Despite Israel’s “war on human rights activists”, state gives award to radical org’s founder

On May 14th, the Independent reported that David Shulman, a professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, won the Israel Prize for his academic work on Indian culture and languages. 

Recipients of the prestigious award, granted by the State of Israel, receive $20,000. 

In addition to his academic work, Shulman is an activist with, and co-founder of, the radical group Ta’ayush, a pro-BDS, pro-lawfare “grassroots movement working to break down the walls of racism, segregation, and apartheid…”.

The Indy article includes the following quote by Shulman on his decision to accept the award. 

Speaking about the award in a video on Thursday, Mr Shulman said: “I hesitated to accept this prize giving the deteriorating situation, which now includes persecution of Ta’ayush activists and other peace and human rights activists by the establishment and the far right, who seek to perpetuate the Occupation.”

Of course, the absurd claim that Israeli authorities are “persecuting” human rights activists is amplified frequently in the British media, despite the fact that nearly two dozen foreign funded, radical-left ‘human rights’ NGOs (some of which call for the end of the Jewish state) operate freely in the country.  

Interestingly, the decision to grant the award to Shulman was approved by Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who Shulman once characterized – in a New York Review of Books article on Israel’s putative war on civil society – as “one of the most extreme spokesmen of the fanatical right”.

So, Shulman was given the ultimate “establishment” award by the “fanatical right” pro-settlement minister despite the fact that he is arguably the embodiment of just the kind of “peace and human rights activist” he claims is being persecuted by the “establishment”, pro-settlement right.

Our guess is that Indy editors didn’t notice the irony. 


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  1. I’m pleased that the Israel Prize went to a respectable NGO. David Shulman was correctly recognised by the elected Israeli government for his good work. As an officially-recognised Israeli luminary, I hope his comments about the persecution of NGO activists will be given the attention they deserve.

    • More unhinged ignorant spittle-flecked nonsense from Webber.

      For the vile little sh*t Shulman to screech about extreme fanatics is the height of projection.

        • Since the award was given for his work in a specific field that has nothing to do with your “wont change my mind, can’t change the subject” myopic worldview, I don’t think they were wrong to award it on that basis, not that it kept you from acting again like you know what you’re talking about. Oh, and I would hate to pile onto someone who is less of a composite of arrogant and worthless, but given what you are…the Israel Prize went to a PERSON, not an NGO. You can tell the difference, right? Or pay one of the unfortunates who has to spend time around you to s-l-o-w-l-y explain it?

          • I’m not really sure why (1) you’ve put ‘journalist’ in sarcastic quotation marks, and (2) why you think vague ad hominem insults are a substitute for rational debate. But it’s nice to know you’re still you 🙂

            • “vague ad hominem insults”

              Webber (1) what was vague about it?
              (2) ‘ad hominem insults’ can you have an ad hominem compliment?

            • 1. Interesting that a ‘journalist’ doesn’t know these are called scare quotes.
              2. There was nothing ‘vague’ about it, but I will try to be clearer in the future to allow for your low IQ.
              3. The term is ‘ad hominem’. To add ‘insult’ is a redundancy. A proper journalist would know this.
              4. I am who I am. You are you – a ridiculous pretend ‘journalist’.
              5. Anyone bright enough would have realised that you are conflating (look it up) an award to an academic with a ‘reward’ for a sewer of bigotry pretending to be a ‘human rights’ outfit. As several posters here have realised. You haven’t.

            • Webber seems to imagine that pointing out an error could possibly be ‘an answer to the question’.

                • Sometimes I doubt that Webber is not only pretending. Hard to believe that his level of stupidity is exists in reality. The fellow has the intellectual maturity of a not very bright ten years old dreaming about being a journalist.

                • You’re glad that you agree with yourself that I didn’t answer a question that I didn’t set out to answer or claim to answer?
                  You’re not very bright. Not worth talking to you in the future either.

                • An Award is given in recognition of achievement and accomplishment. A Reward is given in response to doing something positive. Both are similar, obviously, and no one would care you made this ambiguous mistake if you weren’t such a blowhard who insists that other people have agendas driven for, I’m guessing here, World Jewish Domination, or something. What’s interesting, though, is that this was an Award given in recognition of this man’s Indian studies, while Gabby insists this is a Reward for the man and his NGO.

                  Gabby, your bubble has long ago lost its oxygen. I suggest you leave it now for some fresh air before your brain is irreparable.

      • These NGO “activists” who maliciously malign Israel….Should receive the attention that they deserve…Hopefully not palestinian Street Theater Style where anyone who crosses them,gets shot in the middle of the street in broad daylight and their bodies dragged around Gaza to the great delight of the citizens of Gaza…..

    • Webber are you after a ‘handout’ as well?
      Of course you could try getting a job and working for a living instead of pretending to be a ‘freelance journalist’ or begging for ‘handouts’ on your blog,

      “This blog earns me no income, but takes a substantial amount of time to research and produce, and I have to pay web hosting fees etc. If you could contribute a very small amount to help with the upkeep of this blog, it would be enormously appreciated: just click the button below.”

        • Yes Webber.
          As Victorians used to have to pay a penny on a Sunday to visit an Asylum and be amused by the antics of the lunatics, I am more fortunate. For free I can visit your blog and be amused by the antics of a self deluding idiot who believes he is a satirical freelance journalist.

    • “I’m pleased that the Israel Prize went to a respectable NGO.”

      As a journalist, I expect you to know the difference between the professor receiving the award for his work, and the fact this professor happens to also be part of a pro-BDS NGO. The award, dear Gabby, didn’t go to the NGO, but to the professor who is a member of it.

      Now please wait 5 days to correct your error. That’s the Western Journalist (TM) way, after all.

    • Webber you should google the words David Shulman. It is a name you know – a name of a person and not an NGO. You as a professional journalist don’t have to know the difference – it is way above your intellectual ability. Were you only a bit less of a moron maybe you would know that Shulaman got the prize for his academic work and not for his political activity.
      Ta’ayush a respectable NGO? Of course! Some collaboration with murder and torture mustn’t be taken seriously.

  2. It is thoroughly deplorable that one again the Israeli political establishment honours such an individual instead of using the detailed material provided by NGO-Monitor and others to demonstrate the extreme dishonesty of the militants involved with and promoting bogus “human rights” organisations like Ta’ayush. Their contempt for such principles as the presumption of innocence, when applied to ordinary IDF soldiers, is meant to make it increasingly difficult for Israel to defend itself, while significantly endangering the lives of Israeli citizens – many of whom would not have any country to take refuge in if the worst came the worst, unlike privileged degenerates like Shulman.

      • She’s a survivor, unlike her good buddy, the (neo)fascist (neo)antisemite who recently went missing from this site.

        • Jeff if you believe Mad Cow Miranda is a survivor, then so are Zombies.
          They are just as unattractive and brain dead, but can be got rid of and sooner rather than later is better.

          • It wasn’t really a compliment, but rather more of a note about her friend who shall remain nameless.

            • Jeff I didn’t believe for a minute that you had taken leave of your senses and started paying compliments to Mad Cow Miranda.
              As for her nameless friend, there is an old saying in the UK “Good riddance to bad rubbish”

    • A good clip showing the fallout between violent thugs, fascists and idiots on both fringes of the Israeli political spectrum.

    • How many governments give positive recognition plus a monetary sum to its vociferous, ideological combatants?

      When you scream about Apartheid, we laugh in your stupid face. And that is why there’s no peace in the Middle East.