Details, details, details: Telegraph misleads on Israeli settlement claim

Here’s the entire text of a very short article published in the print edition of The Telegraph on Sept. 1st, titled “Israel’s approval of West Bank homes angers US”.

Israel yesterday approved the construction of 463 homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, the watchdog Peace Now said, drawing a sharp rebuke from the United States.

Washington said it was “deeply concerned” and a senior US official criticised the “pervasive advancement of settlement activity”. A recent report by the EU, Russia, the UN and the United States said such construction eroded the possibility of a two-state solution.

The Telegraph’s claim is extremely misleading.

As reports in Reuters, International Business Times and BBC made clear, Israel did not approve the construction of 463 new homes.

The number 463 includes the following:

  • 30 new houses in Beit Arye
  • 20 new homes in Givat Zeev
  • 1 new 234-unit nursing home in Elkana
  • 179 building permits which were issued retroactively, legalizing under Israeli law already existing housing units that were erected in the settlement of Ofarim

So, the number 463 includes only 50 new homes, 234 units in one new nursing home building and the legalization of 179 already existing homes.

Oh, those pesky details.


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      • Adam Levick admits that Israel is building illegally in the West Bank. These 179 units are the proverbial tip of the iceberg. In fact its the unofficial policy of the government: allow housing to be built illegally (and allow it to be connected to water and electricity grids), then authorize permits retroactively. Another method is to expropriate private Palestinian land, then declare it to be “public land” and claim that settlements are built only on public land. This bluff fools nobody of course, except those Israelis who want to be fooled … and people like Adam Levick, apparently.

        • What a moron. He admits no such thing, and it’s not even true.
          “expropriate private Palestinian land” – I am sorry, there really is no other appropriate word to describe you other than ‘moron’.

          • “palestinian” land is on the EAST bank of the Jordan River where “palestinians” live under the benevolent rule of King Abdullah of Jordan.

      • Is your comment addressed to me or Adam Levick ? He is the one who pointed out that these houses were built without permission, i.e. illegally under all laws everywhere in the world.

        • No, cretin, you claimed that “Israel is building illegally in the West Bank”, which it isn’t.
          Ask someone intelligent to explain the difference.

          • If the buildings had to be approved retroactively the. It means that they were built without approval. This has nothing to do with the West Bank. Building without the necessary approval and permits is illegal everywhere. The question is how such buildings were allowed to be connected to utilities, mortgages were approved and occupancy certificates were issued.

        • You know what is illegal under all laws everywhere in the world? Well “everywhere”, except for Islamofascist hellholes

          – Hijacking passenger planes and flying them into buildings, as on 9/11/01
          – Bombing London Underground and buses on 7/7 2005
          – Beheading a British soldier walking on the streets of London
          – Massacring the staff of Charlie Hebdo
          – Massacring concert goers at Bataclan
          – Massacring LGBT PoC in Orlando
          – Massacring people at a shopping mall in Nairobi
          – Massacring people in Mumbai India
          – Bombing passenger plane Pan Am 103
          – Bombing passenger plane Metrojet
          – Beheading captives as seen in ISIS videos
          – Massacring people watching the Boston Marathon
          – Massacring tourists in Luxor Egypt
          – Bombing people at the Brussels airport
          – Massacring people attending Bastille Day celebrations in Nice France
          – Exhorting savage followers to murder writer Salman Rushdie
          – Massacring children at an Elementary school in Beslan Russia
          – chechyn islamofascists massacring people in Moscow
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          – Using children as child soldiers

        • The only relevant law here is Israeli law, not “laws all over the world.” There were no 463 units built in your fantasy land of “West Bank.” The only west bank that is any of your concern should be the west bank of the Thames.

          • But Adam clearly says “and the legalization of….” which obviously means that they were illegal according to Israeli law. Your criticism should be addressed to him.