Telegraph thinks it’s important that attack on Israelis occurred “near the defense ministry”

Last night, two Palestinians from the West Bank reportedly affiliated with Hamas, Muhammad and Khalid Muhamra, walked into the Sorona Market in Tel Aviv and began methodically firing their machine guns at innocent civilians at an eatery, killing 4 and injuring 16.

Here’s a closed circuit video of the deadly terror attack.

Hamas praised the shooting as “heroic” and suggested that more attacks would follow over Ramadan.

Yet, for some reason, The Telegraph chose to focus on the fact that the market happens to be near the Israeli Defense Ministry, in the headline accompanying their report by their Middle East correspondent Raf Sanchez.


This fact is repeated in the opening passage:

Four people were killed and five others injured during a shooting attack at a Tel Aviv shopping mall close to the Israeli defence ministry, Israeli police said on Wednesday.

What significance do Telegraph editors place on the attack’s proximity to the defense ministry? They don’t say.

Isn’t it more important for readers – many of whom may not read the full article – to understand the more relevant facts (not noted in the headline) that the perpetrators were Palestinian, and the victims were Israeli?

If you’re interested to find out their reasoning, consider contacting Telegraph editors using this online form.


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  1. The Telegraph can think whatever it likes…It is what Bibi and Lieberman will do about this,how how are they going to handle it….Will Bibi call for another emergency meeting to discuss the latest slaughter of Israelis…….

  2. Would they say the same thing about a terrorist attack say in Trafalgar Square or The Mall?
    If not why not?
    Perhaps this statement was NOT of the Israeli Police but one Sanchez made up!

  3. Worth checking back on the Telegraph reporting of the murder of Lee Rigby. After all, he was a serving soldier killed just near Woolwich Baracks. Did they keep stressing that?

  4. Maybe because Sarona is across the street from the Kirya? Honestly, with all the disinformation printed in the British media, why do you stoop to this level to find something negative in an article? It’s frankly embarrassing.

  5. Well, at least there were 4 “people” killed. Shows that the Telegraph thinks of Jews as belonging to the human race – you’ve got to give them that.

  6. The IDF needs to go into these snake pits and give Abbas and Hamas a really good reason to sing and dance ….When Hamas shoots missiles into Israel the Israeli Air Force replies in kind…When these palestinians go into Israel on these regular killing sprees killing Israeli’s…. they seem to be get off too lightly …….

  7. Pakistani woman sets her daughter alight because she eloped,Saudi man throws his baby out of car window because she was “Possessed”…ISIS puts Yazidi women in a steel cage and set them alight. because they refused sex to their “Husbands”…A teenage boy is beheaded by ISIS just for listening to music… and this just keeps going on and on…..These depraved and barbaric acts are often overlooked or given just a few lines by the press…..But where Israel is concerned these enlightened Liberal press go ballistic in trying to outdo each other in denigrating Israel…..