Why has the Guardian ignored the violent intimidation of Jewish students at UCL?

An Oct. 31st Guardian article published on their Education page titled “Does your university produce racism?” explored the views of students and academics on the issue of racism on British campuses. Most of those interviewed for the piece on racism within academia focused on alleged institutional discrimination against ‘people of color’ (whilst also touching upon religious minorities and sexual minorities).  Yet, it curiously omitted any reference to racism directed towards Jews, or Jews of color.

Interestingly, this omission occurred a few days after a very well publicized incident of racist intimidation at a British university directed towards Hen Mazzig, a gay Israeli Jewish peace activist whose parents hail from Iraq and Tunisia.


Hen Mazzig (Former IDF humanitarian officer)

As videos circulated on social media make clear, the talk by Mazzig at University College London (UCL) last Thursday (organised by CAMERA on Campus together with student groups from UCL and King’s College London) was disrupted by a mob of anti-Israel activists.

Mazzig and Jewish attendees were repeatedly intimidated and harassed, and eventually had to be evacuated by police. The incident prompted a chorus of criticism from MPs and Jewish organizations, and an announcement by the university that an official investigation would be launched.

UK news outlets reporting the incident include Times of London, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Express, the Evening Standard, Channel 4 News and LBC.

Yet, the ‘anti-racism’ campaigners at the Guardian have thus far completely ignored the story.

We suggest that you consider tweeting the Guardian’s Education Editor Richard Adams (@RichardA), Religious Affairs Editor Harriet Sherwood (@harrietsherwood) and Readers’ Editor (@GdnReadersEd) to politely inquire about their failure to report on the matter.

You can also email the office of the Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, here:

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  1. The writers and editors of the Guardian of Propaganda no doubt take pride in not reporting anti-Semitic incidents.

    • The ‘secret’ of The Guardian editors is being exposed on a daily basis by a variety ‘commenters’ all over their ‘open-for-comment’ articles. They are very selective in what they publish. Not only relating to Israel, Muslims and the activities of antisemites in universities in the UK, but also almost nothing about Jeremy Corbyn, (The One). Milne and Abbot. All key players in the ongoing destruction of the UK Labour party.

      A thread relating to Corbyn open for comments is a stark rarity now. Plenty attacking May and her government. That’s fine’ That is what newspapers are supposed to do in a vibrant western liberal democracy. But some posts have ‘comments open’ and is quickly closed after, sometimes 10 comments. With 5 deleted by moderators.

      That no Guardian article was available relating to the UCL incident is not unexpected. Not surprising that their subscriptions are falling. What serious ‘current affairs’ reader wants Guardian Editors to filter what their subscribers read.

      The Guardian, and Corbyn and his cronies, have pointedly ignored the growth of antisemitism in UK universities as they have ignored the growth of antisemitism within the Labour party. It is very hot about anti-Muslim sentiment though. But it conflates Islamophobia with anti Muslim sentiment when they are two distinct things. One completely legitimate opposition to the teachings of a specific religion, the other a manifestation of true hatred of a whole group of people without reference to their adherence or not to their nominal religion.

  2. Barbarian Islamists and Socialists in the gate at UCL.

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

  3. Guardian sub-editor Michael White admitted that they have targets . They also have sacred cows, like Muslim offenders and people “of colour” that they protect

    Israel Jews are a favorite hate and they have done much to persuade the public that we are evil beings, consistently clad in army uniform or outlandish religious garments.

    So when Hen Mazzig an Israeli Jew of colour was refused freedom of speech mainly by Muslims the Guardian resolved their cognitive dissonance by ignoring the incident.

  4. Illustrating another Guardian solution to the sticky problem of Israelis who don’t fit their obsessive discriminatory mould is the fact that most Guardian-fed readers are unaware that a quarter of Israelis are not Jewish and yet they have full equality before the law. When they are mentioned in Guardian even Israeli legislators are known as “Palestinians” if they are not Jewish

    • Were you present at these events Bellend?
      If so do you have any evidence to back up your claim that “…there was no violent intimidation”

      If you were not there how did you reach your conclusion that”…there was no violent intimidation”?

      The Telegraph reported that,
      “Police are investigating after two female Jewish students reported that they were assaulted during the evening. One was knocked to the ground when protesters broke into the lecture room through a window and jumped in, while another was pushed against a door causing her to have a panic attack.”

      The Police based at Camden are investigating the events, perhaps you would be civic minded enough to lend them your incredible knowledge about the events and save them the time and cost of investigating. I am sure that if they find out that you were not there but ‘know’ that “….there was no violent intimidation.” they will be most grateful to borrow your crystal ball so they can also ‘see and know’ what happened without being there.
      Of course Mystic Meg they might also come to the same conclusion as the rest of humanity that you are just an anti-Semitic arsehole who is flapping his gums about events beyond his knowledge and comprehension, and boot you straight out of the door.

      • Because Gerald all the video evidence put forward as ” evidence ” doesn’t show any violence, or racist abuse. The only violence and racist abuse we see is from the nut job from the Henry Jackson Society.

        • So you were NOT there.
          It is your opinion that the video evidence does not show any violence or racist abuse.

          But as you do not understand the meaning of the term ‘violent’ and have now dropped your original denial of “ violent intimidation”, for a denial of no “.. violence, or racist abuse” Your opinion is worthless.

          If you must attempt to twist, turn and ‘move the goalposts’ to justify the actions of those whose aims you support, please try better. Your juvenile attempts at obfuscation are obvious as well as predictable and getting boring.

        • It doesn’t seem like you were there, Stevie Mikey Dipshit.

          Why can’t you ever answer questions posed to you by Gerald? How long are you going to insist you’re being misunderstood as you purposefully misunderstand those who pose you questions?

          I know…. For Time Immemorial! I predict you’ll be as successful as the Palestinians have been.

          Oh goody….. Stevie Mikey Dipshit is going to commit suicide. Viva Palestina!

          • Because Bubba I realised long ago that any answer to a stupid question runs a sever risk of being a stupid answer. Ask Anthony Loewenstein o-)

            I insisted I was being misunderstood when Where ?

            • Bellend there is no such thing as a stupid question.
              In your case there are questions you try to avoid by ducking and diving, it doesn’t work.

              Your puerile attempts to avoid answering questions only emphasises your lack of any intellectual rigour, and that you are only here to push your pre-set agenda without any concern for facts, truth, or reality. Indeed as with most, if not all, of those who try to denigrate and delegitimise Israel and those who support Israel’s right to exist the basis of your posts are without any foundation in history or morality.

              If you think you can cover up the weakness of your posts by attempting to avoid questions or points put to you or claiming that you do not answer stupid questions, carry on the higher up that tree you climb the more of your arse you are exposing to the World.

    • Add Mr Bellamy to the damage limitation exercise as demonstrated by White and Abunimah , both spinning faster than a whirling Dervish.

  5. No one is going to give a state to a bunch of know-nothing screaming assholes.

    Israel became a state through hard work. Lots of diplomacy went into Israel’s existence. Some say it’s the most legal state in the world, seeing as how many of the Founding Fathers were lawyers.

    The Palestinians? Oh, they’re linguists, in a way. They’ll take your words, and rewrite their meanings. And then they’ll encourage their kids to wrap a suicide vest around themselves before blowing up a pizzeria at mid-day. And when that’s done, they’ll take their remaining kids and teach them how to best stab folks fatally on the street. They will dress in bunny suits and tell this to 4 year olds.

    Wow. Palestinian determination!