UK Media Watch prompts Telegraph correction to innacurate Michael Oren quote

Our colleague Gilead Ini recently posted at CAMERA about a fascinating row that erupted on Twitter and “then spread to journalists and their followers, and eventually to the pages of The New York Times.”

Ini characterized it as “a series of misquotes, distortions, and out-of-context comments” that “contributed to the idea that Michael Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to the U.S….had advised Donald Trump to play up the Muslim background of the man who murdered 49 people at a Orlando nightclub”.

The claim, which began as one tweet by an Israeli journalist, Ini added, had no merit.

Here’s the original tweet.

Ini argued that “the context of Oren’s statement… made it abundantly clear that Oren wasn’t offering advice, but simply engaging in political analysis, as journalists, experts and pundits are routinely asked to do…”.

We know that Ini was correct in this account, because, during the row, Oren himself tweeted the following:

Then, there was the problem of the quote itself.

Though Tarnopolsky put quotation marks around the words attributed to Oren, it only represented her rough English characterization of what he had said in Hebrew. It was not a direct word for word translation.  Here is an accurate translation of Oren’s words (while he was a guest on Israel’s Channel 10 News) in context.

OREN: Even the first Twin Tower bombing in ‘93 was perpetrated by American citizens. This isn’t exceptional.

But if I were Donald Trump now, I would have come out the moment the FBI started to leak this morning that is a man operating from Islamic motives with ties — first of all the name itself, Omar Siddiqui Mateen, a Muslim name, son of immigrants from Afghanistan, who apparently kept in touch in some way with radical Islamic organizations, it very much influences the race for the presidency.

INTERVIEWER: And you’re saying that in your careful assessment this can actually strengthen Trump —

OREN: Very much

INTERVIEWER: — at the cost of Hilary Clinton who at this time is leading in the polls?

OREN: Again, as [inaudible] already said, a person can be deranged, but at the end of the day, people won’t look at the details of his motivations. …

Ini contacted the New York Times and pointed out the misquote.  To their credit, they corrected it, and noted the change below the original article. (CAMERA also prompted similar corrections to articles at the Daily Caller and Huffington Post.)

However, we also noticed that the Telegraph made a similar error in a June 13th article, using the inaccurate quote (based, again, on one tweet by a journalist) and falsely claiming that Oren was offering ‘advice’.

We contacted editors at the Telegraph, and cited the clarifying tweet by Oren and the New York Times correction.  Editors responded to our complaint and promptly corrected the quote and replaced the word “advice” with the more accurate word “analysis”.

We commend editors for the prompt correction. 

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  1. That’s great, but I could also easily see how Oren’s comments would be understood out of context, even with the usual mendacity pervasive in the British to intentionally misconstrue an Israeli official’s comments. “If I were you” is a very common way of giving advice. Oren should have been more judicious in his comments.

    • Der Sturmer/Der Guardian/Al Jazeera should make you a Headline writer.

      Now tell us that Islam is the Religion of Peace and all the terrorists who pledge allegiance to ISIS are not Muslim.

    • Yes he was banned because tried to fight against the lies, smears and hate propaganda of the Electronic Intifada a well known source of anti-Jewish propaganda. I’m sure you visit them every day and print their more juicy articles filing them together with your beloved copy of the Protocols.

      • Electronic Intifada…. Aren’t they the racist hate monger fuckwits who named their online publication of hate infested, anti-Semitic rubbish after 3 failed Palestinian uprisings that involved bus bombings, lynchings, kidnappings, car rammings, and random street stabbings?

        Hmmmm… I think I’ve heard of them…. Didn’t the Mossad steal their shoes? The name Ali Abomination comes to mind….

        The pro-Palestinian narrative isn’t just groundless, but certifiably insane cesspit of Klan and Nazi smegma.

        And THAT, Stevie Shitstain, is how it is guaranteed that you will always be laughed at.

        • Bubba I will regard being laughed at by apologists for kleptomania like you as a badge of honour. But moving on isn’t that weird fishing guy that picks up litter at CCP happenings CAMERA too ? Dexter Zan Vile, that’s his name, I remember now.

            • Edward here is one person who supported Brexit who is also detached from reality.

              “Donald J. Trump Verified account 
              Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!”

              Trump you stupid right-wing arsehole the Scottish people voted 62% to 38% to REMAIN in the EU.

              And you want to make this clown your President?
              I can hear President Putin and the President of Iran laughing already!

              • Gerry, There are 13 million Brits in your UK that also voted for Brexit.

                If Trump voted on the referendum, the UK needs Voter ID too.

                > I can hear President Putin and the President of Iran laughing already!

                There are anti-psychotic drugs for your “hearing voices” problem.

                • Eddie I clearly wrote supported not voted.
                  Obviously you and Trump don’t believe in reading before you open your big mouths.

                  That doesn’t change the fact that Trump is a stupid right-wing arsehole.

                    • It could have been a lot worse…Trump could have been a stupid Left Wing Asshole….
                      But then we have this weirdo Jeremy Corbyn instead….. who is surrounded by Left Wing Racists Anti-Semitic AssHoles….
                      This JC Asshole won’t be there for too long…Soon they will have to find another Racist AH to replace this weirdo….

                    • And in case anyone thinks those are isolated examples this is from Nigel Farage’s past;
                      “The eurosceptic figurehead was responding to Channel 4 News, which had aquired a letter written by one of his teachers at Dulwich College in 1981. The letter, from Chloe Deakin, was written shortly after Farage had been made a prefect at the south London independent school.

                      Deakin wrote to the school headmaster that staff had discussed Farage’s prefecture, with one teacher saying the future politician was “a fascist, but that was no reason why he would not make a good prefect.” This remark prompted “considerable reaction” among colleagues.

                      The teacher continued: “Another colleague, who teaches the boy, described his publicly professed racist and neo-fascist views; and he cited a particular incident in which Farage was so offensive to a boy in his set, that he had to be removed from the lesson.

                      “Yet another colleague described how, at a Combined Cadet Force [CCF] camp organised by the college, Farage and others had marched through a quiet Sussex village very late at night shouting Hitler-youth songs.”

                      Farage responded by telling Channel 4 News: “Yes of course I said some ridiculous things. Not necessarily racist things. Well it depends how you define it.” ”

                      So you have Farage and the other xenophobic, neo-Nazis on the one hand and George Galloway and his crowd on the other hand all supporters of Brexit. The far-right and far-left in unholy alliance.

                      A plague on both their houses!

                    • Kinnory with your constant repetition of the phrase “demented screeching” you sound the same as all the other xenophobic right-wingers who are also only capable of repeating stock phrases. Obviously you and your ilk are still using the ‘repeat a lie often enough’ technique that you have for decades.

                      I am well aware of those who voted for Brexit and even more aware of those who campaigned for it. Perhaps you are in denial of their neo-Nazi past or wish to cover it up.
                      The truth will come out, as it is already with a number of people already regretting having voted to Leave.

                • Time we got rid of that arrogant know nothing learned nothing lying double dealing back stabbing back pedalling pretend Christian Brexit owes him a lot….. He helped them to get over the line…..By sticking his nose in and getting it rubbed in…..

                  • You’re referring to Obama? Obama also failed to get his way when Netanyahu won re-election.

                    Obama is a Lame Duck and has lost his enthusiasm for his job, and should take an early retirement and resign ASAP. I don’t think Biden would be as bad as Obama. Cameron is a better leader than Obama.

                    • John Kinory, self-declared Left of Center Moderate, agrees with Crazy Eddie, the Tea Party Used Car Lot Dealer, in regards to Obama’s Blackness = African Muslim, i.e. America is ruined1111111


  2. We should have the mother of all parties to celebrate Brexit…..Time to sit back relax and enjoy watching the EU ( what is left of it ) Implode/Explode…..

    • “We should have the mother of all parties to celebrate Brexit..”

      Celebrate what exactly?
      The collapse of the UK economy?
      The lies exposed and admitted to on TV the day after?
      The triumph of xenophobia over reason?
      The triumph of falsehood and economic illiteracy over a future for our children and grandchildren?

      You might want to celebrate these but no sane or rational being will.
      If you want to sit back and watch the EU Implode/Explode, please do so and do hold your breath while you are waiting because you will be waiting a long time.

      • Bozo, The UK existed and thrived BEFORE the EU – and CAN return to its previous state. The EU is the Borg that is on the way to destruction.

        The Islamist invasion, the election of a Muslim mayor of Londonistan is why the British people voted for Exit.

        A big FU to the EU.

        • “Bozo, The UK existed and thrived BEFORE the EU – and CAN return to its previous state”
          You mean we can re-colonise all our former colonies? That should be interesting.

          “The Islamist invasion, the election of a Muslim mayor of Londonistan is why the British people voted for Exit.”
          None of which has anything to do with the EU. But you are right in the sense that many of those who voted to Leave did so on the basis of the toxic atmosphere of xenophobia that was created.
          Xenophobia, ignorance and downright stupidity are many of the reasons behind the victory of the Leave side and Edward those same three characteristics are three that you have shown time and time again you have in abundance.

          • Gerry, > You mean we can re-colonise all our former colonies?

            FIRST try stopping the invasion of Islamists and Socialists. Then you can stumble to your favorite pub to plan re-colonizing former colonies – but the American people will resist.

            • Eddie a lot of the American people are the descendant of the British people who colonised America.
              Remember you are the one who advocates the UK returning to its previous state when it thrived.
              Are you a descendant of Benedict Arnold?

              • Gerry, the American colonists defeated the British – you might have heard of it.

                The Israelis insulted the British by not letting themselves be massacred by the Arabs. BIG THANKS to the Czechs for providing weapons to the Israelis!

                Are you a descendant of king george or the duke of windsore (ouch) or some other failed git/wog/wanker/dork?

                • Not quite Eddie. It was the French that freed you from the British yoke. For the like of me I can’t understand why your capital is not called Amiral de Grasse DC. Anyway it will soon be July 4th ” go kiss a Frenchman day”.

                  • Right O Dullamy! That’s why French is the most spoken language in the US of A. Did you bump your head on the Blarney Stone?

                • Edward you are not very bright are you?
                  Try and find both of your brain cells and remember that I am a Welshman living in Europe, in an EU country other than the UK.

                  Now I’ll try and educate you about the history of your own country and the role Welsh people played in its foundation and struggle for independence.

                  “William Penn, 1644-1718, proclaimed freedom of religion and planned New Wales, later named Pennsylvania. Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, third President of the United States, composed the Declaration of Independence. Robert Morris, 1734-1806, foremost financier of the American Revolution and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816, wrote the final draft of the Constitution of the United States. John Marshall, 1755-1835, Chief Justice of the United States and father of American constitutional law.”
                  And as for the Declaration of Independence above, “16 signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Welsh descent: George Clymer, Stephen Hopkins, Robert Morris, William Floyd, Francis Hopkinson, John Morton, Britton Gwinnett, Thomas Jefferson, John Penn, George Read, John Hewes, Francis Lewis, James Smith, Williams Hooper, Lewis Morris, and William Williams. ”

                  Edward before you copy your hero Donald Trump and open your big mouth and jam both feet firmly in it again, try and think before you write. Better still try and understand and have some knowledge about the subject you are posting about. When you do you will not make your self look such a dozy prick!

                  • Twice you’ve tantalized us by declaring that you are not living in Wales, but living in a bunker in Eurabia. Why so coy, Wanker?

                    Get used to saying President Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, you jealous little git..

                    And the Great Americans who you listed, rejected the monarchy you bow and scrape and curtsy to.

                    • Edward what are you waffling on about?
                      To be jealous about the poor USA ending up with Trump as President is as likely as being jealous of someone who is about to get syphilis.

                    • Eddie I agree with this eloquent Scottish lady who made this poster to let Trump know how Scotland, and many others, feel about him.

                    • Gerry the Jerk, Your scottish “lady” AKA WHORE is one of the filth that make up Backstabbing, Socialist, Islamofascist Appeasing > scotland <

                      The scumbag scots traded the BLOOD of those who died (including scots) in the bombing of Pan Am 103 for OIL contract in libya.

                      Eternal Nakba for scotland – the land of WHORES.

                      The best thing for the UK would be for scotland to cut itself off and become a Socialist Islamic Caliphate – and if the Brits are too stupid to build a wall between itself and scotland, Donald Trump can show you.

                      Over to you, you little welsh wanker.

                    • Eddie you cretin there is a wall already between Scotland and England it was built by the Emperor Hadrian.
                      As for Trump’s wall, his proposal to build it is as big a con as Trump University.

                      Eddie start to learn the Mexican National Anthem it will be yours in a few years time.

                      By the way Eddie how do you know the Scots lady is a whore, is she your Mother?

                    • Ignorcunt Gerry, Is the wall impenetrable like the one between Israel and Gazastan?

                      Try building a moat between scumbag scotland and the rest of your former homeland – the one you abandoned like a weaselly rat.

                      Think the wall needs some patching after 2,000 years? Ask your dentist to patch it up like your corroded teeth.

                    • Eddie as you have not denied I take it as confirmed that the whore is your Mother.

                      It is obvious now what your problem is. Because you were abandoned by Mommy dearest who went off whoring in Scotland you have to pretend to be a big tough right-winger to make up for your feelings of rejection and insecurity.
                      It also explains why you have negative feelings towards the UK after Mommy chose to go whoring in Scotland and left you behind.

                      Poor, poor Eddie.

                    • Gerry, You’re against Brexit because your whore welsh/scottish mother won’t have any more customers from the EU. She’ll be limited to the UK.

                      But don’t worry, refugee invaders should take up the slack – as long as they can pay your mother with benefits that the Socialist government showers on invaders from Arabia.

                    • Eddie, just to put you straight on a few facts.
                      One my Mother was not a whore. Something I am proud to state, unlike you.
                      Two my Mother was not Welsh or Scottish, but English.

                      As usual you open your mouth and spew out factually incorrect rubbish.

                      Now you are getting very boring Eddie. Try to write something that is correct or even amusing for a change, it will be a pleasant change to laugh with you rather than at you as is normal.

            • Xenophobic Ignorant Arrogant Aggressive Opinionated Remain Voters……Who got their Asses in a sling….

          • And more of the juvenile dumb ignorant screeching about ‘xenophobia’ and the ‘collapse of the economy’.
            And this bozo whines about ‘economic literacy’ …

            • Kinky Kinnory if you have a rational or logical argument I’ll be happy to read it.
              Or you can stick to what you know best being a failed, but wannabe, ‘luvvie’.

            • Kinky Kinory I note that the CST has joined me in “juvenile dumb ignorant screeching about ‘xenophobia’ ”


              You and the other pathetic xenophobes have stoked the fires of racism to get the narrow majority in last Thursday’s vote, now others have to pay the price for your disgusting racist populism.

              Those like you and Crazy Eddie and all your ilk who stir up racism should be banned, and where possible prosecuted.

              • Gerry, Your home in Whales is beckoning you to document the collapse of the UK – a collapse thanks to the efforts of socialist aholes like yourself who want more people with Islamofascist values to flood in.

                You typify the cutting off your nose to spite Western Civilization of Socialist Scum and their playing the Islamofauxbia card – especially after Brussels, Orlando, Istanbul.

                You are one of the many reasons the UK is turning into Socialist Shit.

        • Not really……. the way the EU is going at the moment………I won’t have to wait too long….

          • So what are you celebrating exactly?
            Or are you the same as Edward incapable of writing anything other than crass slogans and soundbites you have heard others use
            and repeat without understanding their meaning.

            As I suggested to you above do hold your breath until the EU implodes/explodes if you are that confident of your prediction of the end of the EU.

            • Gerry, I’m guessing that you were disappointed with Brexit. Is that your Nakba? I do await Civil War breaking out in the EU and your under siege Queendom.

              • Eddie thank you for demonstrating what Orwell’s concept of “doublethink” in his novel 1984 means.
                Yesterday you wrote;
                “Bozo, The UK existed and thrived BEFORE the EU – and CAN return to its previous state”
                Spouting the Brexit line that UK will be better off outside the EU.
                Today you write;
                ” I do await Civil War breaking out in the EU and your under siege Queendom.”
                So now Brexit will lead to Civil War in the UK.

                A classic example of holding two contradictory positions at the same time, i.e. “doublethink”
                Eddie if you haven’t read George Orwell’s ‘1984’ get someone to read it out aloud to you, it is written in English and has big words in it which you will not be able to comprehend with your poor level of literacy. Get an adult to read them and explain them to you.

                Now I’ll give you and the other idiot celebrating Brexit a much needed reminder.
                The U.K is STILL a member of the EU and will remain so until the U.K. Government has informed the EU that it formally wants to start the procedure outlined in Article 50. After this has started there will be a further 2 years to negotiate a possible exit and the future relationship between the U.K and the EU A former PM, Harold Wilson once said that a week was a long time in politics, 2 years is almost a lifetime and much can happen in that 2 years to change the situation.

                To emphasise, for the simpletons, all that has happened is a referendum has been held and decided by 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the EU.
                The outcome of the referendum is NOT legally binding on the Government.

                • Gerry, You ignorant wanker/yob/git/slob/brit,

                  The results of the Brexit vote was enough for Cameron to announce his stepping down. I like Cameron. Too bad. He should stick it out and lead the UK back to independence and prosperity. Something a socialist pig like corbyn could never do. As a socialist coward, you fled the UK for the EU. Probably for some embarrassing legal reason.

      • Look at the EU’s policies toward Israel. How would you describe them, Gerald? Are they fair? If not, then don’t blame supporters of Israel such as bargouti for not being in love with the EU.

        I don’t know if leaving the EU was right or wrong for Britain in the long run. Time will tell, but the people have spoken.
        One thing I do know is that Gerald and Edward make for a very entertaining comedy team. No offense, but you guys have me laughing my ass off (below). One suggestion. Unload Bellamy. He’s a stiff.

        • jeff21st you asked me a couple of questions.
          “How would I describe the EU policies towards Israel” Some good and a lot are bad.
          “Are they fair” No, but will they improve with the U.K. outside the EU also No.

          jeff it is one thing to be not in love with the EU, it is something else to celebrate the chaos and financial meltdown that Brexit will cause and to celebrate an imaginary civil war?
          Let me ask you jeff21st there are many supporters of Israel who are not happy with the policies of the Obama administration towards Israel, would you think it acceptable for them to call for the splitting up of the USA?
          Worse still, how would you view them celebrating the prospect of a civil war, however remote that prospect may be?

          Jonathan Hoffman, who is well known as a staunch supporter of Israel, supported the REMAIN campaign as he states in his article, link below.

          As for Crazy Eddie and bampot well very country has supporters they would be better off without. Give me the support of a Jonathan Hoffman against the wild ravings of Crazy Eddie and bampot any day.

      • Perhaps you could celebrate democracy. Perhaps celebrate the fact that the decisions about your country will be made in your own country. That might be something to celebrate.

        • Jeff21st that bullshit about taking back control is nonsense.
          Look at how decisions are taken in the EU, look at the role of the Council of Ministers and the role of national parliaments. Then look at the number of ‘opt-outs’ the U.K. had from various areas of the EU when you have done that you will be able to see for yourself that the stories put out about the loss of democracy in the EU is just a load of ill informed bullshit.

          Tell me Jeff in the USA do the various states have to abide by decisions of the Federal Government?
          Are you also advocating celebrating the return of democracy when the USA breaks up?
          Are you even advocating the right for all the citizens in the various states to democratically decide if they want to remain a part of a Federal USA?

          I look forward to your answers Jeff.

          • Are you aware of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Gerald? We in the US are trying to fight that agreement which our President tried to impose on us by avoiding Congress because our Congress is all fucked up. TPP has tribunals and technocrats able to override local law and state control. Does that count?

            • koufaxmitzvah I have only vaguely heard of it, and would readily admit I know nothing about it.
              It is hard enough to keep up with what is going on in Europe.
              My only information about the USA comes from the media and the internet, (please don’t shout at me, but I admit to watching Fox News on times) all of those sources I treat with the degree of scepticism they deserve.

              • koufaxmitzvah if I were a US citizen I would probably be voting for Hilary Clinton as opposed to the petulant and obnoxious Trump. My first preference would have been Bernie Sanders.

                • You and I would be the same way then. Although since I live in Texas, with the power of the Electoral College, my vote will not count and go straight to Drumpf. That said, we have a wonderful write-in system, in which case I may choose Bernie, but I also might go full-on political and choose Bill the Cat instead.

                  He is a true American hero.

                  • socialistnakba, When Donald Trump is elected President of the United States of America, don’t move to Canada. Move to Mexico.

                    • Is that the sound of you choking and gasping for air when Trump is Elected?

                      You prefer Hillarity – Angela Merkels Evil Twin?

                    • If this were the ’50s, and you were forced out of your mother’s basement, I see you as the junior used car salesman waiting for that opportunity to open your very own car lot, Crazy Eddie’s. You just can’t wait to open Crazy Eddie’s because it’s such a great name (and you came up with it all yourself– well, more like this haunted you in young lad days since it’s the words that taunted you until you dropped out of high school, but this isn’t a biography, Ed, it’s a breakdown) and you’re seriously concerned that some other Eddie is going to open that car lot first. But you know, and I know– in fact, We All Know– that there isn’t an Eddie out there any crazier than you.

                      That, my mentally disturbed, Alex Jones loving, Rush Limbaugh spewing, Nigel Farrage wishing nuthole windbag of petulant crap and confusion, is something you can rely on.

                    • socialistnakba, Get your crap packed up. Mexico is waiting for a socialist gringo like you. Will any family member be willing to pay the ransom? Probably not.

                    • Crazy Eddie not only would we not pay a ransom for you, I would be quite happy to arrange a collection to pay the bandits to keep you!
                      Only problem is that the bandits would have a case at the UN Human Rights Commission for cruel and inhuman punishment for inflicting you upon them.

              • Globalization is scary. If it simply meant, We’re All In This Together, then I’d be all for it. But what it really means is that people in America and Europe benefit off the slave labor work of people in Asia and Africa. Which is the real form of Imperialism the faux philosophers of BDS claim to demonstrate against.

                In terms of TPP, the agreement would allow a natural gas company headquartered in Thailand to push their way into Colorado and frack the fuck out of the environment even if the city and state passed laws against fracking.

                The worst part of Globalization, I think, are the people in control of putting it together. If they weren’t such capitalist pigs, and actually allowed the poorest of us all to not be the most abused, there may not be an attraction to the xenophobic response against them.

                There’s a great book about Genghis Khan. He was brutal, but only to the rich landowners he and his clan raided. The poor servants were not only allowed to live, but to speak their own language and to pray their own way. As long as they paid their tax money to Khan, he didn’t care how individualistic they wished to be. Khan’s fierce reputation won him many battles before they began. More so, his humanitarianism won him the support for a peaceful relationship.

                Anyway, just more free form KFM thought. Hope you’re well and don’t get too screwed up over the next 2 years. Boris is a true sensation out here. We like his hair.

                • koufaxmitzvah are you aware that Boris Johnson was actually born in New York?
                  As much as I disagree with his politics I would be the first to admit he as an agile mind, is intelligent and is a very good writer.

                  • I did not know that. Interesting. I find it fascinating that so many people hang outside his home to hurl insults in the most polite way early in the morning. And he smiles and carries on, driving down the wrong side of the road.

                • “If they weren’t such capitalist pigs, ”
                  Couldn’t they be some other form of pigs? Socialist pigs, for instance? (No, I am not Edward.) Islamist pigs? Nazi pigs?

                  I don’t find that story about Genghis Khan exactly awe inspiring. People could be themselves as long as they paid him protection money?

                  • They were already paying the rich people their tax money, and those rich people were not as open as Genghis was to their livelihood. Since GK didn’t care about killing them, and didn’t suppress them, they were happy loyal subjects. These people lived at a time when their lots in life were decided before they were born, so to live their lives free of hassle and to also be able to express themselves was charming if not a goal.

            • “It’s a cretnous ‘analogy’.”

              What is ‘cretnous’ (sic) Kinnory?
              Is it part of a special version of the English language used by the demented xenophobes who support Brexit?

              • xenofascistphiles like Gerry and his fellow Eurotrash will make great beheading test dummies for ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Boko Haram. I look forward to Gerry starring role in an ISIS video.

                • Crazy Eddie I see you still have a detached relationship with logic, common sense and the English language.

                  “xenofascistphiles” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at an education system that can produce such gibberish.
                  Try writing your posts in your native language Crazy Eddie your attempts at writing in English are failing badly.

                  • Eurotrash Gerry, there’s no place for you in Continental Eurabia. Return to your ancestral hovel in Whales – probably now occupied by “rapefugees”. If you show them the appropriate respec, they might throw you some scraps.

                    • Crazy Eddie worry more about your new neighbours.
                      I hope you like mariachi band music and tacos.

              • More unhinged screeching from the demented ignorant bigot Gerald, who can’t even get my name right but shrieks about the fact that my finger slipped on a tiny KB …

                • Kinky Kinory try using some new insults you have worn your old ones out. I can understand why you have to rely on them you have yet on any thread to post a rational, or logical argument.
                  As for getting your name wrong, shit is shit no matter what you call it and you my friend are one walking heap of xenophobic, ignorant shit.

          • We in the US don’t like having our laws and regulations dictated from abroad.
            You ask me if the various states have to abide by the decisions of the federal government. It’s a little complicated, but we actually elect representatives to the federal government, they legislate, and if we don’t like the job they are doing we actually get to throw the bums out. Under the Constitution the federal government has (at least in theory) limited, enumerated powers, after that all rights fall to the states and to the people. An old yet still current and frequent American saying is, “There ain’t no law against it.” But I don’t think the American people would stand for laws coming our way from unelected commissions in Brussels.

            • Jeff21st I did suggest that you found out for yourself how the EU works.
              If you had you would have discovered not only how legislation is introduced and decided upon but also the role of the EU parliament AND the respective National parliaments in the legislative process.

              Whatever makes you think that the European Commission is unelected?
              They are elected jeff21st and whoever told you they were not was either lying to you or is ignorant of the democratic process by which we get the President of the Commission and the Commissioners themselves.

              The EU parliament is directly elected by each member states electorate and is proportionate to the population size of each of the member states, e.g. the U.K. elects more MEPs than Ireland.
              The Council of Ministers is comprised of the appropriate Minister ( Finance Minister if they are discussing finance) from each of the democratically elected Governments of each of the member states.

              Jeff21st as I wrote above whatever source you are using for your information about the EU is misleading you either deliberately or through their own ignorance about how the EU and its democracy works.
              Can it be improved? Of course it can, every democracy anywhere can be improved.


    DEBKAfile lists the 8 most likely immediate results of the British voter’s decision to leave the European Union after 43 years;

    • According to the latest reports, Prime Minister David Cameron is in a hurry to step down and hand over to a successor in the next month or two, and not wait until October, as he said in his resignation speech.

    • Former London Mayor Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, who led the successful campaign to leave the EU, lead the pack of ten Conservative Parliament Members in the running for prime minister. Sources in London say that both are wasting no time and have begun work on building the next cabinet.

    • Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, called for a speedy divorce from Britain and said it would not be amicable.

    • Nearly 1.5 million Brits signed a petition calling for a new referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union. Its chances are slim.

    • Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for preparations for a second independence vote from the UK. This is a remote prospect since there is no majority for such a step among the Scots.

    • Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to resign as Labor party leader. A vote of no confidence in his leadership will take place on Tuesday June 28 following his campaign to keep the UK in the EU when many party members voted against.

    • Moody’s rating agency changed Britain’s outlook from “positive’ to ‘negative’.

    • Two trillion and one billion US dollars were wiped out on global markets after the vote. The US and British markets were least affected.