Indy’s snapshot of Israel: War crimes, racism and misogyny

If you were to glance at the Israel page of the Independent on Sept. 7th, this is what you would have seen.



In summary:

Two articles pertain to accusations of war crimes against Israel or its leader.

Two articles paint Israel as a misogynistic country with ultra-conservative attitudes towards women and modesty.

One article highlights comments by Israel’s police commissioner interpreted as a justification for racism.

One article focused on the alleged harassment (by settlers and police) of a Palestinian man who recorded the moment an Israeli soldier shot a disarmed Palestinian terrorist.

One article – the only one that didn’t attempt to paint Israel in a negative light – focused on a building collapse in Tel Aviv.

 Though this is only one day’s view of the Indy’s Israel page, it’s indicative of a larger pattern of systemic bias against the state at the news site – one which we’ve been documenting for years.  

For more information on the Indy’s coverage of Israel, see our posts on this page.

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  1. Mount a campaign to pressure companies that advertise in Der Independent and Der Guardian to cease advertising in its pages.

    Any company that continues to advertise in Der Independent and Der Guardian would be viewed as supporters of racism, fascism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-semitism, terrorism, jihad, FGM, and taqiyya.

  2. Let me understand this. The Independent actually has a page dedicated to Israel, and it’s all bad news. I’m sure there exists former Dutch MP’s that like Israel (Ayaan Hirsi Ali comes to mind). Do they ever cover that, at least without tearing down the MP in advance?
    Here’s what it would look like:
    First their would be a photo of Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    Under it a caption, “former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali was once a raving antisemite, but now likes Israel and thinks there needs to be a sea change in Arab/Muslims attitudes. Calls Hamas ‘war criminals’.”

    It’s the things they CHOOSE to print that gives them away as the bigots they are.

  3. Once, someone in the Netherlands posted a Web site called, “Bad News About the Netherlands” or something–a Web page similar to the negative news about Israel. Could the same be done parodying the Independent–“Bad News About England”? Start with this:
    and continue with anti-Muslim attacks; some sex scandal (there’s usually one or two) etc.

  4. What a shame that a generation of English readers are subjected to such stupidity and unintelligent reporting. I wonder how many such similar stories noting conservative views about women might be garnered by following developments in all 50+ Islamic states?

  5. I simply adore the choice of van Agt’s opinion of Benjamin Netanyahu as a war criminal in view of the way van Agt, as Dutch Minister of Justice, tried to obtain early release for three German war criminals (Drie van Breda) who were given “prison for life”. Van Agt also called himself an “Aryan” in order to contrast his view point with that of the previous Minister of Justice, who happened to be Jewish.

  6. I said before the Indy went online-only that if they hadn’t also run Howard Jacobson’s column I wouldn’t have trained a puppy on that rag.

  7. This is one of the primary sourcres of anti-Semitism in the UK today. It is the surest way to expedite the UK’s path to becoming the proud successor state to Nazi Germany by teaching a visceral hatred of Jews predicated on lies and misinformation.