UK Media Watch prompts Guardian and Indy revisions

As we noted recently, a Guardian article by Sian Cain (Michael Chabon witnesses ‘grievous injustice’ in occupied territories, May 6th) included the following paragraph, with background on the “Palestinian territories” Israel “entered” during the 1967 war.

Chabon and his wife, writer Ayelet Waldman, are contributing to and editing the as-yet-unnamed book of essays that will be published to mark the 50th anniversary of 1967’s six-day war, when Israel first entered the Palestinian territories: the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, parts of the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip.

As we explained, the Golan Heights were seized from Syria during the Six-Day War and were never ‘Palestinian’ – even in the broadest sense of that often misused term.

We complained to Guardian editors, and they agreed to remove reference to the “Golan Heights” from the article. They also added the following addendum.

addendumAdditionally, we complained to editors at The Independent about an article highlighting George Galloway’s recent defense of Ken Livingstone’s erroneous claim that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist.  

We expressed our concern that the article failed to note that Livingstone’s bizarre theory was discredited by every serious observer, an omission which would likely leave some Indy readers with the false impression that the characterization of Hitler could be true.

Though editors did not think that additional text was needed, they did agree to add a graphic and link to another Indy article disproving Livingstone’s claim in the body of the text.

Here’s what readers now see to the right of the text in the middle of the page:

new article

We thank Guardian and Indy editors for agreeing to the revisions.

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  1. The Guardian delivers a blow to “Palestine” – the Golan is not theirs. Call the UN to complain immediately!

  2. Livingstone is himself filth. To correct his revisionist history: “There was an agreement between the Nazi filth of Hitler and desperate Jewish leaders in Germany to send Germany’s Jews to Palestine in order to save their lives.”

    It’s also interesting to now see the Euroleft (such as Livingstone) admitting the Germans at one time considered emigration rather than elimination as the “Final Solution”. When Bibi pointed out the Palestinian influence in the German decision of elimination over emigration, the Euroleft trashed Bibi. (How dare a Jew say something they didn’t like?) But when it serves to demonise Zionists, the hypocrites of the Euroleft reverse their story entirely.

    • Thank you again for proving your utter ignorance. Livingstone said that Hitler supported Zionism. Big Fucking Difference Margrain.
      You and your Genosse Livingstone are just the same shit Jew-hating racis bigots.

    • Margrain you are a blatant liar.
      From the transcript of the ‘Vanessa Feltz Show’, BBC London.

      ” He was supporting Zionism – this before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.”

      You are as disgusting an anti-Semite as Livingstone.
      Now Piss Off.

  3. A new heroic act of the Palestinian resistance is stabbing a 82 and a 86 years old woman – the best of Margrain’s and Bellamy’s buddies. But I’m sure that sencar, Basner and Webber are proud as well for their success of supporting the brave fight for Palestinian independence.

      • So the tens of thousands of terrorists attacks from 1948-67 were caused by what exactly? Yes if we end the Islamofascist occupation by the Jordanian colonists then there will no more violence

      • Fascist Migraine, No World-Wide Jihad = No Resistance to Islamofascism.

        The progressive occupation and spread of Sharia Law in Londonistan continues apace. See Mayor Uncle Tom Khan for additional details.

      • Daniel – perhaps you have an 82 year old grandmother or someone, perhaps your mother, who is still alive? Perhaps you have young children.

        Do you worry at all that you might do something that offends someone so badly that one of these individuals might come to harm and that these loved ones will be held hostage to your actions? Or perhaps someone who is no directly relationship at all to you other than that they are English, or their first name is Daniel. Someone like Daniel Pearl who was beheaded

        You should, because that is the kind of society you are advocating.

        Personally I find your remarks highly offensive, not the least of which is your thinly disguised call for ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria and your “justification” of random violence and terror done to the elderly. I should also point out that these two women who were stabbed are Holocaust survivors. Even if they were not, your attitude is entirely unacceptable. My usual reaction is simply to resist your immorality by writing an objection. Should I be pursuing something a little stronger?

        After all – no Margrain, no resistance to Margrain’s moral abyss.

  4. Good news – Lincoln Uni’s SU has disaffiliated from the NUS cesspit.
    There are some sane and moral students who refuse to roll over for the sick ‘activists’.

  5. Alan Rustbridger out as Guardian chairman…..CNN Money INternational May 13,2016: 12:45 PM ET…………..

  6. The Rustbucket’s demise is a call for celebration…Three Cheers for Sweet Schadenfreude……

  7. It would have to be all those pins that I kept poking into the Voodoo Doll that I have of the Rustbucket… it looks like it worked….I’m running out of pins and Voodoo Dolls…