The Guardian, BDS and an Israeli named Medad

A guest post by AKUS:

Dear Yisrael Medad:

A perfectly reasonable comment you made to the op-ed by Moustafa Bayoumi in The Guardian, entitled: Don’t worry! Clinton and Trump are going to fix Israel/Palestine  was deleted by moderators. By way of explanation, you received the following message, which apparently bewildered you:

“Warning: Those who seriously, persistently or wilfully ignore the community standards, participation guidelines or terms and conditions will have their posting privileges for all the Guardian community areas withdrawn.”

Those who founded this blog were banned precisely for persistently and willfully pointing out the type of gross misrepresentations that you pointed out, Yisrael.

You disrupted the smooth flow of forked-tongue historical and factual lies promoted by Moustafa Bayoumi. In fact, the moderators selected by the Guardian either know you were completely correct and have attempted to hide the facts he has so distorted, or have themselves been so indoctrinated by the likes of Moustafa Bayoumi and reading the Guardian that they do not even realize that you were legitimately and correctly questioning his version of the history of the region.

For example, Bayoumi’s ending, “the numbing half-century of occupation, and the nearly 70 years of Palestinian dispossession” is a masterpiece of deception.

2016 – 1947 = 69 (OK – round it up to 70 years for the sake of simplicity)

But 2016 – 1967 – 49 (OK round it up to 50 years for the sake of simplicity)

Mysteriously, however, 20 years of occupation of the WB by Jordan have disappeared.

No longer content with trying to rewrite Israel’s history, Bayoumi has rewritten Jordanian history. Of course, he has also written the occupation of Gaza by the Egyptians out of history

A Jordanian politician, Abed Almaala, has recognized the danger posed by the likes of Bayoumi.

The op-ed I cite below was about the danger to Arabs of BDS and anti-Israeli inflammatory actions and words. In the following, replace “BDS” with “Bayoumi narrative”, and consider this extract from Abed Almaala’s op-ed which destroys the counter-factual view promoted by Bayoumi and the Guardian.

I say, BDS Bayoumi narrative: Shame on you.

Shame on you for attacking the only country that offers jobs to my Palestinian brothers.

Shame on you for attacking the country that provides free health care for Palestinian ‎cancer patients.

Shame on you for selling your souls to Arab regimes.‎

As a Muslim, I know that since my Prophet Muhammad was welcomed in Medina ‎by the Arabs and the Jews, he traded with and even signed ‎a mutual defense agreement with the Jews.

And as a Jordanian and a member of Jordan’s opposition, it is time we stopped ‎talking about peace and began living peace through economic prosperity; this is ‎our promise and our mission.‎

BDS The Bayoumi narrative is not only hateful and shameful, but also strengthens Arab dictators who hypocritically criticize Israel for alleged human rights violations when they, themselves, are the world’s top ‎human rights violators. ‎

A man is known by the company he keeps; if the biggest supporters of BDS the Bayoumi narrative are Arab and Muslim dictators, ‎what does this say about BDS?‎

We Arabs have boycotted Israel for 70 years. Where has it gotten us? We are ‎light-years behind Israel in technology and the economy. We will stop this in ‎Jordan and begin learning from our Israel friends.‎

This dream is not new. It was the dream of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who ‎saw economic prosperity as the road to peace. That is why I was honored to organize a memorial event for him in the U.S. Congress when he ‎was killed, more than 20 years ago.

Let us make his memory live through action. Let us turn the lost hopes into a ‎beautiful reality, and disappointment into happiness. And let us all put BDS the Bayoumi narrative ‎where it belongs, in the dustbin of history.‎

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  1. I have also been blocked by Guardian ‘moderators’ (read ‘censors’), after criticising the repeated publication of letters by Rosen et al. in an attempt to present anti-Zionism as a typical opinion for British Jews. Their final response:

    “We will not be restoring your account’s ability to comment.

    Best wishes,

    Community Moderator”

    • Protesting the treatment of Israeli by Der Guardian and other Fascist Socialist media is as useful as protesting the treatment of Jews Der Sturmer.

  2. Great piece, Akus. For all its sanctimoniousness, BDS is simply a movement of hate, a deskbound KKK. They don’t care a fig about Palestinians or about peace. They are just using the Palestinian people. They want to fight Israel to the last drop of Palestinian blood, sweat and tears.

  3. I am another “banned” member of the club who notes with dismay the way that the Guardian and its sister media have decided that there is only one villain in the story of the Middle East, Israel, and that every other state is justified in its dealings with her.

    The rule is the easy one constructed for the idiots.
    Israel wrong
    Everyone else right

    So the Palestinians who treat their citizens harshly are given a free pass in all their actions, whether they include firing on Israeli citizens from Gaza or stabbing, shooting, ramming Israeli citizens personally, Israel has to be shown as evil and Palestinians as angels, acting out of confusion, frustration or emotional illness

  4. The Guardian “moderators.” Walking and talking like the totalitarians they really are. All impure thoughts are expunged.

    • External the problem is not that The Guardian deletes comments, or any other website for that matter.
      The problem is whether the policy on moderating or deleting comments is open and clearly understood and is that policy applied without fear or favour across the board to all comments.

      • Which, Gerald, it very obviously isn’t. Try criticising a Guardian writer (or their Court Jews who seem to get into the letters pages so easily) for very obvious bias and you’ll be amazed at the speed at which your comment is censored out – and you’d think they are the people best able to defend themselves or brush comments off.

        • “Which, Gerald, it very obviously isn’t.”
          Exactly PDW and that is a problem.
          However as I was replying to External I know you have to take things in small steps as his/her/its brain will explode if you overload it with too much truth and logic at the same time. Bless his/her/its little cotton socks.

    • The Guardian bans people who present inconvenient truths contrary to the views expressed by the backward and barbaric creeps it shills for. The policy is disgustingly anti-democratic, anti-free speech, and degrading to factual integrity. Eventually the Guardianistas are going to find out that reality inevitably wins.