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Video: Dave Rich examines ‘The Left’s Jewish problem’

Dave Rich is deputy director of communications at the Community Security Trust (CST), and is the author of a timely new book titled The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Antisemitism

The following is a short clip from Rich’s talk at an Oct. 20th Fathom Forum on: Antisemitism and Labour: where has this crisis come from, how has it impacted the UK Jewish community, what must the party do now to put things right?

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  1. The man is either stupid or he thinks we are. The best bit is where he explains away not being interested in antisemitism in the Tory Party by telling us that in the Labour Party there are INDIVIDUALS that are INSTITUTIONALLY antisemitic. If you cant figure out what a hoot that is, you are beyond my help.

    His book is a rambling series of poems that are not even properly organised into stanzas. Not the worst poetry I have ever read, but personally, I prefer Robert Frost.

    • I’m guessing the reason why he doesn’t talk about Tory Party anti-Semitism is because the book is focused on Labour Party anti-Semitism.

      Hold on. Let me think about this. Yes, I do believe that makes sense.

      Of course, you can continue to be upset that the focus of the book isn’t the subject matter you want it to be, but then I guess you can write your own book…. yes? But instead you seem to prefer writing idiotic Blame Israel comments on a pro-Israel blog that hits roughly 30,000 readers.

      We are to blame for your failure as a human being. That’s what makes you special.

    • On the contrary, if you are referring to David Rich, I found on one listening to his well-organized arguments and considerations very incisive. Some of my responses follow:
      (1) The United Kingdom, the former “Great Britain,” has fundamentally affected practically the entire planet; ergo, what happens there in the Parliament and in political organizations is worth thinking about on multiple levels — AKA “The UK punches above its weight.
      (2) Substitute “the Jewish tradition(s)” for the above mutatis mutandis. Many peoples’ heritage is priceless; here in Minneapolis we have the claim of not only the latest “born Jewish” World Artist Robert Zimmerman/Bob Dylan starting his authentic singing and enlightening career as a prophet of humanism, fairness, and equal justice under the law spun in his own individual voice and from his soul, but also the largest urban population of native American Indians.
      Yes, we could spend weeks disambiguating those claims!
      (3) This is not some “merely” abstract argument — real human beings with inalienable human rights, to be treated with respect and dignity unless or until their own concrete conduct makes it necessary to treat them otherwise for the general safety of the common good, are involved. For instance, I enjoy plugging in my electric guitar and amplifier at a moderate volume, but I have no reasonable expectation of blasting the jazz-rock-blues to high heaven!
      (4) Mazeltov.

    • The man is either stupid or he thinks we are..
      If Rich considered you stupid then he was absolutely correct. As every similar racist dirt you are very stupid Bellamy. Your intellectual parameters have been perfectly demonstrated in your posts here.

    • Yes Rich really got to the nub of the systemic antisemitism within Labour and a reason why a toothless ‘attack dog ‘ like you finds it so necessary to add a meaningless comment . Rich certainly has your number Bellamy .

  2. I think that if anything he understated the problem. It is ENGLISH anti-Semitism. England was the first EuroNazi regime to expel all the Jews.

    After the Balfour Declaration – the UK immediately starting violating it and giving Jewish territory to the Islamofascists colonists – whom they armed, trained and lead.

    The problem is that to the core the Limeys are anti-Semitic regardless of political affiliation.

    • gee59 not only historically wrong but riddled with generalisations that are racist.

      I could take my time and point out the historical inaccuracies in your post, as well as the downright racist content. But it would be a waste of my time as someone who expresses such ‘opinions’ is incapable of handling the truth.

      So for all of those who have anti-British and anti-European ‘opinions’, I’ll leave my reply to one of my favourite British singers.