John Pilger in the Guardian: “Killing children seems like sport for the IDF”

John Pilger is an Australian-based Guardian contributor who’s arguably one of the most vociferous demonizers of the Jewish state given a platform in the mainstream media.  He’s suggested that Hezbollah represented “humanity at its noblest”, approvingly cited the arguments of Gilad Atzmon, has suggested that ‘influential’ Jews around the world are culpable in ‘Israeli crimes’ and has likened Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews.

According to Pilger “the Zionist state remains the cause of more regional grievance and sheer terror than all the Muslim states combined.” 

Yet, despite Pilger’s record of extremism and antisemitism, Guardian editors saw fit to offer readers a live ‘web chat’ with him earlier in the year.

During the web chat (published in Feb. 2016, but which we only recently became aware of), he offered the following “analysis” in response to a question about the putatively high number of Palestinian children killed by “IOF” soldiers.


As we’ve argued previously in posts during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, if you were to base your conclusions about conflicts between Israel and Hamas solely on reports in the British media, you may not only falsely believe that the IDF fails to take adequate precautions to avoid civilian casualties, but that it may even intentionally target Palestinian kids.

Though this odious smear against the IDF – arguably a modern day blood libel – represents an extreme example, the broader narrative imputing cartoonish villainy to the Jewish state that Pilger’s advancing is, quite shamefully, nothing new.  


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  1. There is something very disturbing in the glee with which Pilger, nearly droolingly, speaks of “killing children”, to a point where I would fear for any child left in his company alone, without any other adult for protection. As to the “Guardian” heavily promoted by Australia’s tax-payer funded State Media against their Charter, it is simply a morder day “Der Stürmer”.

  2. England is nearing the point where it should, like Sweden, be quarantined from liberal society. But then, where is there left to quarantine it from? It would appear the flight away from reason and fact based thought and a return to antisemitism, Islamic and European, is a global norm now.

    Like Nazism, the facts of Israeli operations are widely available on credible forums and by credible people. The evidence is all out on display. But people prefer insane interpretations instead. There is no fighting that. But there is a huge cost to both sides for the abandonment of reason. Once you do that its only time standing between that rifle muzzle and you. And history suggests a lot less time than you might like to think.

    But there I go using reason again.

    Silly me.

      • Ah yes commenting on Limey racism and hatred is being a bigot. Bigot is the nicest thing anybody can say about the inventors of concentration camps.

        • gee59 that is not a nice thing to call the Spanish.
          Or didn’t you know that the Spanish were using ‘concentration camps’ in Cuba BEFORE Britain started using them in South Africa?

          “This was the first recorded and recognized use of Concentration Camps where non-combatants were removed from their land to deprive the enemy of succor and then the internees were subjected to appalling conditions. Spain carried out similar action is the Philippines shortly after, again resulting in massive non combatant fatalities. It is estimated that this measure caused the death of at least one-third of Cuba’s rural population.”

          • Gerald, Are you suggesting that Britain bowed to the mighty Spanish and adopted something from them?
            Well, at least in Spain the train ran on time…

            • Itsik what I am pointing out is that the myth that Britain invented concentration camps is just that a myth. Although I am not a 100% certain I think you will find that the myth was started by the German propaganda machine and seems to have stuck.

              By the way nice to see you again after you have been AWOL for so long. I hope you have a note from your Doctor to cover for your absence?

              • John, Itsik is an old colleague from this and other Forums.
                We have known each other for a few years and have been known to wind each other up.

                Itsik is one of the good guys, even if he does have poor taste in football teams.

                  • “I speak as I find, based on what the man wrote.”
                    Really John, if I took the same approach then based an what you wrote “Whatever, Gerald.” I would come to the conclusion that you are an ignorant little bumptious prick.
                    Is that the right conclusion, John?

      • Kinkory, The US will soon have a new President, hopefully President Trump.

        The US is about to get out of the hole, but the UK is sinking deeper into Socialist Shit.

  3. Oh, not him again. Surely these ghastly old farts like John Pilger, Robert Fisk, Ken Livingstone and Noam Chomsky are way past their sell-by date and should be pensioned off.

  4. Jeez, that vile POS is still around?
    The first time I realised that the New Statesman is a pathological cageliner, was when Pilger wrote in it that ALL the problems of the ME are due to Israel.

  5. Pilger is mistaken – he doesn’t understand our Jewish mentality. Killing Palestinian children is not a sport – it is business. The price of blood of gentile children is permanently increasing on the world market so killing them is very profitable olus everybody knows that we Jews during the centuries always were involved with using blood of kids to make our matzos.
    The Guardian openly and irreversibly became the modern day Sturmer by giving forum for classic and murderousantisemites like Pilger.
    Accusing Israelis with killing children for fun is an open invitation of their readers to kill Israelis and their “influential Jewish supporters.” The Guardian editors should notice that Streicher the chief editor of the predecessor of Rusbridger has been hanged.

    • Hey, I see you have been taking lessons in being ironic. But are you sure the great unwashed will appreciate it?

  6. A warped, twisted immoral individual who is but a propagandist serf for his masters the heirs of the Nazis. His lies, libels and poison are not fit for my rear end after defecation. Willfully and blatantly ignorant he allows those who hate, those who oppress, who trample on the rights of mankind to carry on their evil whilst maligning the only democracy in the middle east. He should talk to Simon Deng, he should read Burned Alive by Souaad, he should read Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Francis Bok, the list goes on and on but still he would support and engage in hagiography of those who hate. Obviously he supports the caliphate in waiting. Beggars belief, beyond shame, what a disgrace the man, the newspaper(Al propaganda to be precise) and those who pay to be misinformed and who stand on the side of evil. History will judge them be sure. Shalom Israel you are a beacon is a sea of bedlam.

  7. Meant to post Israel is a beacon in a sea of bedlam. Failed to proof read. The world does not need another Islamic state, too many already and all the evils that go with them.

    • Defacto Islamic States are rising in Eurabia. The Mayor of Londonistan is Sadiq Khan. Rapefugees are flooding into Eurabia.

  8. Slandering Jews with blood libels via the Jewish State seems like sport for John Pilger.

    • Counter attack. Expose Pilfer as a Fascist and hypocritical occupier of Aboriginal land.

    • Muslims kill Muslims (250,000+ just in Syria in the Assad/ISIS Civil War) and Sand Nazis and Socialist Nazis whine about Israel defending itself.

      Israel like any other civilized nation has the right to resist Islamofascism.

  9. John Pilger is a pathological liar…He has got lying down to an art form.There is no point in arguing with him and his pathetic loony mutterings…You wouldn’t reason or get into an argument with a cockroach either….Instead just step on it….Hard…..