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On Channel 4 News, Malia Bouattia again justifies Palestinian terrorism (Video)

h/t Sussex Friends of Israel

Recently elected NUS President Malia Bouattia was asked by Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman last night to clarify her views on Zionism, boycotts and Palestinian terrorism – stances which have ignited a firestorm of criticism.

As we’ve noted in previous posts, statements by Bouattia prior to the interview clearly indicated that she opposed boycotting ISIS (yet supports BDS against Israel), supports Palestinian terrorism and is hostile to the right of the Jewish state to exist.

Here are the answers she gave on Channel 4 News:

(You can see the entire Channel 4 News segment here)

To recap:

  • Her position on BDS against Israel and ISIS: Bouattia was unable to defend her astonishing double standards.
  • Her position on Palestinian terrorism targeting Israeli men, women and children: She considers such acts of violence legally justified acts of self-defense.
  • Her position on Zionism: Bouattia was unclear in her answer, but provided no reason to believe she supports Israel’s right to exist within any borders – and, in fact, openly characterized herself as an anti-Zionist.

Though Bouattia maintained in her Guardian op-ed last week that she does not support extremism, her positions on Palestinian terrorism and the fundamental Jewish right to self-determination clearly undermine this claim.

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      • They are people who don’t have the back bone to say they are antisemitic out loud and want Israel to be destroyed. When asked a straight question they twist and turn like a slimy bottom feeder, exposing themselves to the shame in their antisemitism. Happens a great deal these days. I am sure she will have a future in the Labour Party/BBC/The Groan.

      • Yes, Daniel. And you are a part of them.

        And who are they? Pathetic Jew bashing pieces of shit. Notice how the only race mentioned in that sentence is Jew.

        You fucking moron.

  1. Verbal arsonist and enabler of Jews being murdered.
    Try and take a step back and see the Labour Party cratering under Corbyn and the bastards he has enabled. It is horrific and fascinating to watch. The ground work has been laid for many years by Al Guardian and the BBC and other UK papers. What these thugs have worked on for decades is beginning to collapse around them as a new generation of UK Muslims/”progressives” rise up the ranks and assume that what has been said in private for a long time can now be spoken in public.
    What on the European continent is usually the forte of the far right is being covered by a left of center main stream party in the UK.

  2. She’s absolutely correct to say that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian’s is in violation of international law and that the right to self-defence is also enshrined in the said law.

  3. She got an easy time from Newman. She should have been asked “if a peace treaty were signed and Israel withdrew to within its current borders, would you accept its right to exist?”. Then she couldn’t have wriggled out so easily.

  4. Such a contrived interview. Malia has been over-coached and spoon fed exactly what she should answer. Very easy after the events.
    She didn’t address properly her FB post stating that to back the NUS notion condemning Isis would “justify war and was blatant Islamophobia.”
    Regarding Malia’s backing of the BDS:
    “Finally, it should be noted that even if strident anti-Israel activism is not motivated by anti-Semitism, at times, these campaigns create an environment which make anti-Semitism more acceptable. As then President of Harvard Lawrence H. Summers said in 2002 in reaction to an anti-Israel divestment campaign on campus, such advocacy is “anti-Semitic in their effect if not in their intent.”