Guardian article claims that the Golan Heights were ‘Palestinian’

Guardian article by Sian Cain (Michael Chabon witnesses ‘grievous injustice’ in occupied territories, May 6th) included the following paragraph, with background on the “Palestinian territories” Israel “entered” during the 1967 war.

Chabon and his wife, writer Ayelet Waldman, are contributing to and editing the as-yet-unnamed book of essays that will be published to mark the 50th anniversary of 1967’s six-day war, when Israel first entered the Palestinian territories: the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, parts of the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip.

Of course, the Golan Heights were seized from Syria during the Six-Day War, and were never ‘Palestinian’ – even in the broadest sense of the term.

The passage conflates the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza (which were controlled by Jordan and Egypt respectively before the war, and now claimed by some Palestinians as part of their future state) with the Golan Heights, which were controlled by Syria since 1944.  Whilst referring to the West Bank and east Jerusalem as “Palestinian territories” – rather than the ‘disputed territories’ claimed by Palestinians – is itself misleading, saying the same about the Golan Heights is simply inaccurate.

We’ve tweeted the the journalist and emailed Guardian editors asking for a correction. 

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  1. It’s simply not true, going back several thousand years! Someone hasn’t done their homework or they, like the Arabs, are trying to destroy Israel…LLM

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  2. For a publication that prides itself on getting it right on the Israel story, it sure has a propensity for getting it wrong, over and over again. Any theories as to why? :0)

    • Jeff it used to be said that “The Guardian was written by Trots for the benefit of Liberals.”
      That has slightly changed, “The Guardian is written by wankers for the benefit of wankers.”

      Any bets on which of the wankers will be first to defend ‘The Guardian’?

    • @Jeff21st –

      RE: “Any theories as to why?”

      Here’s mine: Every paper in the world “gets things wrong” about every subject under the sun. Thousands of articles and news stories are published each day – many written and processed in haste – so there are bound to be some errors in some of them. The miracle is how relatively RARE these are.

      Even a site like UK Media Watch – passionately devoted to monitoring /correcting factual mistakes and “fairness” issues regarding Israel – only manages to find molehills within a mountain of Guardian items.

      But an impression is given of “propensity” – and for one simple reason: those molehills are SOLELY focused on, while the rest of the landscape remains a blur (at best) or even totally invisible.

      Take the month of April as a snapshot example …

      A total of 53 items is listed in the Guardian’s “Israel” index. Of these, Adam was prompted by seven articles and one letter to aim critical comments at the paper. (His remaining columns were about other media and non-media organizations, along with one “Happy Pesach” message.)

      Now to you, an error/unfairness rate of 15% might look like a “propensity”, but to me it suggests that 85% of the time, the Guardian must either be “getting it right” or that its transgressions are considered by Adam to be so minor that they’re not worth even an inch of argument about.

      • A total of 53 items is listed in the Guardian’s “Israel” index.
        Fantastic Basner you can’t hit your keyboard without serving a new proof of your extra-orbital stupidity.
        Or in your book if a British newspaper is publishing 53 articles about subjects connected to Israel during only one month – a month when no dramatic events took place there is not the sign of some kind of obsession? And really? 15% erroneous/distorted/lying reports or assertions in a newspaper is acceptable?
        File under: The low expectation of quality journalism of Jew-haters.

        • @peterthehungarian –

          ” …. a British newspaper is publishing 53 articles about subjects connected to Israel during only one month – a month when no dramatic events took place there is not the sign of some kind of obsession?”

          Only if your blinkered vision prevents you from seeing how many of these 53 were prompted by Zionists/Israelis/Jews WANTING coverage for their causes and image-making efforts … and also blocks out the hundreds of ME stories NOT about Israel … and then eclipses the thousands of articles about Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc … Then, yes, I guess you’d get the impression that Israel’s percentage share of the Guardian’s April foreign news coverage was “obsessive”.

          • Bullshit Basner. Hundreds of stories about the ME could be justified because the so called Arab Spring glorious consequences caused there many ongoing genocidal wars – in some of them British troops are directly involved. In the US there are the primaries before electing a new president – very crucial for the entire world, Europe and the UK as well. Maybe you should count the number of articles listed under France a neighbor and a member of the same international body with the UK. And the Guardian’s coverage of Israel not only obsessive but somehow successfully negates the laws of probability – all random mistakes are showing Israel in a negative light.
            Anyway dig your hole deeper Basner just be careful in the end you will pop up in China.
            In three days we will celebrate our independence (for you Nakba I know) so you can start mourning our economic and scientific successes, strength, happiness and vibrant democratic society. But you can find some solace in the glorious heroism of your comrades they publicly executed a seven year old boy for the deadly sin of swearing. You should send them a warm congratulation Basner.
            (And I know – we are the child killers – just ask comrades Margraine and sencar).

      • More ignorant nonsense. They are not rare – I can find several on a random page of any paper whenever I happen to know a little about the subject-matter – BUT Der Guardian, Der BBC et al make these ‘errors’ to the detriment (look it up) of Israel far far more than is statistically (look it up) likely.
        Some theories:
        1. Little green creatures from Mars insert the ‘errors’ for a laugh.
        2. Mossad creates these ‘errors’ by way of sub-etheric waves in order to discredit these organisations.
        3. These organisations are antisemitic.
        Now ask your big sister, the one with the brain, which is the most likely theory to be correct.

  3. So many Guardian readers and similar assorted Israel haters have very strong opinions based on this kind of amazing ignorance.
    File under: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3 or Guardian 101.)

  4. The Guardian inclusion of Golan as Palestinian is obviously a simple error. Watch for the correction in the Guardian in a day or two. That’s more than you’ll ever get from UKM Watch.

    • “Watch for the correction in the Guardian in a day or two. ”

      And here’s why: “We’ve tweeted the journalist and emailed Guardian editors asking for a correction. ” – UKMediaWatch

      UKMediaWatch has indeed issued corrections of its own in the past, therefore, sencar, your entire comment is gratuitous, and IMV malicious.
      And yet the Guardian, which fancies itself an expert on the Israel story, repeatedly gets things wrong usually at the expense of Israel.

    • People who are stupid and/or ideologically incapable of telling the truth can consistently fail and lie and make mistakes for an indefinite period of time, as your track record as a troll on this site so depressingly illustrates.

  5. There is an unitended irony here, although we know The Guardian doesn’t do irony when it comes to Israel. According to the Christian Arab nationalist George Antonius in his 1936 book The Arab Awakening, the original nakba was the creation of the Mandate for Palestine which deprived them of their Syrian identity. In the famous (at the time) Stamp case in 1924, the issue arose again. A stamp was issued that included the English “Palestine” and two Hebrew letters signifying “Land of Israel.” The Arabs demanded that Arabic be included if Hebrew was, they lost all the way up to the Law Lords. What was it they wanted in opposition to eretz israel? The Arabic for “South Syria.” So, The Guardian has now recognized the Syrian identity of the Palestinian Arabs by wiping Syria from the map and awarding the Golan to the Palestinians.
    Then again, perhaps this is wishful thinking by The Guardian. We know that the only thing the Palestianian Arabs have been fortunate about is having Israel as their enemy. Given the charnel house that Syria has become, perhaps this is The Guardians subconsciously wishing that the Israelis were involved rather than IS, al Qaeda, al- Nusra and the rest. It would have certainly saved hundreds of thousands of Syrian lives.

    • Thank you for that note. I have Antonius’s book on the shelf to read and I will take that accentuation you gave it in mind when I do.

    • Bellamy,
      If we’re talking about easy money for half-assed work perhaps the focus should remain on the Guardian which pays out money for historically illiterate writers to claim that the Golan is “Palestinian territory,” which in itself is a fuzzy phrase the Guardian pays writers to use on a regular basis.

    • CAMERA welfare checks? The typical slur of unemployable losers living on the taxpayers expense.I understand your envy Bellamy, UKMediawatch probably gets more clicks in a second than your miserable hate-Israel blog in a decade. I have serious doubts that even the most stupidest Jew-haters would pay you for your crap – you are an irrelevant asshole ranting about Jews – the blogosphere is full with your kind.

    • Bellend if the only enemies Israel had was you and your mentally deficient cronies it would have been saved for eternity a long time ago.
      Your pathetic blog, “BedWettersRuS” seems to be vanishing piece by piece.
      First of all it was your disgusting rant against Israel in your ‘About’ section, now even more posts are vanishing.
      What are you afraid of, being expelled from the Labour Party?
      Or, is your blog as badly constructed as your brain and it is also crumbling into dust?

      Hopefully in the not too distant future you and the other members of the Axis of Arseholes, Mad Cow Miranda and your pet drooling idiot Margrain, will also vanish

      Your entertainment value is wearing thin and you are becoming increasingly tedious and very boring.

        • John sencar is in a different league to the Axis of Arseholes.
          He has a brain, although he misuses it, and is capable of writing in a rational fashion although I disagree with the content of his posts.
          Because of that I tend to read sencar’s posts carefully even though I know that I will disagree with him as we start off from different perspectives and will inevitably arrive at different conclusions.

          • We’ll have to disagree 🙂
            His style is different so he may come across as almost sane, but his revolting bigotry is no different from that of the others.

      • He has hardly any visitors on his blog and who is the only fan? As you certainly guessed – Margrain who asked for his twitter identity. A new beautiful friendship is on the horizon folks… Two jobless social misfit found each other finally – they have a common interest. But Bellamy should be warned – his crap is in danger of theft – Margrain has a taste for stealing stuff he likes. And why not should he like Bellamy’s clearly and openly anti-semitic writings? Maybe these two guys should set up a club or a FB group for those who thinks that the Jews are behind their failures – a suggested name: PLUSC – Pathetic losers unite social club. Maybe they should take in some “good Jews” for appearance’s sake like Basner and Webber too. Naturally they mustn’t forget to invite sencar as well…

    • I’m not being sarcastic here: you and Sencar are the gifts that keep on giving. Why would anyone get rid of you when you’re both brainless and unfunny?

  6. If these reporters weren’t alive during the 6-day War have the common decency to some basic research. In fact since there didn’t exist ‘Palestinians’ they might even get some crumbs of truth from the archives of their own paper

      • There should be a campaign to demand that advertisers who value common decency and reject Islamofascist terrorism (7/7, Lee Rigby), to STOP supporting Der Guardian with advertising in its pages.

        Put pressure on Der Guardian to raise its journalistic standards from its current gutter standards.

        • Der Guardian loses money. I believe it’s being kept on financial life-support by injections from Autotrader or some such publication.

          • I think most dead tree news outlets, NY Times fer instance, are losing money. They are all hemorrhaging money. Additionally, it’s become obvious that the old school news outlets have lost their reputation of “impartiality”.

            Putting pressure on advertisers to stop advertising in the pages of Der Guardian is another way to kick their butt and return to their core business, telling the Truth without slanting it in a regressive “progressive” way.

          • No John, they sold their stake in Autotrader.
            It is the money raised from this and other financial assets that are invested abroad/offshore, hypocrisy or what, that is being used to prop up the papers i.e. “The Guardian” and “The Observer”.
            They do not have any more of the ‘family silver’ to sell.

  7. This is natural. Pakistan a failed state so what can they do apart from looking for the reason of their failures? Finding Israel as a scapegoat will be a big fucking lot of help for the solutions of their problems. Or take Venezuela – one of the most oil-rich country of the globe. No food, no electricity, no public service. But thanks to Lenin the comrades learned the lesson of successful damage control. When in trouble blame the you know who….
    Venezuela’s UN envoy: Is Israel seeking ‘final solution’ for Palestinians?

  8. I just noticed that the map is nonsense anyway: the Golan heights don’t extend to the west of the Jordan river at roughly the latitude of Rosh Pina.