take a look at this 2015 poll, for example – – and I think you’ll get a rather different picture from the one your sources (?) have provided.


        • Miranda,
          The Palestinian Arabs can call off this war at any time. Israelis are not going to get behind an effort to give land away or give their blessing to the creation of a state that doesn’t respect the right to Jewish sovereignty and who maintain a stance against Israel’s existence as a Jewish State. Current sentiment is based on the failure of Oslo. Israel has once again been mugged by the reality of the Arab leadership’s duplicitous game. The effort to turn Israel into an Arab state is a nonstarter. It always has been and always will be. Only when that effort ends can a reconciliation occur.

        • “How strange, then, that when Arabs are ASKED for their views, this “teaching” seems to have produced very mixed results – sometimes, even, almost exactly matching the opinion variations among Israeli Jews.”

          No. What’s strange is a sad, absurd, and obtuse moron such as yourself continuously changing the subject matter so that you can screech some more about how terrible Israel is, how awful Zionists are, and how sweet, loving, and preciously misuderstood the Palestinians are as they stab Israelis, run over pedestrians, and blow up bus lines.

          When I think of the very worst people in the world, I think of Miranda Basner, our very own Jew bashing dirtbag.

    • There is no legal, moral, ethical or historical bar to Jews living in J&S, fruitbat; therefore, there can be no ‘colonisation’, which would mean non-indigenous people living in land conquered from indigenous ones.
      You do one thing remarkably well: you keep surprising me with your stupidity.

            • Margrain the only thing you have exposed is how false and lacking in any credibility you and your posts are.
              As far as hollow goes, well you have clearly demonstrated how hollow you are even for a phoney.

              Don’t go, it is amusing to watch you trip yourself up with your posts. It adds to the amusement to watch others trip you up by pointing out your errors.

              Margrain you really are the kind of idiot that gives other idiots a bad name.

                • In the sense that you continuously post nonsense that is easily debunked.
                  In the sense that you continuously are unable or unwilling to answer questions or points put to you.
                  In the sense that you continuously demonstrate your hypocrisy.
                  In the sense that you are proven to be a plagiarist
                  In the sense that you are a phoney.

                  The only fantasist here is you with your continuous ranting about mythical creatures called ‘NeoZionists’

        • Migraine, Scuttle back to your Eternal Nakba Line you sand nazi terrorist apologist filth.

          And as always, Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • And you are a filthy racist piece of shit who calls for the Genocide of the Palestinian people. Are there any other Nakba denialists on this site. At least Edward is honest enough to admit it. How about the rest of you fascist supporting scum on here?

        • “Retreat to the Armistice Line you fascist apologist piece of shit.”

          Do you mean the part of the Mandate (for a Jewish Homeland) Jordan illegally occupied?
          Or were you just looking for an excuse to launch yet another ad hominem? It must be frustrating for you not to able to order the Jews around after so many centuries of what you and you friends consider “good, clean fun.”

        • I notice that Migraine refers to posters as ‘piece of shit’, and then whines that ‘neoZionists [wtf is that?] engage in personal abuse’.
          This is typical behaviour of dumb bullies.

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