Robert Fisk praises extremist who called Zionists “Nazis with beards and black hats”.

Here’s what The Independent’s ‘award winning’ Middle East analyst Robert Fisk wrote about Jewish writer Norman Finkelstein in his May 5th op-ed, in the context of praising the putatively pro-Palestinian sympathies of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Again, it was a Jewish academic – Norman Finkelstein, another noble soul like Gideon Levy – who has been pointing out that Sanders, the first Jewish presidential candidate in US history, has been “sweeping the Arab vote” in all the primaries and “forged a principled alliance with Arabs and Muslims”. 

A “noble soul”?

You might recognize the following image that Finkelstein shared on his blog on August 4, 2014 suggesting the ‘Jewish problem’ in the Middle East can be solved “transporting” Israel’s Jews to America.


As you also likely recall, a day later, it was shared on Facebook by one of the more high profile Labour Party members embroiled in the current antisemitism scandal, Naz Shah.

naz fb


Shah was then suspended by the party. 

But, that’s not all.

Finkelstein is on record supporting Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance movement, suggested that the U.S. deserved the attacks on 9/11 and that “the U.S. qualifies as the main terrorist government in the world today.”  Even more disturbingly, in his book ‘The Holocaust Industry’, he characterized the Holocaust as an “extortion racket” and wrote the following about Zionism: 

“The Zionists indeed learnt well from the Nazis. So well that it seems that their morally repugnant treatment of the Palestinians, and their attempts to destroy Palestinian society within Israel and the occupied territories, reveals them as basically Nazis with beards and black hats.”

To those who would respond by suggesting that Fisk may be a general fan of Finkelstein, though innocently unaware of the quotes cited above, an op-ed he published at the Indy in 2000 would suggest otherwise.  His column, curiously devoted to questioning why the Holocaust is given a capital “H”, specifically refers to a claim made in Finkelstein’s book to back up his complaint that the Holocaust can be used to “diminish the genocide committed against other ethnic groups”.

Whilst Fisk’s penchant for fabrications and wild, unsubstantiated allegations against Israel are widely known and well-documented, lionizing a figure with such extremist views takes his crusade against the Jewish state to whole other level.  


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    • This is natural. Pakistan a failed state so what can they do apart from looking for the reason of their failures? Finding Israel as a scapegoat will be a big fucking lot of help for the solutions of their problems. Or take Venezuela – one of the most oil-rich country of the globe. No food, no electricity, no public service. But thanks to Lenin the comrades learned the lesson of successful damage control. When in trouble blame the you know who….
      Venezuela’s UN envoy: Is Israel seeking ‘final solution’ for Palestinians?

    • Beware, there’s an ‘antisemite’ on every street corner, lurking in every dark alley and there’s even one hiding under your bed….LOL.

          • Margrain you couldn’t undermine anything. Blowing your nose is probably a superhuman effort and requires mummy’s help.

          • The only thing you undermine Margrain is any faith in the education system in London.

            Have you always been a drooling retard or did you have an accident?

            • Goldsmiths is a world-famous academic institution where I received my Masters.

                • Hey Migraine it is in these Universities of today that employ and give tenure to nasty racist professors who teach miserable unwashed unemployable drones and give Doctorates to students who are mainly handicapped Muslims…. ……These leeches become the future leftists…Who call for Boycotts of Israel…..

              • Must be a very shit alma mater where a semi literate ignorant jerk like you got an MA. What was your major Margrain? The history of the Jewish Worldwide Conspiracy?

              • No Margrain where you CLAIM to have received your Masters.
                But as everyone knows who has had the displeasure of reading your garbled posts, you are a proven liar, a hypocrite, an anti-Semite, an idiot, and a phoney.
                So any claim made by you Margrain who has no credibility and very little knowledge of the English language is treated with a great deal of scepticism.

                • By the way Margrain the question was NOT where do you CLAIM to have been educated.
                  It was/is;
                  “Have you always been a drooling retard or did you have an accident?”

                  So which is it Margrain, are you an eternal drooling retard, or did you have an accident which damaged your brain?

                  • Answer the question Margrain.
                    Your reliance on ‘stock replies’, which are irrelevant, is clear proof of the paucity of your alleged education.

    • An interesting video, Dani, although I can`t say it surprises me. Do you know where it comes from? – the speech and the video don’t correspond well, almost as if the tracks are unsynchronised. (And before anyone asks, no I don’t speak Pakistani – I’m going by the English-language parts).

  1. I don’t understand any surprise regarding Fisk praising a vicious anti-semite. It is natural. The question whether he is aware of the fact that his name is used to debunk laughable lies in the media? And he is award-winning… of course he is – like Pulitzer the father of the lying journalists.

    • So to be pro-Palestinian is also “antisemitic”? Where does your kind of madness end? Presumably, Fisk an “antisemite” too? Norman is obviously one because he is critical of Israel. Is Major General Yair Golan one? How about Netanyahu? He MUST surely be one given his Holocaust revisionist views.

      • Yes moron – to support genocidal terrorists is anti-Semitic. The madness ends when morons like you grow up

          • Migraine, Try swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills and washing it down with a pint of whiskey.

            • You must understand, Edward, that the intended murder of Jews en masse is not a problem for Margrain.

              • “En masse”????, You mean like the historical fascist programmes of ethnic cleansing that include the Nakba, Plan Dalat, Cast Lead and Protective Edge?

                • No, I don’t mean “en masse” like your fevered imagination filled with propaganda. I mean the real thing.
                  Besides, I don’t know which “nakba” you mean. Is it the one where the British created Palestine by separating it from southern Syria? Your southern Syrian, oops, I mean “Palestinian” friends were very upset by that one. Or is it the one where the Arabs tried to annihilate the Jews, in contravention of international law and in violation of the UN Charter, and failed? That sure was a “Nakba” much like Hitler’s invasion of the CCCP was a Nakba for Germany.

      • Your kind Margrain is not pro-Palestinian – exactly the opposite. You are just send them to suffer and to die to their last drop of blood because you want to annihilate Israel but you are too coward to try it personally knowing that you would be crushed in less time you need to say Death to Israel. And don’t repeat your laughable mistake with Aloni, don’t quote Yair Golan, (he is not Mayor General anyway – there is only one Mayor General in the IDF – the chief of staff) you don’t know what he said, you don’t know the context, in short you know nothing just copy/paste the ignorant crap of other Jew-hating know-nothings – as it is your habit.
        And if you ask – yes Fisk and Finkelstein are card-carrying antisemites.

          • So you don’t know the meaning of the words projection and paranoid either. I’m not surprised.
            And you forgot to add the “neo” prefix to “Zionist”..
            BTW what is the difference between a neo-Zionist and a regular one? Has a bigger nose or what? Where did you steal this undoubtedly innovative word? Is it your patent or is it stolen property too?

            • The two are often used interchangeably. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

              • So you don’t know the difference just use them without knowing their meanings. But now it is clear that you stole the (neo)Zionist) version from an other Nazi comrade. Good luck.

              • Fascist Migraine asked:

                > Is there anything else I can assist you with?

                Yes. Please ESAD, ASAP. Cheers!

  2. Sadly, since it’s apparent Sen Sanders won’t win the Presidency (although my yard sign still stands), FisKKK and the rest of the pro-Palestinian idiots won’t find out the hard way that Bernie still does support Israel in its right to exist and defend itself within defensible borders.

    A deal can be made tomorrow if the Palestinian leadership had any interest in a 2-state solution.

    • No – there is no such deal possible. You do not have the authority to give away our land. The thieving Islamofascist colonists have already invaded and stolen over 99.9% of the Middle East – no more land from us

      • I’m only bringing up stuff that was already brought up a long time ago. Consequently, YOU don’t have any authority over whether I or ANYBODY ELSE gives away land that you don’t possess. But whatever. I say, let’s have a battle of emotions. Because that always works so well when it comes to the realities of the Middle East.

  3. I noticed something interesting…. Naz Shah is complaining about 3 billion pounds. You know, we here in America complain about 3 billion dollars being spent on Israel. Note to pro-Palestinian Nutbags: I’m not sure what the exchange rates are these days, but someone needs to adjust their numbers if we Smarty Pantses are gonna take you seriously.

    • Yes we do possess that land and it is ours and yes I have the right to tell you that you do not get a say in the matter. When you get the guts to put on a uniform and a gun and defend your family then and only then do you get any say in the matter – until then no you have not earned that right.

      We refuse to bet our lives on foreigners opinions

      • You can tell whatever the fuck you want to tell me. And I can tell you whatever the fuck I want to say. And you know what I say? I say, Gee doesn’t own shit. And when it comes to Middle East policy, the opinions of Gee don’t mean shit.

        Yes. I actually just did that. Now I can say, Golly, Gee, how about you eat a turd?

        Look at that^! Whodathunk it?

    • The IDF doesn’t do sanitary jobs like cleaning up the shit so Fisk can relax among his friends.

  4. I never saw that Finkelstein quote before. Blatant is not strong enough a term for the antisemitic imagery it conjures up. As I’ve said before, he is a very sick puppy.
    That Fisk would describe him first and foremost as a ‘Jewish’ academic is, as peterthehungarian would say, only natural.

    • Wow great find. Norman Finkelstein giving Hezbollah the reach around, classy guy. His reasoning is akin to that of a certain Max Blumenthal. More and more proof that you have antisemitic Jews who have no problem owning this in front of a rolling TV camera.
      Finkelstein now teaches at a Turkish university btw. Another well chosen country as Erdogan declares the caliphate in modern day Turkey.

        • No Margrain they are Jew hating Jews as you are a Jew-hating gentile. They don’t hate themselves – exactly the opposite – they are in love with their own beautiful and superior self. How is progressing your love affair with Bellamy? Any stuff to steal from him? Not yet?

          • Nope, I have many Jewish friends, so your crude sectarianism is a canard. Me and my friends are regarded as “antisemites” by supremacist witch-hunter Zionist racist bastards like you because we support the legitimate Palestinian cause.

            • Margrain now you are lying again.
              The only ‘friends’ you have are the fingers on your hands, and with your low IQ it is very doubtful if you can control them.

              • You don’t support any cause Margrain, just hate the Jews. With supporters like you the Palestinians don’t need enemies at all.

                  • Wow, that’s told HIM – what a convincing repartee!
                    I also love the bit about your mythical Jewish friends.
                    You are getting more and more hysterical and more and more ridiculous by the minute, little child.
                    I think even your blow-up doll will reject you, as you were rejected by all those Jewish women (probably the reason for your Jew-hatred and your impotent rage).

                    • I know there would be nothing better for (neo)Zionist Jewish supremacists like you to claim I have no Jewish friends, but as usual, you would be wrong.

                • Please provide evidence to support your contention that I “hate Jews”…Thanks.

              • I’ll leave the five knuckle shuffling to knuckle-dragging racist neanderthals like you.

                • Of course you do. When every one of your sentences have been debunked, your amazing stupidity and ignorance have been demonstrated, and after your hate of the Jews has been proved – I fully agree with you – your best option is to crawl back to your bed and to dream of being a normal average fellow and not a pathetic racist bigot.
                  A pity that you didn’t explain the difference between the Zionists and the (neo)Zionists as you call them. But I can live without your answer so no reason to worry.

                • Fascit Migraine, I’ll leave you to your fellow IslamoFascist swine who drag innocent people to death behind motorcycles in Gaza.

                  Please consider becoming a suicide bomber who experiences Premature Detonation. Happy Eternal Nakba!

                    • Margrain, thick is you being unable to show that “Islamofascism is an oxymoron”
                      Thick is you repeating your stock ‘copy and paste’ replies.
                      Thick is you denying that which is self evident from your ‘posts’ that you are not only an idiot, but also a liar, a hypocrite, an anti-Semite, a plagiarist and phoney.

                      In short, Thick is Margrain and Margrain is indeed thick.

                    • Fascist Migraine, Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron, you fascist c*nt..

                      For proof, read about 9/11, Londons 7/7, beheading of Lee Rigby, Brussels, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Boston Marathon, Pan Am 103, 250,000+ dead in Syria, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Yes Margrain Finkelstein is truthful calling Zionists Nazis with beards and black hats. Only some simple but significant problem with this truth – Zionism is a secular ideology while thes people “with beards and black hats” are ultraorthodox religious Jews – many among them are openly and strongly anti-Zionists. But how would you and your truthful comrade know these details?
        File under: copy/pasting the output assholes makes you shit.

        • Margrain and Fisk tip their antisemitic leanings and equating “black hats” with Islamic extremism or worse, Nazism. Rabbi Sacks expressed it quite well when he described Jewish ultra-orthodox as “quietist”, not jihadists. They might get agitated about someone disturbing the Sabbath, but they aren’t planning to drive Muslims into the sea and its hard to get many to take up arms by going into the army, though that’s changing for the better.

          Similarly they rant against Ashkenizic “Europeans”, who tend to be more liberal than their Sephardic and Misrahi cousins, who’s background from Arab countries has naturally made them lean right due to a their history in Arab lands.

      • Having an IQ of 52 is your major impediment. Being a sick bigot doesn’t help you, either.

      • Islamofascism is an oxymoron, Thicko Eddy. When is your membership of the fascist, JDL up for renewal?

        • Fascist Migraine, The above video of your “left of centre” National SOCIALIST SHlTler exchanging salutes, sitting down with your Sand Nazi Islamofascist Grand Mufti prove you are Full of Taqiyya.

          When is your membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, BNP, (British Nazi Party) up for renewal?

          Happy Eternal Nakba!

          May all your Jihads turn into personal Nakbas!

  5. The nicest thing one can say about Fisk, Finkelstein et al is that they are pondscum.

    • How about the leader of your racist, “Homeland”, Netanyahu? Is he “pondscum” by virtue of his Holocaust revisionist views?

      • Oh look, the Axis of Arseholes have let their drooling pet idiot Margrain out for a walk while they clean out his cage.
        Now we all know you can repeat the same old hackneyed slogans time and time again, but have you learnt any new tricks lately?
        Have you learnt how to compose an original thought, or are you still ‘copy and pasting’ the works of others?

        Look Margrain there’s a balloon on a stick, now off you go and play with it.

        • “Look Margrain there’s a balloon on a stick, now off you go and play with it” – in traffic, hopefully.

            • Classy. This is the hysterical loser (sorry, the ‘MA scholar’ from a ‘university’) Migraine. You can rely on him to show himself up as pondscum every single time.

        • No John, he is just making his usual little noise.
          Not a lot of noise, mainly wind. Just like a little duck farting in Church.

        • What I said was clear. The fact that you have a problem with comprehension, is no problem of mine.

      • Interesting. So the whole COUNTRY – everyone in it, jointly and separately – is racist. And you claim not to be a racist.
        Putting homeland in scare quotes doesn’t make you look clever, pondscum – it makes you look like a Jew-hating ignoramus. Which, of course, you are.

        • So how about you address the fact that Netanyahu’s Holocaust revisionism makes him an antisemite? Or are you now going to claim that he didn’t shift responsibility for the Holocaust away from Hitler?

          • Margrain what would a bigoted anti-Semite and all round low-life such as you know about the truth?

              • Margrain you do not understand what a lie is, because you are too stupid to know what the truth is.
                Why do you think Bellend and Mad Cow Miranda picked you for their drooling pet idiot?

          • As usual Margrain you didn’t understand a word of Netanyahu’s opinion what is not surprising taking into account your intellectual capabilities.

              • Yes you did Margrain. And yes you are the legitimate child of Attila the Hun and Napoleon… Just don’t get excited and relax. The nurse is on his way…

            • What ‘intellectual capabilities’? He has none. He can’t grasp the fact that TWO people can be responsible for a crime. He probably can’t grasp the concept of ‘two’.

          • Not that cretinous nonsense about Holocaust ‘revisionism’ …
            CAN’T YOU READ, pondscum?

          • Are you going to address the point about your racism towards a whole country, ponfscum?

            • Migraine is just another angry Socialist to whom the success of Israel is a knife in his fascist heart.

              Migraine, Happy Eternal Nakba!

              P.S. I hope Migraine has opened his home to the refugees who are flooding into Londonistan via the Chunnel.

            • I hate the racist apartheid state, Israel, and the fascists who support it, as I did racist South Africa. That’s a perfectly ethical position to take. You have no ethics which is why you are the (neo)Zionist racist you are.

          • Margrain,
            How about addressing Lenni Brenner’s holocaust revisionism and your indefensible defense of it that makes you an antisemite?
            How about addressing your unsubstantiated claims about MEMRI ? Your use of EI as a credible source? Your defense of Ken Livingstone’s disgusting embrace of Brenner’s pseudo-history.
            Claiming that Netanyahu is an antisemite is just more proof that you need to be fitted for that straight jacket.

    • Do you live in your “Homeland” or are you another arm chair Zionist fanatic coward who lives in New York who prefers battles to be undertaken by the beloved fascist Israel Offence Force on your behalf?

      • Margrain now you are just resorting to the use of ‘ad hominem’ and not addressing the argument.
        You are only embarrassing your self trying to converse with adults, it is well beyond your very limited intelligence and capabilities.
        So back into your cage and here are some shiny objects to amuse your self with.

      • ..arm chair Zionist fanatic coward… says the asshole who sends the Palestinians to die and suffer sitting in his secure London room…
        Margrain you are the gift that keeps on giving.

        • I don’t send Palestinian’s to die moron. Your fascist “Homeland” is not mine, yet oddly it doesn’t appear to be yours either.

          • I don’t claim to understand Neanderthal psychopaths like Migraine, so can someone please explain the significance of putting homeland in scare quotes? What the point of doing that? Does it give Migraine an orgasm?

            • Does it give Migraine an orgasm
              I doubt that anything else would do it. But don’t forget – this is because of the worldwide (neo)Zionist conspiracy who made him an impotent asshole with the chemtrail planes.

  6. You have laugh at those childish and moronic placards that they hold up when rioting and destroying everything in sight ….peacefully of course…..My favorite one was…. “””Kill All Juice”””……. even innocent Juice doesn’t miss their attention…