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Guardian highlights film in which Palestinians play Anne Frank.

By Richard Millett

Henry Barnes, site editor of, recently wrote about Anne Frank: Then and Now “starring Palestinian girls reading from the German-born Jew’s diary” which, quoting, Barnes described as a “clandestine cultural breakthrough” because it was secretly shown in Iran.

According to Barnes it “was filmed during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. The film is split between an educational documentary about Frank’s time hiding from the Nazis in occupied Holland and excerpts from the diary acted by two Israelis and eight Palestinian girls, one of whom performs in front of the rubble from an Israeli airstrike.”

The main aim of Croatian director Jakov Sedlar seems to be to “help spread information about the events of the Holocaust in Iran” and Arab countries.

This is a noble aim but why use Palestinian actors in Gaza? Why not just show, for example, Son of Saul which is the most explicit portrayal of the Holocaust imaginable.

Anyone viewing Anne Frank: Then and Now without any knowledge of the Holocaust will be left with the strong impression that the Palestinians are going through the same as the Jews did under the Nazis. The title of the film strongly implies that also.

My experience is that for anti-Israel activists one of their main planks of activism is comparing the Palestinians to the Jews in Nazi Germany and invoking Anne Frank. This tactic is, sadly, ubiquitous.

One of the worst examples was at an event attended by now Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP and the then Labour shadow justice minister Andy Slaughter MP where Love Letters to Gaza were read out on stage by actors. Here is a verse from one poem and here’s my clip of it:

“It is not now the Nazi state but Israel that blocks the seas.
It is not Auschwitz that stops the ship that carries hope and messages,
But those that might have died there.”

Then there is Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children that portrays the Jewish people slowly metamorphosing from victims under the Nazis into oppressors of the Palestinians. The play was staged by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign at the Polish Centre in London.

And here is my clip of an activist in parliament saying that Palestinian children are suffering worse than Anne Frank did.

This is par for the course of anti-Israel activism and I have witnessed many more examples of which this film seems to be, sadly, another.

I would like to be proved wrong about Anne Frank: Then and Now. I have not seen it in full. We have been provided with just one clip which the Guardian imbeds into Barnes’ piece. No other British newspaper seems to be highlighting this film, although the Israeli media is writing about its having been shown secretly in Iran.

But, for me, the biggest alarm bells about the film’s veracity are in which Barnes links to:

deadline guardian then and now

So David Robb of writes that as a Gazan actor speaks her lines “two men in gas masks run behind her”.

Maybe Robb, or Barnes for that matter, could explain to us the following: how could the cast and crew carry on filming if there was a need for gas masks to be worn by others in their immediate vicinity?

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    • In 1969 I visited AnneFrankHouse in Holland. Even then it was co-opted by El Fatah as it’s showcase for how its people are treated under ‘occupation’. Apparently it has remained so to this day. Ironically after the 6 day war, Israel came in an established all new utilities of water, sewage, power, hospitals, schools, universities, roads, telephone systems, etc. which had not been touched by either the Egyptian or Jordanian occupiers since the British left. 80,000 jobs became available in Israel paying 10 times earnings in the territories. Over the years, Israel haters have built up their own mythologies and now live in them. This story is just one example of that.

  1. Isn’t this a variation on the theme of the so-called “Palestinian holocaust” allegedly perpetrated by Israel on Gaza, a delusion laboured under despite the fact that the population in Gaza is growing and thriving?

  2. The so-called ‘Palestinians’ have been stealing and misappropriating Jewish history cynically for a long time:
    – The ‘nakba’ is a fake version of the Holocaust.
    – The ‘al Aksa compound’ is a fake version of Temple Mount.
    – The ‘Palestinians’ and their ‘indigenous history’ are fake versions of Jewish indigenous history.
    The ignorant thickos and the outright antisemites buy this complete con quite gleefully.

  3. The Palestinians (and the pro Palestinian groups in collaboration with left wing antisemitic regressives in the media and politics) find a multitude of new ways in which to subvert, alter and steal Jewish history, land and our lives. They will stoop as low as they can in their aims to delegitimise Israel and the Jewish nation and yet not one historian corrects, challenges or rebuts their fake claims.

    I have also noticed for some time how Ann Frank has all but had her Jewishness removed from her persona, even by the revered Frank Museum in Amsterdam and movies made in Hollywood. Jumping on this band-wagon the Palestinians are continuing Hitler’s work. And why not when they have many willing people in the UK and the West to help them?

    • Jumping on this band-wagon the Palestinians are continuing Hitler’s work.

      That’s the kind of comparisons that one sees on CiF/Opinion. It’s clearly OTT. Are you aware that some Palestinians have risked their lives and that of their families, giving shelter to Israeli Jews who have inadvertently entered a Palestinian area (A), in the West Bank. And they have alerted the Palestinian security forces to the incident so that the Israelis can be evacuated safely.

    • You are not cognizant of the rampant right wing anti-Semitism that has taken over parts of the world. Especially right wing parts, like Gaza, Iran, and the rest of Arabia ffs.

      Yes, there are people who hate us, and are willing to carve us up and bathe in our blood. But they aren’t specifically left wingers, and they’re not all Palestinians.

      “find a multitude of new ways in which to subvert, alter and steal Jewish history, land and our lives”

      The same can be said for you and yours about left wingers and world politics.

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    What would be a proper response????????

    Is this video Islamphobic???