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Times of London again suggests that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital (Update)

In 2014, we prompted a correction to a Times of London print article falsely claiming that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital – an error that other news outlets, including the Guardianhave been forced to retract over the years.

Today, we noticed that Times of London made a similar error in an article on Turkey’s recent reconciliation with Israel (Isolated Turkey mends ties with Russia, Israel and perhaps Egypt, June 28th.)

Here are the relevant passages:

Times tel aviv (1)

second tel aviv ref

As we’ve noted repeatedly, though most countries have their embassies in Tel Aviv (for diplomatic reasons pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict), this doesn’t mean that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.  Even if Times of London editors want to avoid acknowledging that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, they simply can’t deny that this is the city where the prime minister’s office, the Knesset, the Supreme Court and most institutions of government are located. 

In 2012, the Press Complaints Commission ruled that it is wrong to claim that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

We’ve contacted Times of London editors seeking a correction.  

UPDATE: See an update to this post here. 

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    • At the moment the capital of the UK is Rotherham where the real action is happening. So the Times of London being busy with Israel’s capital is natural.