UK Media prompts correction to UK sports journal claim on “illegality” of occupation

False reports on Israel sometimes turn up in the most unexpected places.

Earlier in the week, we received a complaint about an article in a UK-based online sports journal called Inside the Games.


The article, about FIFA’s efforts to mediate a dispute between Israel and the PA over travel permits for Palestinian football players (“Sexwale admits ‘slow progress’ following FIFA visit to Israel and Palestine“, July 2) included the claim – in a passage attempting to provide political context on the row – that “Israel’s occupation of the region is considered illegal under international law.”

This is not true.

Though the settlements are considered illegal by much of the international community, there is no consensus under international law that the occupation itself is “illegal”

Indeed, a March 21, 2016 New York Times correction, prompted by a CAMERA complaint over the same issue, stated:

An article on Jan. 13 about a divestment action against Israeli banks by the United Methodist Church pension board referred incorrectly to the Palestinian territories, where, the board said, the banks help finance Israeli settlement construction. While most of the world officially considers the territories to be occupied, and the settlements illegal, there is no consensus that the occupation itself is illegal. The error was brought to the attention of editors only this week. (Emphasis added.)

(See more background on the correction here.)

We contacted editors of Inside the Games pointing out the error, and promptly received a reply from the reporter informing us that the sentence in question was removed from the article.

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  1. Ignorant morons with nil legal understanding, and demented Jew-haters like much of the BBC for example, can screech that the settlements are ‘illegal’. When challenged to provide chapter and verse, they invariably do one of the following: mumble something illiterate and stupid about ‘Geneva’, or scream that I am a ‘Palestinian-hating racist and bigot’. Or both things, of course.
    As to the occupation itself … oy vey. Any mention of the UN resolutions that formalise the occupation (assuming one accepts that the UN has any sort of legal authority, which is utter nonsense) tends to cause their so-called ‘brains’ to seize completely.

  2. Yes, it’s a legitimate and obviously serious dispute, but the law — such as it is — is unclear.
    Five outside armies invaded the State of Israel in the War of Independence era, then the 1953 War with Egypt, the the simmering low intensity conflict, then the disastrous founding of the “Palestinian Liberation Organization” — thus the wise decision not to be murdered victims and the Six-Day War in 1967.
    Righteous religious Jews will surely negotiate with fair-minded. peaceful opponents, to share the former Palestine Mandate. About 83% of that territory became the State of Israel.
    It is barbaric to see a people (any people) mocked and attacked and terrorized for wanting to legally create a homeland, nurture their children and their creativity, and prosper.