UK Media Watch prompts Guardian correction to claim Tel Aviv is Israeli capital

Last night, we tweeted this to the Guardian in response to an Aug. 8th article titled ‘Israel to crack down further on foreign pro-Palestinian activists’.

This morning, we contacted Guardian editors and argued that the passage falsely suggests that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.  

We noted that, in 2012, the Guardian was forced to acknowledge that it is wrong to state that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, and that their style guide was updated to note that – regardless of the international community’s views on the status of the city – Jerusalem is the seat of government. 

This afternoon, they responded to inform us that they upheld our complaint and replaced the word “Tel Aviv” in the sentence in question with the word “Israel”.

They’ve also added this addendum at the bottom of the article:

not tel aviv


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  1. Heaven forbid that the bar stewards should actually have substituted “Jerusalem” for Tel Aviv!!

  2. How many years of constant backflipping before one can rightfully accuse the Guardian and their Editors as being hopelessly idiotic and woefully inept at covering news from the region? I mean, if you can’t even acknowledge the capital city of a country, then you failed the geography quiz. We learned this in 5th grade.

  3. I often fantasize about inventing the product or service that no one can do without or replicate. I would locate the production facility somewhere in Judea or Samaria and only provide it to countries that recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    • Why fantasise? There are plenty of vital products that were invented in Israel. But for the pervasive galuti mindset of so many Jews, they would not now be provided to antisemites.