Guardian report on NUS vote omits Malia Bouattia’s ‘Zionist-led media’ comment

An April 20th Guardian report on Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) election was titled ‘NUS elects first female black Muslim president after tense contest’.  However, the report by Jessica Elgot fails to inform readers that the new NUS president, BDS activist Malia Bouattia, represents another first – the first time NUS (a group representing the interests of 7 million British students) will be led by someone who’s supported terrorism and used thinly veiled antisemitic tropes.

Elgot’s report deals with the controversy surrounding Bouattia’s refusal to boycott ISIS for fear of stoking Islamophobia, as well as criticism surrounding her ‘accusation’ that University of Birmingham is “a Zionist outpost in British higher education” due it’s “large Jewish Society”. However, Elgot failed to note far worse comments by Bouattia revealed in a video circulated elsewhere in the media (including at the BBC) hours before her Guardian report was published.

Here’s the video, from an event organized by the Tricontinental Anti-imperialist Platform in September 2014, where Bouattia was speaking in her role as NUS black students officer.

These excerpts represent the most disturbing comments from the video:

“But instead of us remembering that this has always been the case throughout struggles against white supremacy, it’s become an accepted discourse among too many…

“Internalised Islamophobia has also enabled our obsession with convincing non-Muslims of our non-violent and peaceful nature, so we’re taking things a step further and dangerously condemning the resistance, branding groups and individuals as terrorists to disassociate from them, but at the same time supporting their liberation which is a very strange contradiction.

“There’s a need to change how we think about these things. After all, the alternative to resistance is what we’ve been observing over the last 20 years or so, which is ‘peace talks’… essentially the strengthening of the colonial project.

“To consider that Palestine will be free only by means of fundraising, non-violent protest and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is problematic… My issue is that whilst at time it’s tactically used, or presented as the non-violent option, it can be misunderstood as the alternative to resistance by the Palestinian people…

“We also need to remember the Palestinians on the ground… who are actively sustaining the fight and the resistance against occupation and perhaps there’s a need to …take orders if we are to really show some form of solidarity”.

As you can see:

  • Bouitta expresses sympathy for Palestinian terrorism.
  • Bouitta is critical of those would support only non-violent solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
  • Bouitta seems to characterize Zionism as one of many “white supremacist” colonial movements throughout history.
  • Bouitta condemns the “Zionist-led media”.  

Regarding this latter point, it shouldn’t need reminding that the word “Zionist” in this context is almost always a euphemism for “Jewish”.  

So, was the Guardian reporter somehow unaware of the video revealing Bouattia’s extremist beliefs? Or, was she aware of it but simply decided not to use it? Either way, the omission certainly denied Guardian readers the opportunity to fully understand why so many Jews, and other truly anti-racist students present at the NUS election, opposed Bouattia and the extreme, regressive left ideology that her candidacy represented. 



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  1. They’re too busy working the phones to her commissioning her for a series of articles on being black, being a grrrl and so on and so forth. The fact she is a bigot and an anti-Semite just adds to the sparkle as far as the commissioning editors are concerned. Bella Rusbridger must be salivating.

    • And as day follows night, there is a Guardian article all but blaming Jews for traducing Bouattia. The Guardian is incapable of change and therefore of moral or intellectual growth

      • They are the ones stressing her sex and race, moron. They are, therefore, the sexist and racist ones. We are merely mocking them for it.
        Now ask your mummy to explain this to you, ‘journalist’.

  2. What is it with the “first female black Muslim president” guff anyway?

    Is she the 1st woman? Nope. That was Sue Slip man in 1977. The first black president? Nope. Trevor Phillips in 78.

    She may indeed be the 1st Muslim president, but why not just say that? Isn’t that enough?

    Or if I were elected, would I be the 1st “Jewish white male 45-year-old president”?

      • This is how you refer to Jews defending themselves instead of entering trains to the slaughter … what a vile pile of scum you are.

        • Shit for brains, I’m not using sectarian language you are. I only used the absurd oxymoronic term “Judaeofascism” in response to the idiot, Edward, who used the equally absurd term, “Islamofascism. It’s not a question of “Jews” defending themselves, but neoZionist fascists who are actively engaged in a historical programme of ethnic cleansing and illegal land grabs.

                  • Depends how you define fascist. You define fascist as Jews fighting for their freedom then so be it, typically anti-Semitic. However the definition of fascism is “a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government” which applies to most if not all Islamic States – so you have proved how completely ignorant you are.

                    • @Norman, presumably Palestinian’s fighting for THEIR freedom is regarded by you as a moot point.

                    • Migraine, Your Pal-e-SWINIANS are “fighting for their freedom”, like Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Al Nusra, Fascist Iran, Al Shabab, British Muslims who bombed London on 7/7 2005 and who beheaded Lee Rigby are “fighting for their freedom”.

              • Dullamy, here is a picture of an American who led American troops, fought British armies and successfully broke away from your now collapsing empire.

                • Edward a picture of Major General Robert Ross who commanded the successful assault on Washington and burning of the White House and Capitol in 1814.

                  • Yes, British Imperialism has a long history.

                    The ones who bombed and burned London in the 1940s where not Americans but National SOCIALIST nazi Germany.

                    • “Yes, British Imperialism has a long history.”
                      Indeed Edward a long and glorious history. Now I shall start singing “Rule Britannia” while I finish typing this.

                      “The ones who bombed and burned London in the 1940s where not Americans but National SOCIALIST nazi Germany.”
                      No Shit Edward. I always thought it was the Republic of San Marino.
                      Well, I live and learn.

            • You use foul, demeaning, antisemitic language which is offensive.

              In “The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument” the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer points out that it is possible to win an argument even if the argument is weak. This is achieved by putting one’s opponent into some odious category and then attacking. This seem to resonate with your impoverished attempts to debate-by-insulting-the-other-side-using-antisemitic language-and then-cry-“foul”!

              The only “ethnic cleansing” that took place was in 1948 when the Arab states ethnically cleansed and dispossessed 856,000 Jews from Arab countries where they had been living for thousands of years.

              Given international law which includes the Treaty of San Remo (1922) and the league of Nations Mandate System, both written into Article 80 of the UN Charter, Jews have every legal right to “settle” anywhere in the Jewish National Home, a “reconstitution” that was recognised by the Great Allied Powers following WW1.

              The creation of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon meant that the Arabs were given almost the whole of the Middle East, but that did not satisfy them because they were humiliated by the existence of a Jewish State. Jews were abused second-class “dhimmis” and not equal in any way to Arabs. Murderous Arab attacks began in 1920. Winston S Churchill, the British Colonial Secretary, under pressure from the pro-Arab lobby in the British Government illegally took 78% of the Jewish National Home to CREATE the Emirate of Trans-Jordan, later the Hashemite (a clan/tribe from Arabia) Kingdom of Jordan.

              The Jewish people were therefore left with 22% of the land given to them by international law. The only perpetrators here are the Arabs and British complicit in their anti-Jewish, anti-Israel foreign policy.

              You certainly need a lesson in history, rather than your anti-Israel diatribes using ideology, rather than historical facts. The facts you seem to use are those spewed by Illan Pappe who readily admits he does not “seek truth”, but teaches “ideology” thus corrupting thousands of students at Exeter. Pappe, the Israeli Marxist, left Israel after his backing of a MA student, Teddy Katz, who lied by claiming he had “discovered” a “massacre at Tantura.” Not a single Arab witness corroborated his story.

              The late Primo Levi wrote, “that to confuse murderers with their victims is a moral disease, or an aesthetic affectation or a sinister sign of complicity; above all it is a precious service rendered (intentionally or not), to the negators of truth.”

              • I believe veterans of the Alexandroni Brigade successfully sued for slander over that mythical ‘Tantura massacre’. Do you know anything about that?

      • Fascist Migraine, WHO is threatening the UK and Europe with 9/11 scale genocidal massacres?

        Islamofascists or Jews?

        • Islamofascism is an oxymoron. I’ll answer the question only when you use the correct terminology.

          • Islam calleing itself “The Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron.

            See 9/11, Londons 7/7/05 bombings, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Brussels, Pan Am 103, Boston Marathon for proof.

        • “Europe you will pay. Your 9/11 is on it’s way!!”

          Muslims certainly don’t need to emigrate to the West in order to express this particular kind of ‘free speech.’

  3. A fanatic Muslim woman in England issues a declaration of war against Israel to be carried out by anyone except herself.


    • Why hasn’t this Terrorist Sharmuta Malia been arrested by the police?

      She poses the same threat as the Islamofascist terrorist gang that attacked Brussels.

      • Absolute nonsense. If you were a European citizen your comments on here would be regarded as hate speech and you would be arrested.

        • “Absolute nonsense. If you were a European citizen your comments on here would be regarded as hate speech and you would be arrested.”
          And that’s only part of the impingement on individual freedom in Europe, albeit a profound one.

              • No evidence for that old chap. However, there is plenty of evidence that Eddy Baby uses hate speech. But you don’t care about that because its directed against Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims.

                • “I hate fascists and racists of all kinds.”

                  Margrain have you had a problem with self-hate for long?
                  Clearly you are a racist and anti-Semite as well as your other personality disorders.

                  Do you think your problem with self-hate complicates your other personality disorders, or are you just a walking clusterfuck who is beyond help?

                  As for understanding what the word ‘Fascist’ means, that is very doubtful. The way you spray the word around, in the same way a Chimp with diarrhoea sprays shit, demonstrates that all you know is that it is not a nice word and that is the extent of your knowledge.

        • Thank you for bring up. Our Founding Fathers (USA) learned by their own personal experience that if the Government takes away Freedom of Speech it goes underground and the Government no longer knows what is going through the peoples minds. Also they believed it was a God given right hence enumerated #1separate from the Constitution in the Bill of Rights

  4. This is an interesting point. I’m disappointed in the Guardian for omitting her statement yet I can’t say I agree with all you’ve said here: Zionist is NOT a euphemism for Jewish. This is exactly the problem she is talking about and I’m afraid you’re aggravating it. She is condemning the mainstream media for taking taking sides which they unfortunately do and most of the time, we don’t notice. If you’re interested, read Glasgow Media Group’s ‘More Bad News from Israel’.
    As for expressing sympathy for Palestinian terrorism, she is making parallels with history when the oppressed who protest against their suppressors, are no longer seen as the victim because of violent actions. The Notting Hill Riots are a good example of this when the media made the public believe it wasn’t the white “Teddy Boys” rioting and attacking black citizens but rather the whites suffering at the hands of the blacks.
    If you were discriminated against in your own home, for example if you were forced to move out, or to watch a wall being built surrounding your village, or have to pay extra to go to university just because of your faith, I think you would kick up a fuss as well.
    I do think that the new NUS president has to watch what she says and her claims here could easily be misinterpreted, but the world, especially influenceable students, needs to understand that the media is not neutral and I think that’s what she’s trying to achieve here.

      • “Peace talks” are merely used as a strategic cover for the resumption of yet more neoZionist aggression and violence.

        • I prefer Eternal Nakba talks with Islamofascists on their knees before Infidels of various stripes.

        • Margrain you are one of the heroes of the Palestinian resistance (together with your wannabe camp guard friend Malia) who are ready to send the Palestinians to fight the Jews to their last drop of Palestinian blood. If they win you win – if they loose (as they do) then you don’t give a shit.
          BTW you didn’t answer my question on a previous thread – have you stopped to steal or thieving of intellectual property became an unstoppable habit? This disregard of private property must be some common characteristic of Jew-haters – just ask comrade Greenstein…

          • I’d prefer if you would refrain from projecting upon me the actions of others…Thanks.

            • You didn’t answer Margrain – have you stopped stealing or not? This is a simple question even your kind of ignorant assholes should have be able to answer it. Yes or no?

              • Migraine can’t help stealing. It’s his Nature and Nurture. Maybe a little application of Saudi or ISIS Style Sharia can help him change his ways.

                  • Islamofascist steal LIVES Migraine.

                    See 9/11, Londons 7/7/05, Brussels, Paris, NYC, San Bernardino, Pan Am 103, Metrojet, Luxor, Mumbai, Nairobi, Nigeria, Bali, …

                  • Margrain forget the Zionist land theft for a second and try to give a simple answer to a very simple question – have you stopped to steal the works of others or not? Sorry for being so stubborn but were you a bit less of an ignorant moron who obviously has no idea what is the meaning of the words “Zionism”, “fascism”, “left” – maybe you would understand that someone who are accusing others with theft should have some minimalist moral credentials. So don’t let the readers down and try to put some light on the burning problem – are you only a simpleminded loser obsessive with Jews or are you a common criminal as well?

                    • I very rarely mention Jews, actually because, unlike neoZionists who do, I don’t view the world in a sectarian prism. NeoZionists/Jews are not synonymous. Not all neoZionists are Jews and not all Jews are neoZionists. If neoZionists like you think you speak on behalf of all Jews then you are seriously mistaken

                    • Migraine, Islamofascists are 100% Muslim – they say it themselves. And who are you to tell Muslims what is or is not True Islam. ISIS say they are Muslim, as do the Muslim Brotherhood.

                  • Yes Migraine, their very existence is a crime against humanity. Didn’t the Nazis also kill the ‘neoZionists’ because, like you, they believed they had no right to breathe the same air, or live on the same land as others who were more entitled to it than they were – the Europeans love to dictate to the ‘neoZionists’ their place in the world. You are, and always will be, a European antisemite consumed by hatred and stupidity. That’s the only reason you are here, satisfying a very old obsession, masquerading under the pretense that the neoZionists equal something other than six million Jews living in Israel – who you hate to the core of your being. Without them, your existence is meaningless. You are a very sad person.

                    • Edward, I’m sure your views still hold some weight in some circles; where they keep short croppred hair and a brown or black sleeveless ‘T’, the PSEUDO-Intelligentzia sitting around in a circle plotting how they will be changing how the World is run yet never held a position where they had to produce anything, the other class goes beyond the fringe and probably could land you in jail. No matter what you think Edward, in short order you will start to experience Anti-Semitism. You won’t quite live it as a Jew but regardless of where you live in Europe including the UK, unless you are a Muslim you will live life as an infidel and this will only be the beginning. If you are LBGT or Atheist you will be Royally screwed. If you belong to the People of the Book Christian or Jewish (g-d please tell me you weren’t born Jewish) you may at the discretion of the Muslims convert to Islam pay a Jizyah (tax for living amongst Muslims or die). If you live in the UK you will appreciate the pressure Barack Hussein Obama placed on the shoulders of PM David Cameron He strongly asked him to consider staying in the EU. Taxpayer Pounds to help out Europe support the new welfare class.

                    • Nazism and (neo)Zionism are fascist ideologies and are therefore ideologically aligned. I hate fascists, yes and I would prefer they wouldn’t breath. The question of religious/cultural affiliation or ethnic identity of the fascist concerned is irrelevant. Again, (neo)Zionism/Jews are not synonymous.. .

                    • Migraine, Nazism and Sand Nazism AKA Islamofascism are fascist ideologies and are therefore ideologically aligned – and YOU Migraine are aligned with Islamofascism.

                    • Eddy Baby, Islamofascism is an oxymoron just like Judaofascism or Christianofascism are. Islamist terrorists represent a tiny minority of the 1.6 bn Muslims on the planet but as you are a racist you generalize by lumping them all together.

                    • Migraine, 9/11, London’s 7/7, Brussels, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, Pan Am 103, Metrojet were NOT imaginary – but terrorism by Islamofascists.

                    • “your imaginary “Islamofascists”?”

                      Actually it’s the one’s who now call themselves “Palestinians” for lack of an indigenous self description.

              • The premise of your question is predicated on a lie.When you correct it, I’ll anseer it fully.

                • Which lie? That Islam is “The Religion of Peace”? Do you need to have ISIS about to slit your throat to convince you of the idiocy of your ways?

                  • Both Judeo-Christian and religious doctrines have both peaceful and violent passages contained within them. So it’s possible to justify both depending on ones cherry-picking of either. Do you understand, dumbo?

                    • But today Islam is BEHAVING violently.

                      No cherry picking. Just read the news on any day.

                      Bad news for Islamofascist Iran? $2Bn Too funny.

        • ““Peace talks” are merely used as a strategic cover for the resumption of yet more neoZionist aggression and violence.”

          This is yet but one of the inversions you indulge in. Each round of peace talks has resulted in Palestinian rejectionism and both verbal incitement and violent aggression against Israel and ordinary Israelis, i.e., terrorism. 2nd Intifada, Sarro massacre, etc., etc., etc.

      • Yes, yes, all criticism of Israel and the pro-Israeli mediais regarded by neoZionist fascist apologists as “antisemitism”

        • As I’ve pointed out to you before, Margain, anti-Zionist anti-Semites claim not to be anti-Semitic in the belief that this will shield them from criticism of their views. You do the same. Each “criticism” can be dealt with individually, but when the overall pattern is demonization and outright bigotry, the source, in this case you, can be be dismissed.

          Debating whether or not bigotry is anti-Semitic or just anti-Zionist makes little difference. The ethnicity of the speaker makes little difference to the truth or falsity of a statement.

          Aloni’s remark is just that – an unproven allegation used as both a weapon and a shield. One would think that someone who claims to have “spent their life combating fascism” as you claim would see through this. Except you copied that line from Tony Greenstein’s post, leading one to conclude that you have spent most of your life defending your own fascism using labels such as “racist” and “fascist” in a failed atttempt to promote your various agendas and mislabel your opponents. There just aren’t that many fascists to go around to go around.

          The problem therefore must be you.

          • L.King, You’ve just engaged in a set of false arguments. Politically I am of the centre-left and I didn’t copy Greenstein. That’s merely you projecting. As somebody of the centre-left I have opposed far right fascism all my political life, whether that be far -right neoZionist fascism or far-right Hitler fascism which in principle are identical ideologies. This explains why far right political parties throughout Europe court the neoZionist Jewish vote. If I were an antisemite I would be in favour of Hitler fascism which is not the case. The point Aloni was making is that the accusation of “antisemitism” is often used as a political response to legitimate criticism of the Israeli state – a kind of deflector shield, if you like. It’s far from being an allegation as it is routinely used against me and others on this pro-Israeli propaganda site and elsewhere. It has been used against Galloway, for example, despite his repeated claims that his opposition is not with the Jewish people but with the neoZionist fascist state in Israel. He has successfully sued his accusers for libel in courts of law for making such allegations. So you are talking hogwash.

            • You’re as “centre-left” as Socialist Goebbels, Socialist SHlTler,, Lord Haw Haw, George Gallowsway, Andy Choudary.

              Jews/Zionists ain’t bombing London as on July 7, 2005,

              it’s your fellow fascists, Islamofascists, who have murdered innocents in London, Brussels, Paris, New York San Bernardino, Boston, Mumbai, Nairobi, have bombed passenger aircraft (Pan Am 103, Metrojet), openly threaten the UK with terrorist attacks.

              • Grow up Edward.Your posts are embarrassing. Quit lying. I have repeatedly outlined my opposition regarding the kinds of Islamist actions you describe. You also falsely claimed that I support 9-11 Truthers despite having written a post that condemns them which you claimed to have read. So either you have serious comprehension problems or you are a troll. I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

                • You ain’t fooling anyone you Islamofascist fanboi.

                  Isn’t it ironic that the islamofascist swine you defend are getting ready to kill more Infidels in the UK?

                  Were your parents as treasonous as you are???

                    • Which conspiracy theory? That 9/11 wasn’t perpetrated by Muslims? That London transport wasn’t bombed by Muslims on 7/7/05? That Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Boston Marthon wasn’t attacked by Muslims?

                    • Your repeated claim that I defend Islamists when I have repeatedly stated otherwise amounts to a conspiracy theory.

            • I suppose we could engage in an interesting discussion on Borges and the notion of copying but the fact is that consciously or otherwise you used the exact same phrase as Greenstein did at a later point in the conversation. For all intents and purposes, you copied what he said.

              You also make the mistake of confusing labeling for argumentation. You never addressed the content of my post, you dismissed it by labeling. The political label you attach to yourself is meaningless here, and incorrect. There is far left and far right. The correct term for you is far-kakt. 😉

              It really doesn’t matter whether or not your bigotry and hatred is termed anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism. Sometimes it’s one and sometimes it’s the other. The label is unimportant simply because you are peddling bullshit. And claiming that you are not an anti-Semite does not protect you from being criticized either for using anti-Semitic memes or for simply being wrong.

              Another fallacy you engage in is the use of magic tells in order to determine what is truth. You claim that causing pain indicates truth. This is utter nonsense. In fact, hearing the truth about Israel from you, that it is a vibrant tumultuous living example of a modern multicultural open democracy would likely cause a great deal of pleasure. That Palestinian society is also corrupt, rumor driven and sorely impoverished by its leadership that relies on dupes like you to support its intransigent position on negations is another truth that would cause you no pain at all. You’ve claimed that someone who is Jewish can’t possibly be anti-Semitic, an anti-Semitic meme in and of itself as there is nothing about one’s genes or background that precludes that possibility. De Torquemada the Inquisitor also had a Jewish background. No-one would deny he was anti-Semitic, or would you dismiss him as simply pro-Catholic? Israel Shahak, who despised Orthodoxy, simply fabricated statements that Jews worshiped Satan and would refused to save the life of a non-Jew on the Sabbath – neither of which were true. Anti-Semites love hearing and repeating this sort of tripe. The anti-Semite merely uses the fact that the utterance was made by someone with a Jewish background as an excuse to give themselves permission.

              As do you.

                • Israel is a democracy for Jews. And it’s you who engage in false propaganda, not me. NeoZionist fanboys lie and deceive and are incapable of truth telling.

              • Migraine, Of the following, did Israelis/Zionists or Islamofascists commit the following terrorist attacks?

                – 9/11
                – London’s 7/7 2005 transport bombings
                – bombing of Pan Am 103
                – bombing of Metrojet
                – Charlie Hebdo massacre
                – Bataclan music hall massacre
                – Brussels bombings
                – Boston Marathon bombing
                – San Bernardino
                – Mumbai India massacre
                – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
                – beheading of Lee Rigby
                – beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
                – murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
                – rape gangs in London
                – demonstrations in London with placards threatening 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe

                Let’s see how honest you are.

        • Yes, yes, all criticism of Islamism and the pro-Socialist and pro-Islamofascist media regarded by Islamofascist and fascist Socialist apologists as “islamophobia”.

          • Again Edward, why are you attempting to make an argument which I agree with? These Islamists are bat crazy – nutjobs. So what’s your point?

            • Bat shit crazy? Are your islamofascists telling people that reptiles control the UK? That’s crazy.

              Your islamofascist aren’t crazy. They are murderous EVIL savages who need to be stopped by any means necessary.

              Is Scotland Yard monitoring your phones and computers? Some company was able to access the San Bernardino terrorists phones. Yours probably as well.

    • Why are anti-Zionists defining Zionism? I don’t live in their prism. If they want to “criticize” me, then they should what the fuck the words I identify by mean.

      For eons, those who complained about Jews in a political prism used the term Zionists. That’s enough for me.

      No. I don’t give this chick the right to define my philosophies. If she spends her time professing the need to attack Israelis because they are White and Jewish and, therefore, in control of her pissant brain, she doesn’t deserve

        • She deserves arrest for Hate speech.

          Things are coming to a boil – the next terrorist attack on the UK will trigger a Civil War in the UK.

          Also any terrorist attack will help Donald Trump and the US will once again lead the Free World.

          America, Britain, France, Belgium, Denmark have all been attacked by Islamofascists.

      • What are you babbling about now, Eddy Baby? Calm down and make yourself a cup of coffee,

          • Ah, no, I’ll stick to coffee, thanks. You are so childish. Seriously, how old are you, mate? Your educators/indoctrinators at Hebrew School need to find another job.

            • Moohammed recommended camel urine – and as your Pal-e-SWINIANS say, the Prophet (PBUH) is NEVER WRONG.

    • Have you read the book? It starts off with a rather potted 90 page history of the region and then proceeds to deride the shallowness of journalists whom, as Robert Fisk describes, have their news fed to them while they sip their beers while ensconced in the local 3-4 star hotels. While no admirer of Fisk, that comment applies incredibly well here, but the it’s the Palestinian controlled American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem that they hole up in and it is Palestinian handlers that are feeding journalists their line.

      A prominent example that the book uses is the Mohammed Al-Dura hoax. The Israelis were physically off to the far right in the distance and did not leave their station at the checkpoint. There were about 1/2 dozen men stationed there, half were Israeli Druz. The Palestinian photographer was much closer and directly in front. It was far more likely that Al-Dura was killed by fire from the Palestinian position than the Israeli as the pillar should have protected them from Israeli fire.

      The so called “Jenin Massacre” which came after the book’s publication illustrates how such shallow reportage creates an anti-Israeli bias. Saeb Erekat, who is still Mahmoud Abbas’s right hand man when it comes to propaganda, fed the lie that 500 innocent Palestinians has been slaughtered at Jenin. The press dutifully reported this as fact. Much later when the scene was investigated, the actual number of Palestinian casualties was on the order of 50, at least half of whom were militants. Yet the news media continues to treat Erekat, who never admitted his falsehood, is a credible source. The same behaviour continues into the present with the coverage of the 3 wars in Gaza. The press routinely accepts figures from Hamas and its surrogates, and laundered by the UN. Abbas attributed some 150 of these deaths as executions carried out by Hamas under cover of war and some 10-15% of the rockets fired from Gaza causing a number of deaths as well. These deaths are routinely and incorrectly attributed to Israel. In the 2nd Gaza war it was shown that during the conflict even the number of expected deaths from natural causes declined drastically, indicating that Hamas was padding the results from that angle as well.

      Lastly let me address the complete lack of morality contained in both your assertion that the “oppressed” are justified in committing random acts of murder. Frankly, I find your remarks and Malia’s highly oppressive in and of themselves, and were everyone to agree with your POV both you and she should be putting guards and surveillance systems to protect your churches and your children when they are at school which is unfortunately the reality for many Jewish communities around the world including Israel due to threats of this kind.

      In fact most Palestinian attacks of this kind are carried out by members of the middle class who’ve been incited to violence by the media. There is little correspondence between the attackers and your ersatz ennoblement of murder.

      • @King, Highly dubious partisan sources regurgitating unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

          • Less is more. Margrain minimizes Islamofascism but does not support it, at least not directly. Hard to tell which Islamic faction is being supported here but it is not representative of the Palestinians.

            You do get this sort of problem with Hamas being an Islamic theocracy, Islamic Jihad and Hizbut al-Tahrir, all factions in Palestinian society, but they aren’t the source of Islamofascism in Britain.

            Margrain, as the name itself seems to indicate, is a marginal individual, engaged in recycled guttersniping drivel. The current subject is Ms. Bouattia, not a flame war on radical Islam.

        • Yeah, Margrain, that’s telling him!
          Obviously you never bothered to read any of his links. Hey, but that’s your style, i.e., closed minded, and ideological.

      • Glasgow Mendacious Group.

        Any connection to George Gallowsway and his PressTV show from Islamofascist Iran?

        • Islamofascism is an oxymoron, just like Judaeofascism or Christianofascism is. Grow up Edward. How old are you?

          • Islamofascism an oxymoron? No.

            Islam as “The Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron.

            Happy Eternal Nakba!

            • Alright, if Islamofascism is an acceptable term to use in political discourse, then so to is “Judaeofascism.

              • Migraine, Jews aren’t bombing London or beheading British soldiers or bombing passenger planes like Pan Am 103 which crash onto Lockerbie..

                Your lslamofascist Muslims are.

                • I didn’t mention “Jews”, you did. I’m not interested in sectarian-based racist point scoring, Eddy Baby. Islamist terrorists beheaded a soldier which I have condemned and neoZionist state terrorists killed 400 women and kids which you haven’t. My moral compass is perfectly aligned, yours is fucked up. which is why you are the racist you are.,

                  • I’ll mention “Muslims” because they were the ones who bombed London transport on 7//7/05, beheaded Lee Rigby, murdered Yvonned Fletcher, target British girls with rape gangs, openly threaten the UK with massacres.

                    • Ok by that racist logic, it’s OK to mention that “Jews” killed 400 kids and women?

                    • Muslims kill Muslim kids. Hamass uses children to dig tunnels, clear mine fields after the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

                      Did Brits kill German kids in WW2 when they bombed nazi Dresden? You bet.

                      Muslims kill men, women and CHILDREN – it’s for good of Moohammed.

      • Yes, yes,Professor Philo and his team are all anti-Semites…, Blah blah, blah…LOL:

    • Regardless of the word “euphemism”, the point is that Zion is another word for Jerusalem. Jerusalem is central to Judaism. As I cannot give statistics, I can say that “many”, perhaps even the “majority” of Jews are Zionists. Zionists are people (including non-Jews) who believe that the Jewish State of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people.

      Jews are a minority whether globally or in the Middle East. Through a deliberate deception, Jews/the Jewish State is misrepresented as the “Goliath”. This absurdity can be seen when Israel’s Declaration of Independence was made on 14 May, 1948. At midnight, 5 Arab countries and 7 Arab armies (Jordan led by a British officer and other armies trained by Nazis) attacked and invaded the nascent state. 600,000 Jews (400,000 were Holocaust survivors) against 360 million Arabs.

      Your analogy is a deliberate misrepresentation. At the risk of repeating myself:
      The late Primo Levi wrote, “that to confuse murderers with their victims is a moral disease, or an aesthetic affectation or a sinister sign of complicity; above all it is a precious service rendered (intentionally or not), to the negators of truth.”

      • And NONE of those attacking Arab countries was that of an existing “palestine” – because there was no existing “palestine”.

    • Utter nonsense, Grace. Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jews. You might equally say that being against equal rights for blacks is not being a racist. And it would be equally unhinged.
      The ‘Glasgow Media Group’ is a sick joke.

      • The Israeli government/IOF not only advocate, but actively engage in, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

          • Palwatch is an anti-Muslim propaganda hate sight. Interesting that you cite it. How about I cite something from JewWatch?

            • Are you saying that this was staged? You know it was not.

              No doubt you already have cited material used at JewWatch. For example, you can find the Aloni video extract that you used there, and also references to the Koenig report that never was you can find there at well.

              You’re simply an anti-Zionist hate monger. You admit it. Anyone can see it. Occasionally your bigotry descends into obsessive anti-Semitism. Most people can see this as well. “Zionist controlled media” references fool no-one. You and Ms. Bouattia are simply engaged in McCarthyite style attacks on Jews. Ironic, given that you use the same tactic on your blog attacking the Jewish Board of Deputies.

              Ethics you have not. You have the ethics of a fascist.

                • I hate Eurotrash and Islamist fascism – as do all civilized people.

                  BTW, we’re coming up on the 71st anniversary of the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of your fellow Eurotrash nazi scum. FYI, it’s May 7th.

              • Since you have become abusive to me I’ll return the compliment. You are a conspiracy theorist nut and liar. I’m not engaged in McCarthyite style attacks on Jews but legitimately attack neoZionist fascists. The two are not synonymous so quit using racist-based sectarianism as a replacement for an argument. You sir, by turning your back on the plight of the Palestinian’s which is being undertaken in your name, have no ethics to speak of.

                • Mirgraine, you are engaging in Stalinist style attacks on people who don’t share your fascist world view.

                  I have as much sympathy for Pal-e-SWINE as I do for your National Socialist Germany or the Islamofascist swine who bombed London transport on 7/7/05.

                  • I don’t have a fascist worldview, am opposed to Stalinism. So wrong AGAIN. ONE DAY, YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING RIGHT ABOUT ME…lol.

                    You, on the other hand, are a neoZionist fascist and racist evidenced by choice of language.

                    The term “Pal-e-SWINE is racist no different in principle to referring to Jews as vermin or cockroaches.

                    I condemned the Islamists who bombed London in 2005, and unlike you I was close to where it happened..

                    • Eddy Baby. My posts prove no such thing. Of course, as you’ve already proved, you are unable to comprehend information so I’m not surprised. You also claimed I’m a 9-11 Truther despite having claimed to have read my 9-11 piece which specifically argued the opposite, remember?….LOL. You are such a moron you are funny.

                • Ohhh! Call the PC Police. Someone has been naughty to fascist danny margraine. Does Scotland Yard have your address?

                  Maybe the Yard can investigate your phone, mail, associations – a continuation of their anti-terrorist operations?

            • Fascist Migraine, Is the video of the damaged child a cartoon – or REAL?

              Let’s see if you can tell the difference.

              There’s lots more too.

              When Muslims are anti-Infidel, is it OK to be anti-Muslim?

              Was it OK to be anti-nazi, anti-nazi Germany in WW2?

              • If its a MEMRI source it’s bullshit, if not it’s probably true. NeoZionist’s teach their kids to hate and so do Islamists. I could go to Jew Watch now and illustrate this with loads of similar hateful things. But showing propaganda videos, especially of children from hate sites adds nothing to the discussion. Just admit it Eddy baby, you hate Muslims.

                • Is the video of the damaged arab child FAKE? Is it a cartoon?

                  Was the beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby by a British Muslim FAKE?

                  • It’s not a cartoon, but if it was a MEMRI source it was almost certainly staged. The beheading of Lee Rigby was not fake and I condemn his murder by Islamist pigs wholeheartedly. Are you man enough to condemn the killing of 400 kids and women following the IOF pounding of Gaza during Cast Lead? I’m not holding my breath on that one.

                    • Not a cartoon. Good.

                      What PROOF do you have that the video of the arab kid with a knife shouting Stab!, Stab!, Stab! is STAGED????

                    • Migraine, Your Pal-e-SWINIANS using children as Human Shields is despicable.

                      OTOH, If you agree to be a Human Shield for some Pal-e-SWINIAN arms depot, expect to turn into a pink mist.

                    • Like I say, if it was a produced by the Israeli-run, MEMRI, it was staged. If not, it’s probably true. Are you saying that NeoZionist fascist pigs don’t engage in similar propaganda tactics?

                    • Oh, and another thing Eddy Baby, you are aware, are you not, that the IOF use Palestinians as human shields?

                    • Moronic Migrane, The Stab! video was PUBLICIZED by MEMRI.

                      What evidence do you have that the Stab! video was PRODUCED, STAGED by MEMRI????

                      What evidence do you have that ANY video of Muslims behaving badly has been STAGED by MEMRI?

                    • “It’s not a cartoon, but if it was a MEMRI source it was almost certainly staged. ”
                      Evidence? So MEMRI, according to you has fake Imams spewing antisemitic vitriol to fake Arabs in fake mosques?

            • Oops – you slipped. You should have said “ZionistWatch” or something similar. Your own keyboard has condemned you as an antisemite.

              • So blinded by hate that neoZionists are, I’m not surprised that you are unable to disentangle neoZionist propaganda from facts. Jihad Watch is the propaganda equivalent of Jew Watch.

        • “The Israeli government/IOF not only advocate, but actively engage in, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians” –
          Blah … blah … blah …
          You are the dumbest person on the Internet, not even excluding Basner and Bellamy.

          • No shit for brains, you win that prize, although judging by contributions on this propaganda site, it’s a close run thing.

          • I disagree. Margrain should not be elevated to a higher status than he deserves by employing hyperbole. He’s a common place guttersnipe who recycles pretty standard bigotry and agitprop for the benefit of egomania. Nothing more, nothing less.

            The hope that such people would behave better if they were better educated is a lost cause. David Duke received a doctorate. Mahmoud Abbas has a PhD in Holocaust Revisionism from Patrice Lumumba University in the FSU, which is entirely corrupt. When the Israeli Ambassador Gideon Rafael met Lumumba in Brussels shortly after seizing power Lumumba requested a substantial personal bribe so that he would support Israel politically. Rafael replied that Israel would be willing to offer technical assistance to the country, but not what he was asking for. Lumumba dismissed it, and asked if Rafael would loan him his driver for his next visit. When the driver reported back, Lumumba’s next destination was the Egyptian embassy.

            Destination Peace, Gideon Rafael, page 84.

            Best wishes for the upcoming holidays.

            • Where is your evidence that professor Philo and his team are antisemites? I’ll gladly inform him about your accusation if you provide me with your full name and address which I will endeavour to pass on.

              • Margrain,
                Where is your evidence that PalWatch is an anti-Muslim hate site? You still haven’t answered.

            • “The hope that such people would behave better if they were better educated is a lost cause. David Duke received a doctorate. Mahmoud Abbas has a PhD in Holocaust Revisionism from Patrice Lumumba University in the FSU, which is entirely corrupt.”

              VERY poor ‘argument’. Receiving a so-called ‘PhD’ from Patrice Lumumba so-called ‘university’ is not a mark of any sort of education.

              • The people you describe are proven antisemites. Professor Philo is NOT. We’ve left the McCarthy with hunt era behind even though fascists like you would embrace its return.

                • You spouting off about McCarthyism is so cute. Especially since you complain about the neoZionist Fascists amongst us. Can you even define that, you babbling dumbass piece of shit?

                  No, Migraine, you’re not a historian. You’re not even close to being smart. You’re just a joke. A Jew hating, Israel bashing, completely futile, completely asinine joke.

                  You are the sound of one brain cell snapping.

              • LOL. 😉 I entirely agree, Well said! If one could edit one’s posts here I would certain I would certainly consider an amendment along those lines. 😉

          • Oh, and “Pale SWINIANS is racist hate speech. So keep that in mind if you decide to phone the authorities.

            • Pal-e-SWINIANs are NOT a race. Pal-e-SWINIANs are an Islamofascist terrorist organization like the ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hamass, Hezbullah, Muslim Brotherhod,.

              Happy Eternal Nakba!

              • They are Palestinians NOT Pal-e-SWINIANs. The misuse of their name like that is concomitant to the incitement of racial hatred. You are probably the the most uneducated moron I have ever engaged with in all my 54 years and I have met a few, I can tell you.

          • MEMRI are well known for their lies and distortions Eddy Baby. Didn’t you know that. Back to Hasbara school for you, sunshine.

            • What is your best expose of a “staged” MEMRI video????

              Was the beheading of Lee Rigby “staged”? London’s 7/7/05 bombings staged?

              Let’s see what you got you dumb sack of left of fascist Socialist SHlTler.

          • “IOF” is another one of Margrain’s factually incorrect names meant to denigrate Israel.

      • Israeli government are no angels & have a lot to answer for but when it comes to the charge of ethnic cleansing have you checked the numbers of Palastians in Israel & the occupied territories before 1948 & up to now, you will see you are just purpetuating more lies & falsehoods not helping to bring peace & better lives for anyone
        If you are a student educate yourself

        • “Israeli government are no angels & have a lot to answer for”

          Understatement of the century.

          • Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace” is the oxymoron of the millennium.

            See 9/11, London’s 7/7/05, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Boston Marathon, Mumbai, Nairobi, …

            • Both Judeo-Christian AND Islamic scripture are full of BOTH peaceful AND violent passages. Depending on which of the two one cherry picks, can be used to justify either peace or violence. Do you understand that, moron?

              • Difference is that today Muslims are committing violence all over the world.

                We know you are dumb, but are you also blind you dumb piece of Socialist SHlTler?

                How many Brits have to die at the hand of Islamofascists for you to admit that you are a c*nt?

              • Jews do not commit incessant mass murders all over the world.
                Do you understand THAT, mega-moron?

                • Again, I’ve not using racist sectarian language, YOU have. I didn’t mention “Jews” YOU did. But since you have, I’ll return the compliment. Islamist terrorist violence pails into significance compared to Judeo-Christian violence and state terrorism.

            • Edward this is a criticism, but a helpful one.
              Why do you keep writing that Islam calls itself “The Religion of Peace”?
              It doesn’t.
              Islam means submission or surrender, not my interpretation their own.

              From Quran Sunnah Educational Programs, Aqeedah (Pillars of Faith)
              “Q: Please, illustrate to me the meaning of Islam.

              A: Islam means total submission to Allah (Exalted be He) through belief in His Oneness, and showing subservient and servile obedience to Him. This is the meaning of Islam.
              The Arabic root word ‘Aslama’ means to show submission and surrender to someone and obey his commands.
              Accordingly, Islam means surrender and submission to Allah’s Will by means of believing in His Oneness, being devoted to Him, obeying His commandments and abandoning what He has prohibited. “

    • A woman speaks against anti-Zionism gets elected as a result and all of a sudden it’s pogroms against the Jews. Come on man, be serious.

  5. “Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution”
    An attempt by irredentists to reconstruct the19th century social order in the ME is being described as a “revolution.” This cannot be described honestly as an ascendant liberalism as that term has been known to the West. Both regressive and sinister, it is a hijacking of tolerance to benefit the intolerant, an antiracism for the benefit of the racist, and a corrosive for western values.

    • NeoZionists have hijacked antisemitism which results in the undermining of its seriousness.

      • Antisemitism has taken up residence at the nut job left and says it hasn’t felt as at home since the Nazizeit.

  6. Interesting article in The Guardian today.

    Students threaten break with NUS after election of new president :

    The article isn’t highly promoted inside The Guardian. It doesn’t appear on the Israel page for instance. But anyway, you should all read it. Full of featured links that are not really supportive of The Guardian World View. This is possibly the start of a student fight back to cleanse the NUS of anti Zionist extremism. Not quite what Viner/Rusbridger were hoping for. The NUS has a host of pressing problems relating to the debt that students are accruing at an alarming rate. Hardly the time for a persom who doesn’t see terrorism even when it blows up in her face.

    This Guardian article, as it stands now, could well have appeared at HarrysPlace.

    • And the idiot ‘Rabbi’ Leah Jordan, describes that vile woman “as someone so impressively invested in inclusion, equality, and liberation”.
      The JC editor, for once, says it like it is instead of the usual mealy-mouthed plattitudes.

  7. The true Islamophobic, is the person who for fear of retaliation will not say a word against Islam.

    • Is the true antisemite a person, who for fear of retaliation, will not say a word against the Israeli state?

      • If it took bravery to criticize Israel you would be hiding under your bed shivering.
        You see on one hand we have you & your fellow travelers and on the other we have Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the staff of Charlie Hebdo, Theo van Gogh, Salman Rushdie, etc., brave people who stand up for freedom, not a bunch of comfortable middle class jokers trying to help Arabs reconstruct the Pac of Omar in the Levant under a misanthropic understanding of “human rights.”

        • So under the guise of “freedom”, would you be happy for some cartoonists to depict Jews as money lenders with hooked noses?

          • Why would someone depict Jews as money lenders with hooked noses? And why would you suggest that they might?

            • It’s been done in the past. I’m surprised you are unaware of the stereotypical racist depictions of Jews throughout history.

              • It’s been done in the past? You mean it is no longer done? You can’t be THAT ignorant.

                “I’m surprised you are unaware of the stereotypical racist depictions of Jews throughout history.”

                Throughout all of history? Or throughout your history? Have you seen any such depictions from ancient Rome?
                Of course, Margrain, there are non-Jews with hooked noses and there are non-Jewish money lenders, no?
                But racist stereotypical depictions of Jews, both pictorial and verbal depictions, are not limited to hooked nosed money lenders, as you must know. Racist depictions of Jews also include Jews as child murderers, war mongers, and racist supremacists. It’s all part and parcel of antisemitism. Sounding familiar yet?

  8. Edward, fine points for The New Student President to absorb but you left out the disappointing information for her that the NAZIs bombing London were Jewish boys in the IAF from Israel.
    Also, not to scare her but from an Anthropological view there’s a good chance somewhere in here genetic history there is a Jew OH MY GOSH DONT COMMIT SUICIDE

  9. In other news, a Bradford MP has to resign as adviser to McConnell (himself a blot on Parliament) due to her comments on Israel.
    But of course, as we all know, there is no antisemitism in the Labour party. There has never been antisemitism in the Labour party.

  10. I can’t dispute that Mallia Bouattia is a woman but the black and Muslim parts deserve discussion.

    She is only ‘black’ because the N.U.S. has redefined black to mean of Asian, Arab, Caribbean or African descent. Most Arabs do not define themselves as black and racism against black Africans (presumably not Afrikaners or white from South Africa or Zimbabwe) is a constant and notorious problem. Japanese, Chinese, Thai and those from the former Soviet Asian republics like Uzbekistan would also be amazed to be considered black (once again ethnic Russians from Asian Russia excluded), So what do those groups have in common to be lumped together as black?

    No one has question Bouattia as a Muslim but one has to wonder how much Islam really is part of this non hijab wearing woman’s life. For example, does she pray five times a day? I can’t find any record of her addressing the misogyny of Islamic law, forced marriages, child marriages, female genital mutilation, honour killings or the stoning of women accused of adultery — all issues of greater direct concern to Muslim women than her stand on ISIL.

    Looking at her background one has to wonder how much of her aggressive ‘fighting’ anti Zionism is a privileged high achiever attempting to prove her radical cred and not incidentally win an election.

    These arguments in greater detail at Arab is the new Black.