Guardian revises misleading headline on UNESCO Temple Mount resolution

The Guardian headline accompanying an article by Harriet Sherwood on UNESCO’s resolution denying the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount represented a classic example of burying the lead, which we pointed out in the following tweet:

Of course, UNESCO’s condemnation of “Israeli aggression” did not even minimally represent the main source of anger in the context of the resolution’s failure to acknowledge even the existence of Judaism’s holiest site.

At some point following our tweet, Guardian editors revised the headline to reflect this fact.  

Here’s the new, far more appropriate, headline:


Though the headline has improved, the text of the article still falsely claims that the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site.  As we’ve noted in corrections we’ve prompted at other news sites, the Temple Mount is the holiest site, not the Western Wall. (See here for background)

We’ll be in touch with Guardian editors over the error, and will update this post when we receive a reply. 


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    • Even though Sherwood’s a pro-Pal errand girl (she wouldn’t have gotten this job if she wasn’t), it’s much more depressing that in that sense she screws up basic facts and current timelines to an extent that even Haaretz only occasionally tolerates from its reporters. She’s fundamentally bad at her job.

  1. As if the world needed more evidence of the dishonesty and bias of the islamist and socialist hijacked UN.