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UK media fail to challenge 42 extraordinarily deceitful words on Balfour

The Guardian, Independent, and Sunday Times recently reported on threats by the Palestinian Authority to sue Britain over the 1917 Balfour Declaration which expressed British support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”.

Though each publication acknowledged that such legal threats have no chance of succeeding, all included – and failed to challenge – a quote by Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki which falsely casts themselves as a native people, while portraying the Jews as interlopers and agents of European imperialism:

“…based on this ill-omened promise [Balfour] hundreds of thousands of Jews were moved from Europe and elsewhere to Palestine at the expense of our Palestinian people whose parents and grandparents had lived for thousands of years on the soil of their homeland.

First, note how Malki used the words “were moved”, rather than “moved” to erroneously suggest that Jews were sent by foreign governments as part of a colonial project, when in fact Jews emigrated on their own – from Europe and the Middle East – to escape antisemitism and genocide.

Malki also includes the completely ahistorical assertion that Palestinians “had lived for thousands of years on the soil of their homeland”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

When Jews began to immigrate to Palestine in large numbers in the 1880s, fewer than 250,000 Arabs lived there, and the majority of them had arrived in recent decades.  While Jews had maintained physical, spiritual and emotional ties to their historic homeland for several thousand years, the great majority of the Palestinian Arabs living in what became Israel (the reborn Jewish state) in 1948 were not indigenous to ‘Palestine’. They were, Middle East Historian David Bukay has written, relative newcomers to the area from surrounding Arab lands and were “either late immigrants or descendents of persons who had immigrated into Palestine in the previous 70 years”.

In testimony before the Anglo-American Committee in 1946, Palestinian-Arab leaders only claimed a connection to the land – of any sort – dating back no further than the 7th century – the period of conquest by Muhammad’s followers.

Such rewriting of history by the PA is of course nothing new. As Palestinian Media Watch continually documents, the Palestinian denial of Jewish history and the invention of Palestinian history represents the foundation of their political ideology.

Having erased Jewish [connection to the land], the PA fills the historical void by fabricating the ancient histories of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. PA academics claim that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims all populated the Land of Israel in Biblical times and even earlier. These fictions are all historically impossible, as the name “Palestine” as a replacement for the Land of Judea/Israel was coined by Rome only in 136 C.E., Islam was established only in 610 C.E., and Arabs first arrived in Israel with the Muslim invasion in 637 C.E.

Inventing thousands of years of history when none existed is accomplished through numerous distortions and lies, including changing the Biblical Canaanites into Arabs, changing Biblical Israelis, Judeans and Hebrews into Arabs and Muslims, changing the religion preached by Moses from Judaism into Islam, and changing Jesus into a Palestinian who preached Islam and not Christianity.

As we approach the Balfour Declaration’s centennial, we can likely expect more faux history of the region and more British media reports which fail to critically scrutinize such erroneous Palestinian claims.

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  1. The PA and Israel must sue the Vatican (Crusades) and Turkey (Ottoman occupation), Europe will start legal proceedings against Turkey because the hundreds of years of occupation of East/Central Europe and the Balkan. Naturally Macedonia can’t remain outside the loop – India, Iran and Afghanistan must demand the rendition of Alexander The Great plus financial compensation including the accumulated profits. The PA mustn’t stop with the UK, they have to sue God himself – he promised their land to the Jews exactly like Balfour. The International Association for Animal Rights shouldn’t remain silent either and they must demand legal proceedings against Noah who kept the animals in very small cages on the Arc…. Dear lawyers wake up! – the sky is the limit….

  2. The whole idea of the PA suing anybody because of the Balfour declaration is completely bonkers. The ‘Palestinians’ have lived for thousands of years in Israel…..really? I suppose fabrication of history is not a new thing.

      • Ah now that’s Palestinianism, insisting on the Palestinian narrative – that they are in fact the Jews, the indigenous people with a history going back thousands of years in Israel in the face of absolute proof!

        Books, archaeology, nothing matters to them but the illusion that the Palestinians are making up at a great rate, day by day.
        Go to the Museum of Palestinian History, built with donations from the world of course, and see the exhibits – there are none

      • Rather than just branding something you disagree with as “Delusional tripe” perhaps you would explain why in your opinion it is delusional tripe.
        Verifiable sources, other than your own opinion, justifying your description of it in such a derogatory manner would also be appreciated.

      • You’re right about one thing. The world is going backwards – thanks to Islamism and Socialism.

  3. My narrative says that Mahmoud Abbas is a fabrication of the CIA, and does not actually exist. Do you know anyone who has actually seen this alleged person?

  4. One more comment: The comments of the alleged Abbas remind me very much of the family in this sketch from Goodness Gracious Me – except that everything is Indian. There is no closer parallel than this sketch.

    Enjoy – and spread the word.