7 things you should know about the Guardian’s coverage of Israel

This blog has been monitoring the Guardian daily since 2009.  

Though several years ago we expanded our coverage (and changed our name) to include all UK-based news outlets, the Guardian is still our primary focus due to their unique role – given their influence and reach – as a purveyor of anti-Israel bias in the UK.  

At times we take our collective memory of Guardian coverage of Israel for granted, so we’ve decided to provide a short list highlighting some of the more egregious examples of bias over the years – information helpful in contextualizing our ongoing analysis of the British newspaper.  

1. Until threatened with legal action a few years ago, The Guardian used to tell readers, in their official Style Guide no less, that Tel Aviv ‘is’ Israel’s capital.


Guardian Style Guide, 2011

2.  The Guardian continues to promote the antisemitic play by Caryl Churchill, Seven Jewish Children.

3. Guardian associate editor Seumas Milne (who recently took a leave of absence to serve as Jeremy Corbyn’s communications chief) published two op-eds explicitly endorsing Hamas’s right to fire rockets at Israel, while arguing that Israel has no right to defend itself.  (Before joining the Guardian, Milne previously worked for a pro-Stalin communist publication called Straight Left.)


4. In 2013, Guardian’s Steve Bell published a cartoon indistinguishable from the kind of explicitly antisemitic cartoons on ‘Jewish control’ found routinely in the Arab media.

Steve Bell 16.12.2012

5. A Guardian columnist likened Israel to an autistic child.


6. Guardian journalist Deborah Orr published an op-ed employing a version of the “chosen people” canard against Jews, and bizarrely argued that Israel’s 2011 prisoner swap, in which Gilad Shalit was released by Hamas for the release of 1027 Palestinian terrorists, was evidence of Israeli racism. (Orr was forced to apologise – see here.)


7. The Guardian’s new editor-in-chief, Katherine Viner, was the co-creator of an anti-Israel propaganda play called ‘My Name is Rachel Corrie’, a piece of theatrical agitprop about the International Solidarity Movement activist killed in 2003 while attempting to stop an IDF anti-terror operation in Gaza.


There are of course countless other incidents we could have highlighted.   Feel free to add your own picks for worst Guardian moments in the comment section. 

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  1. It’s good that you occasionally refresh our collective consciousness, because, although some of us have friends who still read the G (and in some cases, shudder, even family!) we can tend to take that background, that buildup of understanding about how pervasive its anti-semitism is, for granted. We all need reminding, and in some cases it’s for the first time. Keep up the great work, guys.

  2. Haaretz, I believe, is owned by an EU company. It is only printed in Israel. Although it does employ self-hating Jews.

    • Actually, UK Media Watch frequently and stridently challenges anti-Israel pieces penned by Haaretz. I am always amused by the eagerness that many anti-Zionists express when they excitedly expose the “Jews that hate Jews.” We know about them. And it doesn’t cut the mustard.

      UK Media Watch will call out anti Israel bias whether it’s from gentiles at the Guardian to Jews at Haaretz. They are both guilty of disseminating disinformation and the religion of those ‘journalists’ that pen such articles should never be the focus. That is a distraction and becomes part of the anti Israel DNA that has infected the media and the pro Palestinian movements.

  3. I’m just curious – do the English Muslims who blew up the Tube, or behead soldiers have a moral right to do so? Choudry pretty much argued yes, and he was sentenced to five years (I think) in jail.

  4. Lol. Do a 7 things you need to know about I’ll start you off

    1. Anything that doesn’t agree with us is antisemitic
    2. We specialize in scapegoating when accusations of antisemitism can’t be fabricated.

    Ehh that’s all you really need to know actually..

    • “Anything that doesn’t agree with us” is normally used, as a polite euphemism, to describe something we ate which caused a stomach upset. Is Blake suggesting that anti-semitism is caused by diet? Or is he just one of those many people who are fiercely proud of being English who can’t write in their own language without making mistakes?

    • Numbers 1, and 2, are unsubstantiated b.s., and you never had 7 things in mind to begin with, so you were lying about that too. Stay bigoted and useless. It fits you like a glove.

    • Uh….. You were going to rip this page 7 times sideways, but got as far as 2 before calling it quits?

      And then of course Shitstain pops off with a 3rd point.

      I wonder what’s taking those Palestinian peace deals so long…

    • 7 Ways to Prove Blake is an Idiot:

      1. He thought he could come up with 7 ways this site sucks, but stopped at 2.
      2. His first point is unsubstantiated and shows a distinct shallow understanding of words like antisemitism and fabricated.
      3. His second point of scapegoating is funny because this site challenges the scapegoating of Jews in Western media.
      4. Blake’s best friend on this thread is Stevie Shitstain, a man who couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag.
      5. Blake’s shallow level of understanding jibes with his inability to grasp 7 actual points, and instead relying on 2 points of rhetorical nonsense.
      6. “Ehh that’s all you really need to know actually” = I have a headache from trying to be funny and failing so hard.
      7. Despite all his failings, especially his inability to grasp 2 is 5 short of 7, Blake decides to post anyway.

      See, Blake, that wasn’t too hard.

  5. LOL. There is only one thing you need to know about Blake. According to him, there is no such thing as antisemitism, at least if it comes from the left or from Palestinians and Muslim jihadis. This is a matter of principle, high moral principle. All demonization of Jews and the world’s only Jewish state, no matter how cracked, malicious and false, is OK and defensible, and even terrorism against them/it is defensible.

  6. God clearly states that those who curse Israel God will curse, accordingly I firmly believe that the Guardian will experience its demise in due course, either through bankruptcy or corruption. “God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap”