The Holocaust

2 minutes of silent reflection in Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2016

At 10:00 this morning, millions of Israelis observed two minutes of solemn reflection as sirens could be heard throughout the state in commemoration of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day), Israel’s day of commemoration for the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Here’s a video taken this morning while the siren wailed in Tel Aviv.

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  1. Meanwhile, many Holocaust survivors continue to live in abject poverty and are shunned and marginalized in Israel.

    • Your worry for the victims of your brothers in arms simply tear inducing Margrain. Holocaust Remembrance Day must be for you what for the British is VE Day. Are you going to dance on Trafalgar-square too together with your present day Nazi buddies for a celebration your past achievements?

      • No comparison exists since no event in history is comparable to the Holocaust.
        Now that it has been clarified for those who want understand PetertheHungarian you sound like like the antogonist to the Shoah that wants to makes light of minimizing as much as you can erode or deny

    • So of course, on this day utter scum like you continue to demonise Israel and Jews.

      • Demonizing the Israeli state- yes, demonizing Jews – No. Learn the difference, thicko, racist.

        • So demonizing the state of the Jews and its population is not the same….
          Have you ever considered the possibility to find a job? I understand the difficulties with your moral and intellectual capabilities but anyway…

              • Logic isn’t the forte of fascist fuck wit morons like you. Please provide evidence that I support ISIS. It’ll be difficult for you, because, troll, I’ve repeatedly said I detest them …Next!

                • Fascist Fuck Migraine, Happy VE Day! Victory over your Fascist Socialist Heroes, Socialist SHlTler, Grand Moofti, of 1945!

          • Peter thicko. Israeli Jews represent a tiny minority of worldwide Jewry and a quarter of the population of Israel are non-Jewish. As Being the fascist Zionist that you are, I know you would like to see that latter figure reduced to zero, but it ain’t gonna happen. Within half a century, the current Jewish majority won’t exist.

            • Numbers are not your forte Margrain (maybe this is one of the reasons of your lack of employment opportunities). About half of the Jews are Israelis and their number is growing. About 20% of the Israeli population are non Jews but their majority are loyal Israelis. And your hopes that the Jewish majority won’t exist based on what? On your wet dreams about the annihilation of the Jews? Are you touching yourself when you are fantasizing about the Jew-free world?

              • Your figures are complete bullshit. Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. Moreover,not all Israeli Jews are Zionists either although the vast majority are. The vast majority of diaspora Jews are not Zionists. Zionism is restricted to a minority of racists bigots like you, thankfully. In the absense of any significant ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and/or Jewish emigration into the parasitical racist cesspit called Israel, demographic projections suggest the Jewish population of Israel will be a minority within fifty years. I have not mentioned anything about a “Jew free world”.That’s you projecting which is what all far right Zionist fanatics do when their arguments are not sustainable, If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to ask.

                • Margrain you are showing that your ‘responses’ like your risible blog and posts are just ‘copy and paste’ jobs that someone else has written out for you.
                  Where in peter’s post above does he mention, or use the word, Zionists?

                  He doesn’t.
                  But all you can do is to post a ready made reply that is not relevant and exposes you to further ridicule.

                  • Wrong again. I support all claims and assertions by recourse to citations and links. You must be confusing me with somebody else.

                    • Margrain try reading the question without resorting to your prepared answer.

                      “Where in peter’s post above does he mention, or use the word, Zionists?”

                      Try answering the question asked, not replying to the, non-existent, one you have a reply already written out for you.

                • My figures are complete bullshit? Interesting evaluation of facts by a Nazi moron…
                  According to Wikipedia:
                  The world’s core Jewish population in early 2014 was estimated at 14.2 million people…
                  The present number of Israeli Jews is slightly less than six and a half million Margrain and this number is growing thanks to you and your comrades blessed activity.
                  Have you studied basic math in school or when your classmates learned this for you probably overtly complicated subject of calculating percentages you were in the counseling clinic for retards?
                  The wast majority of diaspora Jews are not Zionists… How do you know this Margrain? From Basner? From Finkelstein? There are many non-Zionist Jews but those who read your posts here will became Zionist right now. You are an invaluable supporter of the Zionist cause Margrain. And what does it mean “absence of ethnic cleansing”? According to your comrades there has been an ongoing “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians in the last 70 years… Expect a dressing down from your local brownshirt bureau…
                  Parasitical racist cesspit… You obviously confuse your mouth with your ass but this is understandable too – shit is coming out from both…

                  • Yes, 14.2 million is MORE than 6.5 million precisely what I claimed….LOL.

                    • Margrain you shoulds read your own crap before making a much bigger ass of yourself (something close to the impossible) You wrote: Israeli Jews represent a tiny minority of worldwide Jewry… Do you know the difference between the expression “tiny minority”and “less”? Obviously not. Sometimes I have a feeling that you are a secret agent of the Mossad doing some false flag demonstrations of the laughable stupidity and pathetic impotent rage of the present day SS…

                    • No, screeching moron, that is not what you claimed, not even imprecisely: you claimed that the 6.5 million are a “tiny minority”. Those were YOUR words, pathetic waste of oxygen.

                  • He used the the word “Jew(s)” as a classic sectarian-based deflection tactic.

                • “The vast majority of diaspora Jews are not Zionists” – you really are the stupidest dreg by some margin ever to infest this board, as well as the vilest by some margin. You have no clue what the word ‘Zionist’ means, and/or you have no clue what the words ‘vast majority’ mean.
                  Your fellow-dregs, however stupid, vile and ignorant, are all very much brighter than you, and must be hiding their heads in their hands when they read your insane babblings: you make them, and your entire scummy ’cause’, look equally pathologically stupid by association.

            • “Israeli Jews represent a tiny minority of worldwide Jewry and a quarter of the population of Israel are non-Jewish” – where did you read this crap, Electronic Intifada or Stormfront?
              What a waste of space you are

              • How many Jews are there in the world? How many Israeli Jews are there? Duh! I’ll leave it to a dunce like you to work it out….LOL.

                • Margrain did you write this ‘response’ yourself, or did one of the other members of the Axis of Arseholes do it for you?

                • You can write LOL as many times as you like, screeching twerp, you are still ignorant, illiterate, innumerate and pigshit-stupid. Obviously, you have no clue what the words ‘tiny minority’ even mean.
                  Sorry, Peter: Margrain really is that gobsmackingly stupid.

                • Splitting hairs – do you mean proving that you lied? Keep it on Margrain – you are funny….

                  • No I mean that Zionist Jews do not represent the views of worldwide Jewry as your sectrarianism implies.

                    • Margrain you don’t know your own views until someone writes them out for you to ‘copy and paste’.
                      So how would a retarded liar and plagiarist such as yourself know what “the views of worldwide Jewry” are?

                    • Ok math is not your forte Margrain. Identifiying and understanding basic ideas like “tiny minority”and “less” must be a problem too in the Margrain household. And now this… Even taking into account the present low standards of journalism you are forced to steal stuff of other writers because obviously you are completely incoherent. A sad combination of facts and explains fully your pathological behavior. Naturally not you are responsible Margrain – all of your problems and failures can be explained very simply – EVERYTHING BAD IN MY LIFE HAS BEEN CAUSED BY TH WICKED JEWS…
                      And now that you can’t do anything against them apart from trolling on the web your only remaining course of action is to commit suicide. Go easy on yourself Margrain – do it quick….

                    • Migraine, Of the following Terrorist atrocities, which were committed by

                      A) Jews/Zionists
                      B) Muslims/Arabs

                      – 9/11 attacks
                      – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
                      – 7/7/05 London transport bombings
                      – Beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby
                      – Beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
                      – Beheading of James Foley
                      – Immolation of Jordanian pilot
                      – 2016 Brussels bombings
                      – Charlie Hebdo massacre
                      – Bataclan music hall massacre
                      – Boston Marathon bombing
                      – San Bernardino attack
                      – DC Beltway sniper
                      – Fort Hood Texas massacre
                      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed onto Lockerbie
                      – bombing of Metrojet
                      – Beslan school massacre
                      – Mumbai India massacre
                      – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
                      – bombing of the USS Cole
                      – assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
                      – Luxor massacre
                      – Bali massacre
                      – Madrid train bombings
                      – Murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
                      – Death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
                      – Death fatwa on writers of South Park TV cartoon series
                      – Death fatwa on Mooohammed cartoonists
                      – Copenhagen cafe attack
                      – Sydney cafe attack
                      – Ottawa attack
                      – Demonstrations threatening the UK and Europe with 9/11 scale massacres

                      Here’s a Hint:

        • Fascist Migraine, Where have you demonized Islamofascist Iran, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabab?

          You should have a quite a record of many posts slamming the above – or not if you are full of SHIT. I believe the latter.

          Happy May 7th Fascist Migraine!

          • Islamofascism is an oxymoron, brain dead fascist fuck wit, thereby making your question a redundant one…LOL.

                  • I leave it for a genius like you to work out….LOL I’m not here to educate morons like you.

                    • Margrain so the answer that all can see is that you do not know why you ‘think’ Islamofascism is an oxymoron, you just think if you repeat it you sound clever.
                      Wrong as usual Margrain.
                      You just demonstrate time and time again why you are the pet idiot of the Axis of Arseholes.

            • Migraine, Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron, brain dead fascist fuck wit, thereby making you a Taqiyya spouting sack of Socialist SHlTler.

              Happy VE Day and Eternal Nakba Day!

            • Wasn’t it you who complained about ad hominems?
              Jew-hatred rots the brain, and you are a prime example.

    • Margrain I do not need to be educated about you.
      I have fought against racists and anti-Semites such as you for decades.
      I have wiped more than enough of your kind off the soles of my boots.

      • More unsubstantiated tosh from you. Prove I’m an antisemite. You can’yt because nothing I’ve said indicates anything of the sort. Your “Jew” obsession is not my concern.

        “It’s a trick, we always use it”.

        Next time you are on a JDL march alongside your BNP colleagues, be sure to point yourself out to me won’t you/.

        • Margrain for proof of your anti-Semitism, your lies, your hypocrisy, your plagiarism, and that you are a phoney all anyone has to do is read through the threads on this site.
          There is more than enough proof there for anyone, except of course for you and the reason for that is that you are too stupid to notice how often you trip yourself up and fall flat on your face.
          Keep on making a clown of yourself Margrain it is quite amusing.

          By the way, to cover up for your shocking illiteracy are you inventing your own language now?
          “You can’yt” What is that supposed to mean?

          Stick to ‘copy and paste’ and plagiarism Margrain for a retard like you it is safer.

            • “Be specific”, about what exactly Margrain?
              Your lies?
              Your hypocrisy?
              Your plagiarism?
              Your anti-Semitism?
              that you are a phoney?
              that you are an idiot?
              that you are illiterate?

                • Margrain you have already been given an answer.
                  That you are too stupid to understand it demonstrates that the years you ‘allegedly’ spent in education truly were an ‘Epic Fail!’

                  Coming out with stock answers that do not address the question put to you are not only irrelevant but a clear demonstration of how intellectually challenged you are.

                  In words that even you Margrain should be able to understand, “Margrain you are a F#cking Idiot added to your other personality disorders, you are a walking clusterf#ck”
                  Clear enough for you Margrain?

                • Margrain speaking of an epic fail;

                  WEST HAM 1 – SWANSEA 4 !!
                  A walkover, the same as dealing with you Margrain like shooting fish in a barrel.

        • You have a serious problem here too Margrain. You don’t have the slightest idea who was Shulamit Aloni, no about her politics, no about her history – in short you know nothing but looking for completely out of context ramblings from a failed politician who in the end completely lost her marbles and her own comrades disowned her. But your ignorance and stupidity is typical so don’t worry a second about it – not your responsibility – the work of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy…

          • Oh, I see, she’s another one of your “antisemites”…LOL. She speaks truth Zionist power and that’s why this “self-hating Jew” is a problem for you and all Zionist thugs like you. Please point yourself out next time you are on a JDL march alongside your fellow EDL/BNP thugs won’t you

            • For your information Margrain – Shulamit Aloni was a fervent Zionist. Of course you don’t know this (for you certainly inconvenient) fact. And why I should march with the BNP? They are your comrades Margrain. The JDL bunch are not Zionist, their founder has been outlawed by the cursed Zionist regime. But why should facts disturb your already disturbed single braincell?

    • Really? Speaks truth to the Zionist power?! Were you only a bit less of a moron then you would know that Shulamit Aloni was the Zionist power herself – a minister in the Zionist government. Sometimes I have a feeling Margrain that you are only pretending – your turbo version of double king size stupidity simply doesn’t exist.