An Israeli Arab asks the Guardian: Why didn’t you explain the reason Israel built its “wall”?

Yesterday, we posted about a Guardian article focusing on “walls within cities” all over the world that included paragraphs on Israel’s “wall” between east Jerusalem and the West Bank, yet didn’t include any information at all on the security reasons prompting its construction.  As we also noted as a point of comparison, the Guardian article did manage to explain the security concerns motivating the erection of walls in Baghdad.

Following our post, we decided to tweet the author of the article, an independent journalist named Ellie Violet Bramley.

Not only did we fail to get a reply to our query, but earlier today we noticed that Ms. Bramley had blocked us:


Our subsequent tweet noting Bramley’s decision to block us garnered more than a few retweets, and piqued the interest of this Israeli Arab named Yahya Mahamed (@3moYahya), who made the following brief YouTube video:

Please consider tweeting Ms. Bramley (@ellsviolet), politely asking why she didn’t mention (in her article) that the fence Israel built in the early 2000s was inspired by the desire to prevent deadly terror attacks against its citizens. 

You can also send a friendly email to the Guardian’s readers’ editor ( asking about the omission.

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    • Apparently the next tweet was calling a DJ who wrecked his car a HERO because he said he avoided running over a cat.

      Gullible and pathetic is no way to go through life, and yet she’s quite proud of her accomplishments and opinions. What an idiot.

    • It’s not for security, it’s for censorship. It’s there not to win an argument, but to stop one from ever happening.

  1. I saw a Tweet she posted about disputed West Sahara land, so I tweeted her the question “Why is it ‘disputed West Sahara land,” but ‘Occupied Palestinian land?'” Waiting for a response.

  2. The security barrier, as this young man noted, is to save Israeli lives. Not Jewish lives but ALL Israeli lives. That this writer has no idea of what she is talking about, perhaps some actual investigation and research might allow her and the Guardian to look less of fools. Buying into propaganda from the anti-Israel groups makes the paper appear to be anti-Semitic. Or maybe that is what they wish the world to see them as?

  3. Israel’s population includes 2 million Arabs. It’s walls protect those 2 million Arabs, along with Christians, and tourists from many lands. Ms Brantley had forgotten this. The PLO and Hamas bombs kill Muslims, Jews, Christians, Brits, Americans, French and more. Take the blinders off you eyes and open your mind.

  4. Since the Guardian doesn’t feel bound by morals, it’s best to fight fire with fire. It would be great if someone could hack their website and put Yahya’s video on the front page.

  5. We are all readers …we read to be informed…and we are informed…she clearly thinks we are fools and wouldn’t notice that she omitted the explanation of Israel building the wall for security reasons….she can always say “oops, I made a mistake…” and offer an apology….that is clearly disrespect for the intelligence of the reader. 😦