UK Media Watch prompts correction via Twitter to misleading Telegraph report

Last evening, we Tweeted a Telegraph journalist to point out an error and omission in a report (by Megan Charles) on an incident last month in which an Israeli Border Police officer allegedly confiscated a Palestinian girl’s bicycle in Hebron.  

First, we noted that the report failed to include the fact that the officer was “immediately suspended from active duty”.

Also we noted that her claim that the first real Jewish settlement in Hebron was established in 1967 was not correct.  It was established in 1979.

We then included @Telegraph in a new tweet to ask that the errors be addressed, and we soon received a tweet from the journalist informing us that both corrections were made.  

The date of the first Hebron settlement was changed, and a sentence on the soldier’s suspension was added to the report.

We commend Ms. Charles and the Telegraph for the correction.


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