Indy is fourth UK news site this year forced to correct claim that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital

Earlier, we tweeted this to journalist Caroline Mortimer in response to her article published today (Sept. 14th) at the Independent titled “US agrees to give Israel $38bn in military aid despite tensions over Iran deal and West Bank settlements policy”.

We also were among those who logged an official complaint at the Indy.

A couple of hours later, they corrected the sentence, and replaced Tel Aviv with Israel.

Interestingly, this represents at least the fourth such British media correction this year to a false claim regarding Tel Aviv’s status.

  • In August, UK Media Watch prompted a correction to a Guardian report which included a sentence suggesting to readers that Tel Aviv was Israel’s capital.
  • In June, UK Media Watch prompted a correction to a Times of London article which twice used “Tel Aviv” as a synonym for Israel’s capital.
  • In March, UK Media Watch prompted a correction at the Daily Mirror in an article which explicitly referred to Tel Aviv as the nation’s capital.

For more background on the British media’s continuing problems with accurately naming Israel’s capital, see here and here.

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  1. And yet pro-Palestinians continue to insist that the Jews, and Zionists in particular, have controlled the information.

    These same papers will print a useless and context-free death count to titillate their readership. God forbid they should present facts of Israel without doublespeak and derision.

    Ah, Western Society. The ills of our world rest squarely at your feet.

  2. Independent wants the world to play by its rules. It’s not so much a newspaper as a life style guide. They had an article taking Theresa May to task for not answering Jeremy Corbyn’s questions the way they wanted her to, but sticking to the simple fact of Jerusalem being Israel’s capital is too hard for them.

  3. They should correct some of their other false claims about is Israel as well.
    BTW, Jerusalem is the capital. To offer up any other city is living in denial of reality and lying.

    And it’s not Israel’s attitude toward the ‘Palestinian cause’ (why do gentiles have a need to always attach euphemisms to their bias against Jewry?) that needs to be worked on either.

    • Wikipedia also makes false claims. Go to the entry on Jerusalem, and you’ll see that it’s full of falsehoods. It’s like claiming that Mt Everest is only the 37th highest mountain (because, after all, it’s named after a person who once shook hand with a Jew, and we don’t like Jews, do we?), and in fact it was REALLY discovered by a ‘Palestinian’, who of course was deprived of proper recognition by the global Jewish octopus.