Telegraph journalist apologizes for omitting Toulouse massacre in her op-ed

Yesterday, we posted about a Telegraph op-ed by Bryony Gordon (Now they have come for families, July 16) on the Nice terror attack which erroneously suggested that the truck-ramming assault that claimed at least 84 lives (including 10 children) represented the first time in the West that jihadists targeted children.  

As we noted, contrary to Gordon’s claim, Nice did not in fact represent a monstrous “first” in the West.

In 2012, three Jewish children (ages 3, 6 and 8) and one adult were brutally murdered by a jihadist named Mohammed Merah in an attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse.

Following our post, we tweeted Ms. Gordon, asking for a comment.  

This morning, she responded in two tweets.

We responded thusly:

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  1. People do make mistakes, and she is not evil. I’m glad she took the time to apologise. I hope the Telegraph amends the article accordingly.

  2. I suspect those using the term “evil” were simply over-reacting, on the (not unreasonable but still erroneous) assumption that the omission was due to anti-Semitism rather than innocent oversight.

    • That depends on why they are ‘bad journalists’
      If it is because they are poor at their job, then I agree that does not necessarily make them evil.

      However one thing is for certain, an evil journalist is definitely a bad journalist.