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Should Jackie walk? What Labour can learn from football about tackling racism

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What have Jackie Walker, John Terry and Mario Balotelli got in common? Not much, you might think. Put them together, though, and you start to see why the Labour Party is in such a muddle over antisemitism.

In 2012, John Terry played for England in the European Championships while facing a charge of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. He was found guilty and punished on his return, but the sense that the FA was soft on racism, that they prioritised football over principle, lingered.

Two years later, the Italian footballer Mario Balotelli, then playing for Liverpool, was banned and fined by the FA after he posted an image of computer game hero Super Mario on Instagram. At first glance it was a cute anti-racist cartoon. “Don’t be racist – be like Mario,” it read. “He’s an Italian plumber created by Japanese people who speaks English and looks like a Mexican.”

Then came the racist payoff: “Jumps like a black man and grabs coin like a Jew.”

Balotelli is Black, has a Jewish grandmother and a Jewish foster mother. He clearly isn’t racist or antisemitic and he misunderstood the meaning of the cartoon, which he quickly deleted.

Nonetheless, the FA takes a strict liability approach to the use of racist language. They charged Balotelli under FA Rule E3, invoked the “Aggravated Breach” clause in Rule E3(2) because of the reference to ethnic origin and/or colour, and Balotelli was banned for one match, fined and sent on an educational course about racism in football. His apology was genuine and heartfelt.

We know all of this because the FA published their findings on the FA website. We also know the names of the people who sat in judgement of Balotelli, an outline of the evidence they heard and the reasons for their decision.

Contrast this with the Labour Party’s murky dealings over Jackie Walker, a party activist from Kent who was recently suspended and then unsuspended for an alleged antisemitic comment on Facebook.

Walker wrote, in a discussion about the Holocaust, that “millions more Africans were killed in the African holocaust and their oppression continues today on a global scale in a way it doesn’t for Jews… and many Jews (my ancestors too) were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade.” She continued in a further post: “what do you think the Jews should do about their contribution to the African holocaust? What debt do they owe?”

Walker, like Balotelli, has Black and Jewish heritage. She insists that she didn’t mean her words in an antisemitic way but was trying to have a serious discussion about the legacies of enormous historical crimes – the Holocaust and slavery.

Nevertheless, the allegation that Jews played a leading role in the slave trade is a modern antisemitic myth. It was first published in coherent form by Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam in a 1991 book called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. Farrakhan, who is banned from entering the UK, has a long record of antisemitic incitement. His book is championed online by former Klansman David Duke and by other Holocaust deniers and assorted antisemites.

Farrakhan’s fraudulent scholarship has been debunked by many reputable historians of the slave trade. Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., chairman of the Afro-American Studies Department at Harvard University, called it “the bible of the new anti-Semitism” and “one of the most sophisticated instances of hate literature yet compiled”, based on an “unscrupulous distortion of the historical record.” Jews were involved in the slave trade, but not in disproportionately high numbers, not as its driving force and those who were involved did not act in the name of “the Jews”, as Walker put it.

Walker may well be unaware of this scurrilous history of her claim about Jews and slavery; she may never have read Farrakhan’s book. Her sense of herself as an anti-racist seems genuine and comprehensive. None of this changes the fact that she repeated an antisemitic slur and appears completely unapologetic about it.

If Walker were a footballer, she would be charged by the FA. We would know who heard her case, what evidence was presented and how a decision was made. It is highly likely, under the FA’s strict liability approach, that she would be found guilty. A temporary ban would follow, with an educational meeting where she would hear why her words caused such offence and upset.

Instead, because she is a Labour Party activist, she was readmitted to the party with no apology, no punishment and no contrition whatsoever. No information is given about how this decision was reached, nor who reached it. The lack of transparency is staggering.

The Left once taught the rest of society how to do anti-racism. It was the Left that came up with the concepts of institutional racism, of unwitting racism, of how people who genuinely think of themselves as unprejudiced can replicate racist ways of thinking and of how those ways of thinking can become embedded in the structures of organisations.

Now, because Jackie Walker is of the Left, thinks of herself as anti-racist and appears to be a well-liked and valued activist, the possibility that she wrote something antisemitic, even unwittingly, is rejected out of hand. Complaints about antisemitism are dismissed as a plot between “Zionists, the right of the Labour Party, the Tories and our right wing media.”

The campaign by Momentum and the Labour Representation Committee against Walker’s suspension isn’t much different from the FA’s decision to take John Terry to Euro 2012. She’s one of us, she’s a good activist, so hands off.

The consequence of all this is that it is now OK for Labour members to say that Jews were behind the slave trade, and that their living descendants owe some kind of debt as a result. This antisemitic myth has become part of the Left’s conversation about Jews. This is how antisemitism becomes normalised, and how Jews get squeezed out of the Labour Party.

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  1. I think that many Jews leave the Labour Party in order to avoid being squeezed out. It’s called “voting with your feet” and is necessary because any other form of voting is simply ignored.

  2. The slur of the Zionist Narrative is based on a 3000 year old hate mantra. The fact it has legs in modern society is proof that some people really are stupid fucks.

  3. This failure to deal with an obvious problem begs so many questions. Does being a Momentum leader allow you to be antisemitic and get away with it? Is Jeremy Corbyn are that there really is an issue – is his real attitude ‘don’t care’, complaisance, or active support for antisemites? Does the dog-whistle of “anti-Zionism” need to be attacked more vigorously?

    And shouldn’t Jews be grateful there is one country that will accept them if they feel sufficiently threatened that they need to to get out?

  4. Current day slavery goes on in Sudan, Maurtiania, Saudi Arabia, and some DUMB socialmisfits whine about what some Jews may or may not have done, while Brits financed and also practiced Slavery.

    How did Jamaica, BWI, Bermuda and other islands in the Caribbean come under control of the British and the Spanish and how did Africans come to work as slaves in the fields?

    Jackie Walker is a pig ignorant SOC – Socialist of Colour.

  5. The reason Jew-hater Jackie has been re-admitted to the Labour party by its leader Comrade Corbyn is that the Labour fish is rotting from the head down, as Gatestone’s Douglas Murray explains on youtube below. Note the plethora of Jew-baiting comments below this clip:

    • Labour is trying to cover up the malodorous antisemitism within its ranks. Douglas Murray lays it out as well as anyone could.
      You can’t just keep lying about the world’s only Jewish country and expect to keep getting a pass on antisemitism. The British left is poisoning the minds of Britain’s youth.

      The connection between lies spread about Israel and antisemitism should be obvious from Walker’s truly ignorant remarks regarding the African slave trade. A British subject blaming Jews for slavery ought to be the punch line of a joke.

      • Socialism has destroyed the UK – and serves as a warning to the US of the dangers of Socialism.

      • Oh my .

        Douglas Murray as in….

        ” Things have to be made harder for Muslims all round”

        ” All immigration from Muslim countries should be stopped!

        ” Muslim presence in Europe is an infection”

        • Bellend do you have any verifiable sources for the three quotes you cite?
          Seriously I would like to see the original quotes and the context in which they are used.
          On the face of it, the middle one is the sort of populist impractical rubbish you expect from elderly ‘wannabe’ politicians with silly hairstyles and the other two would not be acceptable in a civilised society.

              • Bellend forgive me, doubting your veracity, but I was hoping for something more verifiable and authoratative than a link to you repèating that which you have already written on your own website.
                As much as I enjoy reading your website ‘BumBitersRuS’ do you have any other sources for the quotes?

                What are the original, preferably primary, sources for the quotes you attribute to Murray?

                  • Bellend of course if you can post a verifiable link where Murray admits to saying those things I would regard that as a very persuasive source.

                    • @Gerald –

                      RE: “a verifiable link”

                      The – verbatim delivery – of all those remarks can be found in Douglas Murray’s speech to the 2006 Pim Fortuyn Memorial Conference (printed in full @ )

                      1. “It is time the West woke up to the fact that the militants in our midst – however large a percentage of the Muslim population – will never like us. And we should not want to be liked by them – so we should stop flattering and playing up to them. Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board…”

                      2. “How do we stop the further humiliation of Europe, and its eventual morphing into an entirely different continent? The first thing to do is to address the problem at home unsparingly. It is late in the day, but Europe still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb which will soon see a number of our largest cities fall to Muslim majorities. It has to. All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop.”

                      3. “… our societies in Western Europe are too weak-willed, tired and degenerate to act decisively. In this weak state, batting off even a minor infection can prove impossible. There is a metaphor here which the Canadian-born writer Mark Steyn cited recently, when he wrote: ‘Radical Islam is an opportunist infection, like AIDS: it’s not the HIV that kills you, it’s the pneumonia you get when your body’s too weak to fight it off.’ If you do not believe this, then note how Islam is progressing in the West…. It is gaining concessions from the weak-willed, badly educated and ignorant men and women who currently hold intellectual sway over Europe … At the heart of this problem is the primary disease – the AIDS of the West – the disease which has made the opportunist infection of Islam so deadly.”

                    • @Mad Cow Miranda I have read through the ‘speech’ by Murray via the link in your post.
                      I stand by my initial reaction, expressed to Bellend, in my post above of June 4, 2016 at 5:58 am.
                      Other than my disgust at the remarks made in the ‘speech’ I have nothing further to add.

                    • Though it is worth pointing out that the esteemed guest posters here, the CST, not to mention the Jewish Chronicle, are big fans of Murray. I sense another challenge coming along.

                    • Bellend you can take it from my remarks above and so there is no dubiety let me state I am not a fan, (big, medium or small) of Murray.

                    • Miranda,
                      If you’re attempting to paint Douglas Murray as a cold-hearted racist, I think you are really misrepresenting his views.

                    • Miranda,
                      I would like you to go back to the top of the page and notice the content of the article, and then go back and look at what your contribution today consists of. How do your comments relate to that context? How have you addressed it?

                    • “Jeff if Murray’s views are being misrepresented it is by Murray not Miranda.”

                      No. It’s Miranda doing the misrepresenting. She’s one of the top misrepresenters here. Murray is not just someone who once gave a speech about Muslim immigration to Europe and left people to imagine what he meant by his statements, e.g., “Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board…”
                      Across the board dot dot dot? What did he mean? Is that really the way he ended his thought, or did he go on to expound upon it and say what he was getting at? Was he calling for some sort of inhumane, barbaric treatment for Muslims in Europe? I somehow doubt that.

                      Of course, none of Murray’s comments of his actual views of Muslim immigration gives Jacqueline Walker, Naz Shah, Ken Livingstone or any other Labour Party members a pass for their antisemitic slanders of Jews and/or Israel, the only Jewish country on earth. Yet, Miranda, and you, are willing to paint Murray in the worst possible light you can, because he speaks up on the subject of another very real prejudice and virulent hatred that has been known in the world for a very long time, and in which both Muslims and Europe have played, and are continuing to play, significant roles in the nurturing of this poison.

                      Unlike the situation with Muslims in Europe at the present time, we neither need to infer nor imagine the consequences of virulent antisemitism. We have a long history of consequences.

                      This is why you, Miranda, Jeremy Corbyn et al, the BBC and Guardian, the ahistorical Palestinians, and the world’s Islamic movers and shakers are the biggest bullshitters in the world.

                    • Douglas Murray is 100% correct.

                      Opportunistic Socialism is destroying the UK, Sweden and their examples are warnings to other countries.

        • Bellamy shows up to offer the usual deflections. That’s right Stevie boy, when you can’t handle the arguments, attack the messenger.

          • Jeff all Miranda did was to post some highlights from Murray’ speech and th n a link to the WHOLE for context. Hard to see how that misrepresents him. Seems more to me like meticulous fairness.

            • All Miranda did was what she always tries to do, deflect the topic of the day. This time by introducing a speech by Douglas Murray from 2006. That’s 10 years ago in case you hadn’t noticed. He has written and spoken much about Europe’s immigration policies since that time which deserve serious discussion, rather than be passed over as the rantings of some racist wing nut.

              By contrast, Jaqueline Walker is restating an outright antisemitic myth which originates with an antisemitic hate group, as if it were fact. Her worldview is greatly influenced by this myth. And her belief in the myth exposes another myth, namely, that anti-Zionism and antisemitism are not intimately connected. Miranda must be panic stricken by this revelation and desperately looking for a means of plausible deniability.

              Whether or not one agrees with Murray’s views on the problem and extent of Muslim non-integration into European societies (and yes, there is undeniably a problem, just how severe may be up for debate) his view of what’s going on in Labour re antisemitism is dead on accurate.

  6. “Balotelli is Black, has a Jewish grandmother and a Jewish foster mother. He clearly isn’t racist or antisemitic” – I am sure he isn’t, but the ‘clearly’ is a complete non sequitur.
    Walker is another cretin who has no clue what the word ‘illegal’ means.

  7. 1. How many millenia did internal African slave practice exist before the Atlantic slave trade?
    2. How many centuries did the Arab slave trade exist before the Atlantic slave trade?
    3. How many more African slaves were traded thru Arabia than across the Atlantic? Whatever happened to the descendants of the African slaves sent to Arabia?!
    5. In what decade of the 20th century was slavery nominally banned in Saudi Arabia?
    6. Why do modern Sub-Saharan emigrants travel through multiple Muslim countries to get to Israel?
    7. What about reparations for the substantial number of Irish slaves brought to the US?
    8. Name one 20thC genocidal campaign against Sub-Saharans that was not committed by other Sub-Saharans or by Arabs.
    9. Name the campaign that seeks to commit genocide and persecution against black people today.
    10. Please explain whatever happened to the populations of the original people groups of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, whose lands were overrun by the principal “black” tribe, the Bantu, with the telltale genocidal sign of terminated Y-dna and continuing mtDNA? Where are the reparations for the KhoiSan?

    • 11. By how many 100% do the living standards and human development of the average American descendant of slaves exceed those of the average citizen in the countries from which they came?
      12. How much money has been redistributed to American descendants of slaves through the US social and public services, primarily paid for by descendnats of non-slaves (even though only a miniscule percentage actually owned slaves?
      13. What benefits from slavery continue today after the economic machine of the American South was wiped out in the Civil War?

      *8. *last century

    • 14. Are you equally riled up about the South American nations, who received a vastly greater number of slaves (10x more) than North America?
      15. What activities do you partake in to honour and celebrate the ANGLO WHITE MALES who ended the millenial practice of slavery in the majority of the world?

      • “15. What activities do you partake in to honour and celebrate the ANGLO WHITE MALES who ended the millenial practice of slavery in the majority of the world?”

        This makes me think you should change your name to NanKKKin.

        • Your comment is as foolish as KKKoufaxmitzvah.or the UKKK.

          However a case for the USSK can be made due to the Socialist hold over the under Socialist siege UK.

          • Ed, feel free to go crazy whenever I make a statement (as you are apt to do), and by all means, call me out for some racist nonsense I end up posting on a message board. But you’ll have a long way to go to convince somebody that I’m a Klansman. For example, David Duke thinks that Sandy Koufax stole all the cred from Don Drysdale. Sandy was also considered a “Nigger Lover”.

            But, yes, Koufaxmitzvah is some kind of Klansman under the sheets because he called somebody else out for their potential racist post about slavery and the White Man.

        • koufaxmitzvah you sound much the same as one of those rich, spoilt, politically correct, western students who want to blame the west for everything and apologise for it.
          When it comes to Anglo White Males who ended the practice of slavery in the majority of the World, the following come to mind.
          In the UK;
          Thomas Clarkson – Anglo White Male
          William Wilberforce – Anglo White Male
          Grenville Sharp – Anglo White Male.

          In the USA;
          Abraham Lincoln – Anglo White Male
          John Brown – Anglo White Male
          and many, many others.

          On their behalf I, retrospectively of course, apologise for them all being Anglo White Males. But history and facts are what they are get used to it.

          • Gerald, I think it’s great that White Anglo men helped stop slavery. I also think it’s pathetic that slavery occurred in the first place. To me, a discussion of slavery doesn’t begin with the White Anglos who helped stop slavery (not that slavery has ceased). Equally a discussion of slavery doesn’t have to involve those who devoted their lives to stopping it. That said, if someone is going to devise a list a place in caps WHITE ANGLO MALES then I will end up responding as I do.

            And of course you shall respond as you do.

            That’s my shtick:. You don’t have to like it.

          • I will add this, Gerald. During my former life as a bar owner, I got into it with a customer because I had the audacity to discuss the positives of Abraham Lincoln. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that as President, Lincoln took advantage of immigrants from Europe to fight the Northern battles. This was, it appears, the first sign of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ruining the “rights” of the (you guessed it) WHITE MAN IN THE NEW WORLD.

            Ah, the White Man. Came to the new world, and murdered tens of millions of people. Currently keeps the Native down on the Reservations (where liquor flows like water — hence, the term Fire Water). Yes, that is the America I know. If I’m pampered and spoiled because of it, then I wonder what you think of the rest of the 350 million bozos who live here.

            And let me add this, too, since we’re talking about how great the White Anglo Man has historically been for Black People in America (especially). With the passing of Muhammed Ali, it’s important to remind people who in fact is fighting these wars. Do you really think it’s the sons and daughters of the politicians who voted for the War against Iraq in response to the 21 Saudis who attacked my country?

            That’s what I think of when I’m told on message boards and other places about how GREAT those White Anglo Men really happen to be.

            God Bless them, Gerald. Every last one.

              • It’s rather sad and creepy to read comments of morally confused, mentally sick Jew haters like Bellend getting himself off on differing opinions amongst supporters of enlightened values. In Bellend’s version of democracy everyone agrees about everything, and calls it diversity.
                Pardon me now as I need to go take a shower and scrub hard to cleanse myself of his filth.

              • Is that what’s happening? Us ZioGuys are multifaceted. As opposed to thigh high Nazi boot lickers such as yourself who are all brainless, mindless, bullshit fuckheads.

                It’s true. Israel is a multiculturalism personified while you and yours are pathetic racist shits who can’t live in a world where you’re not fighting against us.

            • koufaxmitzvah before you drift off into the ‘Twilight Zone’ let’s remember where our exchange started.
              You took exception to one point in a post that mentioned that “Anglo white males” had taken part in the ending of slavery.
              I responded that indeed such people had historically taken part in the struggle to end slavery and listed some of them. I also pointed out that, and I quote, “you sound much the same as one of those rich, spoilt, politically correct, western students who want to blame the west for everything and apologise for it.”

              There have been many, many evil Bastards in this World over the thousands of years Man and Womankind have been on it and guess what? They have not all been white.
              Perhaps before the White Man came everything was wonderful for the Native Americans who no doubt got on wonderfully and never had a cross word between them.
              Perhaps before the White Man took over in India everything was wonderful under the Mughal Emperors, that is as long as you discount the slavery, forced conversion to Islam, throwing of widows onto their husbands funeral pyres etc. etc.

              But you have made me see the error of my ways, so in about a months time when Rome has elected a new Mayor I shall march into his/her office and demand that they change Caesar’s (Veni,Vidi,Vici) “I came, I saw, I conquered.” to the more ‘pc’ “We came, We saw, We conquered, but We are really sorry about it two thousand years later”

              • Not sure what the point is, Gerald, but I didn’t really see much error in your ways. I tried to explain my thought process regarding the 15th point of a 3 part post brought to the board by some guy whom, as I read it, could very well have been a racist. How did I come to that conclusion? As pointed out, the only all cap portion of the 3 post series referenced the WHITE ANGLO SAXONS who fought slavery. Great stuff that comes after the 14 other points highlighting such facts as the Black slave market, the Muslim slave market. Incendiary is how I interpreted OP, and I came incendiary back. Good idea? Bad idea? It doesn’t matter to me.

                You didn’t like it? Fine. I’m not picking any bones. I am pointing out that even the great Abraham Lincoln has crazy people in America today blaming him for something or other. (And they’ll do it when they’re in your bar, buying your beer, and getting really mad about other people’s conversations. It was a little anecdote, Gerald. A side story that might be interesting. But it wasn’t. Point made.)

                I’m sorry you were offended by my comment this time around. Would I repeat my behavior in the future? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows?

                This is the Interweb. Folks lie here. Folks like to whitewash here. Folks get inflammatory, incendiary, and inciting here. Shit happens, and when I happen to come across shit that smells like racism, or ultra-white privilege, I will probably say something.

                Am I spoiled because I interpret racism when you say there isn’t? So far OP hasn’t said squat to me, so either OP wasn’t offended or OP is not interested. You’re welcome to fight OP’s battles in public against me, but it ain’t gonna do much other than give you that opportunity to get something off your chest. You know, like what I just did.

                Hope you had a fine day, Gerald.

  8. The Labor Party became the fortress of the card-carrying Jew-haters. Watch this clip Corbyn is speking about Israel.
    And within the 1948 borders of Israel there are another very large group of Palestinians whose homes are being destroyed by property speculators, their villages destroyed, the ecology of the desert destroyed as the settlements continue to strike out the life blood of the Palestinian people.
    We – by turning the desert habitable, its soil suitable for agriculture – we destroyed its ecology. “Blood and soil” Comrade Corbyn?
    A pity he didn’t say Arab or Jewish property speculators destroyed these villages…