Telegraph claims Nice terror is first such attack on kids: forgets about Toulouse (Update)

Telegraph columnist Bryony Gordon penned an op-ed (Now they have come for families, July 16) on the Nice terror attack suggesting that the truck-ramming assault that claimed at least 84 lives represented the first time in the West that jihadists have targeted children.

In noting that at least 10 children were killed by the Tunisian-born terrorist, named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, Gordon makes the following point:

There is nothing more innocent than a child. Nothing. That is not to say that the deaths at the Bataclan or in Brussels were any less tragic than those that occurred on Bastille Day; or that the 84 adults who were killed on Thursday night in Nice should be grieved less than the ten children who found their lives cut short just as the holidays were beginning. It is not at all. It is simply to say that the attack in Nice has shown that nothing is sacred any more. Nothing. Men, women, children… to fanatics like Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel,  we are no more than human bowling pins. 

This September, it will be 15 years since we entered the murky world of modern terrorism: suicide bombers with scant regard for their own lives let alone anybody else’s. First they came for the businessmen and women. Then eventually they came for the young, carefree concert goers.

Now they have come for the families. For the children. Perhaps this should not be a surprise given they have been doing it for years in Syria and Iraq. But in the western world, it is a monstrous first.

However, even if we were to ignore attacks on children in Israel, Nice did not represent a monstrous “first” in the West.

In 2012, three Jewish children and one adult were murdered by a jihadist named Mohammed Merah in an attack on a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse.

Here’s the Telegraph’s chilling account of the attack:

The dark motor scooter pulled up and a man described as “determined and athletic” dismounted. Without removing his helmet or saying a word, he opened fire.

Witnesses described how the gunman aimed at whoever was in his path, first shooting Jonathan Sandler, 30, a rabbi and teacher, along with his two sons, Aryeh, six, and Gavriel, three, as they waited for a minibus to take them to their nursery. All three are dead.

Then, when his 9mm weapon jammed, the killer switched to a .45-calibre gun, entered the school gates and chased children as they fled for cover.

He shot a 17-year-old pupil, who is now fighting for his life in hospital, and then cornered eight-year old Miriam, the daughter of the school principal, Yaacov Monsonego. He put the gun to her head and shot her.

It’s hard to imagine how, when writing her op-ed, Gordon could have forgotten about the Jewish children targeted in Toulouse, an attack accurately characterized as the “worst antisemitic atrocity on French soil in decades”.


The journalist responded to our tweet, apologizing for the omission:

UPDATE 2: The Telegraph responded to our complaint and removed the false claim.

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  1. However, even if we were to ignore attacks on children in Israel,…
    …and why should anyone ignore the Israeli terror attacks against children? Israeli lives don’t matter?

    • I was pre-empting a possible reply by the writer that she was narrrowly referring to Europe and the US

      • From the article you quote it is very clear that the author intentionally disregards Palestinian terror. He wrote: “This September, it will be 15 years since we entered the murky world of modern terrorism”. Meaning the victims of Arab terrorism in Israel don’t count. Only one example the Ma’alot massacre with its 22 children victims in 1974 is certainly not terrorism? Or the victims of Oslo? The exploding buses and pizza parlors? The Dolphinarium disco with 21 teenager victims?
        Gordon obviously don’t consider Israeli children as humans. He is just a loyal spiritual offspring of the good old European Jew-killers.

        • I believe most people in the US military consider the War on Terror beginning with the Munich Games, September 1972.

          Utilizing an international audience to carry out systematic murder for political purposes. The world was shocked back then. Totally stunned that this could possibly happen. People watched the Arabs celebrate in the streets, for crapsake, and the IOC wanted everyone to forget it had ever happened.

          Yup…. Nothing better than Westerners and their Journalists.

  2. You are not getting it. To modern British ‘journalists’ – or rather, the vile dreck pretending to be ‘journalists’ – Jews do not count.

  3. The point is the press is the problem- they have misreported on the war against the west by radical Islam since Khomeini in 1967. They saw terror against Jews as no problem; Khomeini was some kind of Buddhist, Saddam was harming no one, the Rushdie Affair a trifle, and then asked why do they hate us after 911.

    Any thinking person should have seen that mass immigration of mostly unemployable Muslims from tribal-honor based societies was a formula for disaster and that was before 911.

    The Islamic world is imploding and one should not bet on any of the countries on the Islamic map surviving with the same borders twenty years from now. The Saudis look like they are on their last legs and even Iran is not safe.

    We have fought the wrong war against the wrong enemy since 911- the enemy is the ignorance and unreformed radical Islam, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. We will win when we turn our guns on their legitimacy- the notion that they speak for anything other than unmodern unreconstructed backward ignorance and oppression. It will still take 30 years but the moment they touch a phone and the internet, the old Islamic world crumbles. When we force the institutions of Islam to modernize and reform themselves, we will be on the path to victory and our children will be safe.

  4. As additional evidence that Jewish lives don’t matter, Gordon also states that suicide bombings started 15 year ago; she presumably refers to 9-11.

    A total of 175 bomb attacks had been carried out by Palestinian terrorists prior to 9-11. the vast majority of which resulted in casualties, 804 people in total and yes, among them children.

    JLM is often used as an abbreviation for Jerusalem. It should also mean “Jewish Lives Matter.”

  5. I seem to remember terrorist attacks on European soil in the 1970’s. Perhaps the author of the article is young and ill-prepared to be a journalist.

  6. Regarding the update – according to it Gordon says that she just made a mistake.
    Poor lady – working under pressure she is making mistakes….
    My bullshit meter went out of range.