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Times of London ‘reveals’ huge influx of Haredi Jews to Oxford University

Here’s the photo chosen by Times of London editors to illustrate an Aug. 3rd story titled ‘Labour suppressed antisemitic reports at Oxford University’.

haredi oxford

Some on Twitter were quick to point out the bizarre photo choice:

Of course, as most surely know, Jews at Oxford University look more like this:


Indeed, the Times of London photo choice is consistent with a curious pattern within the broader British media, whereby reports about Jews – in both Israel and the diaspora – are illustrated with photos depicting Haredim.  Relevant to the article in question, it should be stressed that Haredim represent a very small percentage of British Jews. 

Well, evidently in response to social media criticism, Times of London changed replaced the photo. Here’s how the article now appears:

new pic times

We’re glad they made the change, but are still curious about one thing: is there really a dearth of photos depicting non-Haredi Jewish students in the UK?


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  1. Due to the diligence of a dedicated online advocacy person for Israel, The Times have updated their photo library and have confirmed they will not use this picture again to depict all Jews. SHAMEFUL. An utter disgrace that this newspaper had to be prompted to choose a photograph that was not inaccurate or stereotypical.

  2. A dearth of photograph of Jews at Oxford? It depends. If you use “stock” photographs, I doubt whether there is a stock photograph of just ordinary Jews who are not even Orthodox. What’s the point of any photographer posting stock photographs of people taken from the back (privacy issues) when you can’t even tell they’re Jewish. And sending a photographer down to Oxford to take photographs of “some Jewish students at Oxford” costs m-o-n-e-y. Plus, you have to get their consent. Plus, they might insist, as the price of consent, that you publish their side of the story. No, much better choose a stock photograph of the buildings in which these Jewish students might or might not study. Cheaper, and no complications.