UK Media Watch prompts speedy Times of London correction on Israel’s capital

Less than an hour ago, we posted on a Times of London article which included two sentences falsely suggesting that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

Within a half hour after complaining to Times of London editors, they responded and informed us that the references to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital have been removed from the online edition. In both sentences, the word “Tel Aviv” was replaced with “Israel. 

We commend editors on the quick correction. 

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  1. “Tel Aviv” was replaced with “Israel”

    So they still won’t accept that Israel’s capital is Jerusalem.

    • No, they don’t. Neither do most media outlets. The best we can do for the time being is to at least prevent them from claiming that Tel Aviv is.

  2. Don’t the Times have Jewish staff who know only too well about Jerusalem.
    This is following the stance of the “Good Friend of Israel” David Cameron and his bunch of Arabists in the F&CO
    Shows influence of JLC and BOD!!

  3. They know Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Saying it isn’t is but one of many lies they tell to cover up their own sorted history.

  4. At the time that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital…..The ancestors of these shmucks were merrily swinging from the trees and practicing cannibalism……

      • Crazy Eddie read this, it shows Trump and his supporters in their true historical perspective;

        “WASHINGTON — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump boils down his foreign policy agenda to two words: “America First.”

        For students of US history, that slogan harkens back to the tumultuous presidential election of 1940, when hundreds of thousands of Americans joined the antiwar America First Committee. That isolationist group’s primary goal was to keep the United States from joining Britain in the fight against Nazi Germany, which by then had overrun nearly all of Europe. But the committee is also remembered for the unvarnished anti-Semitism of some of its most prominent members and praise for the economic policies of Adolf Hitler.

        Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not respond to messages this week seeking comment about the America First slogan.

        The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights organization, sent Trump a letter two months ago urging him to refrain from using “America First.” ”

        If you have historical evidence to disprove it then I would love to read it, if not just resort to your usual abuse and name calling or irrelevant BS. It will not change history or the facts but if it makes you feel better even though it does make you look very,very silly go ahead.

        • Crazy Gerry, If you are sincerely against references to National SOCIALISM, then reject Socialist Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Socialist meme –

          because Socialist SHlTler and his National Socialist Party, his NSDAP – National Socialist Deutch/German Arbiter/Workers Party – was a SOCIALIST Party –

          iike the SWP (Socialist Workers Party),

          AND reject the British Laboor Party because it is infested with Anti-Semites, some of whom have been suspended from the Laboor Party due to their embarrassing comments regarding Jews and Israel.

          Ask Trumps daughter and son-in-law whether Trump is an anti-Semite.

          • As I expected, no attempt to contradict the substance and content of the piece.
            Just Crazy Eddie’s usual irrelevant bullshit.

            Why don’t you come clean and admit the truth Crazy Eddie you are as much a neo-Nazi as the original ‘America First committee’
            you only pretend to support Israel so you can find an outlet for your hysterical outbursts against Muslims and anyone you consider left-wing.

            • Crazy Gerry, Your crazy comments are easily refutable. Happy Eternal Nakba you darn Socialist!

              To a unrepentant Socialist, a “hysterical outbust” against terrorist Muslims is Islamofauxbic.

              Crazy Gerry, Take your Islamofauxbia and stick it where the Sun don’t shine in Whales.

              • Crazy Eddie if they are ‘easily refutable’ where is your refutation?

                Happy Eternal Snackbar Crazy Eddie!

                • Crazy Gerry, Trumps daughter married a Jewish guy and she converted the Orthodox Jewish way. You still want to bleat the Trump is anti-Semitic? Probably so since you are a brain damaged Socialist Ahole.

                  Happy Eternal Nakba you piece of Socialist Shitler!

                  • How does that useless piece of gossip refute the piece I posted above?
                    Are you really that moronic?
                    Silly question, of course you are Crazy Eddie.

                    Happy Eternal Snackbar you racist f**kwit!

                    • Crazy Gerry barked…

                      > How does that useless piece of gossip refute the piece I posted above?

                      Are you claiming that Trumps daughter did not marry an Orthodox Jew and that she converted before she married, and that her two children are Jews?

                      Tell me more you ignorant twat.

                      > Are you really that moronic?

                      An excerpt from your bathroom mirror conversations?

                      > Silly question, of course you are Crazy Eddie.

                      Anyone who isn’t a Socialist, card carrying Laboor party member is crazy?

                      Happy Eternal NAKBA you racist f**kunt!

                    • Got yourself some tax issues? Care to blame Socialists, Communists, Islamofascists, and Environmentalists? Well, come on down to Crazy Eddies, where servicing people with credibility issues is our No. 1 priority!

                      Say you want to get mad about one of them bombings at an airport that’s happening these days. You might say, What can I do? But not when you’re at Crazy Eddies! Here we can either say something vintage like, I’m Gonna Rock and Sock ‘Em Through Hell and High Water! or maybe we’ll rattle on with some super modern day mantra like, Islaminization Is Coming! Hide Yer Women and Children!

                      And don’t you worry! We’ve got more Cheap Insults as well as some really nice pieces of Rewritten History! Cuz nuthin’ says Crazy crazier than Crazy Eddies! YEE-HAW!!@1111

                      Now don’t fergit to hit play on one of them thar videos up above and have yourselves a gangbuster afternoon into evening! HOOOWEEEEE! Crazy Eddies!11

        • Gerald,
          Are you saying that Trump wants to keep the US out of WWII?

          The use of the term “America First” has some nasty historical connotations, it was actually a euphemism for isolationist positions of the right at the time. But you might be overplaying it just a bit here, Gerald. BTW, I know plenty of left-wing isolationists. Many on the progressive left eschew America’s prominence on the global stage. I must have heard 1000 times when I was growing up that America withdraw from its global commitments and ambitions and use “all that money” spent on defense and foreign aid for schools and health care and such. This has been the cry from the left for as long as I can remember. For crying out loud, these people were against the space program, because we could have used that money to feed the hungry children. It, of course, was bullshit. If we had wanted to feed hungry kids, we would have – we were rich and had plenty of money for both. It was just the usual bullshit from virtue signalers with no imagination. Obama has tried to disentangle the US from its mideast commitments and envisages Iranian regional hegemony as a natural, if not a desirable state of affairs. The “progressive” left’s hero has put daylight between the US and Israel. Obama has also expanded the reach of executive power in the US. I’m not crazy about that just as I’m not crazy about the abuse of the filibuster in the US Senate.

          I guess what I’m saying is that these are different times, even though don’t like the “America First” slogan and am not a Trump supporter. Then again, I’m not a Hillary or Bernie supporter either. Remember, “Deutschland Ueber Alles,” had a quite different meaning before Hitler got a hold of it.

          • jeff21st to answer your question. No that is not what I am saying.
            IF you read my post rather than just skim through and give a knee jerk reaction as Crazy Eddie has you will see that for yourself.
            Although to expect anything else from Crazy Eddie, who continuously demonstrates his inability to comprehend anything other than simplistic slogans, shows my inherent Christian charity even towards a right-wing shit stain and retard like Crazy Eddie.

            • jeff21st with a lot of the other points in your post I am in agreement.
              Yes there are a number of people on the ‘left’ who also support a foreign policy that could best be described as isolationist for various reasons.
              My own view when it comes to foreign policy is to adopt the same policy as Lord Palmerston, “We have no eternal allies, and we have no eternal enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”

              Yes I agree with you about the nonsense of weighing a budget for space exploration, which as we know has had innumerable spin-off benefits, against a budget for welfare.

              It will be interesting to see how President Obama is viewed in the future when everyone has the benefit of hindsight, particularly when he can be weighed against his successor. If that successor is Donald Trump then anyone would look favourable in comparison to that petulant and obnoxious pillock.
              Indeed compared to Trump, Daffy Duck would appear to be a genius.

  5. Tel Aviv isn’t the capital of Israel…Just as Tower Hamlets isn’t the capital of Great Britain…