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21 Questions for Anti-Israel Activist Ben White

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Prolific anti-Israel campaigner Ben White has announced the publication of his latest book: “The 2014 Gaza War: 21 Questions And Answers.” Given that White is perhaps best known for publishing a book titled “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide,” the book will no doubt skew heavily towards absolving Palestinians (and Hamas) of any culpability or wrong-doing during the Gaza war, while conversely finding Israel guilty of every conceivable evil.

In keeping with the theme of his book, however, here are 21 questions that perhaps White might also like to answer:

  1. Why has Israel’s total withdrawal from Gaza actually increased the level of violence between Israelis and Palestinians?
  2. Do you think there would be fewer civilian casualties if Hamas didn’t fire rockets into Israel directly from civilian areas?
  3. Why does Hamas keep soldiers and weapons in civilian buildings like mosques, hospitals and schools?
  4. What does it say about Hamas that ISIS have adopted so many of their tactics and strategies?
  5. Why are materials intended for civilian reconstruction being used by Hamas to rebuild their military infrastructure instead?
  6. How many Palestinians lives would have been saved if Hamas respected ceasefires instead of unfailingly breaking them?
  7. How can there ever be peace if Hamas are theologically committed to rejecting the existence of a Jewish state?
  8. Why do you ignore Palestinian persecution of Christians?
  9. Why do Hamas leaders call on Israel to be destroyed, and yet are happy to accept Israeli medical treatment for their unwell family members?
  10. Why is a Palestinian born in Gaza to Palestinian parents who were also born in Gaza still classed as a “refugee”?
  11. Why is there no boycott campaign against Egypt, despite it having a far harsher policy towards Gaza than Israel does?
  12. Why do you accept all other Middle Eastern states being Muslim-majority states, but reject the existence of a single Jewish-majority state?
  13. Why is it that every time Israel negotiates with the Palestinian Authority to create a Palestinian state, the level of violence against Israelis increases?
  14. Do you think people would be more or less likely to support the BDS movement if they understood that its main goal is the destruction of Israel?
  15. How does Israel being an “Apartheid” state fit with the third largest party in the parliament being an Arab party?
  16. Do you think that Palestinians receiving more aid per capita than any other people on earth is fair?
  17. Do you think the Palestinian Authority guaranteeing any Palestinian convicted of terrorism with a salary is appropriate?
  18. Why don’t Palestinian supporters do more to challenge Palestinian antisemitism and extremism?
  19. Do you think the world-wide movement to boycott Israel is the symptom or the cause of rising global antisemitism?
  20. Do you believe that Palestinians who reach out for dialogue with Israelis instead of boycotting them are traitors?
  21. Do you regret saying that you understand why some people are antisemitic?


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  1. I think that you actually give this hateful little bok more publicity that he could ever get otherwise. I mean, do you think that in spite of BBC invitations to shows, anyone apart from the obsessive anti Israel crowd, has ever heard of Ben White?

    • Protest outside the BBC headquarters. Hand out leaflets with the 21 questions.

      Silence, hoping the problem will go away by itself, does NOT work.

        • “The Balen Report is a 20,000 word document written by the senior broadcasting journalist Malcolm Balen in 2004 after examining thousands of hours of the BBC’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The report was commissioned by former BBC Director of News, Richard Sambrook, following persistent complaints from the public and the Israeli government of allegations of anti-Israel bias.[1][2][3] It is a legal obligation for the Corporation to be impartial which is why this Report is so important. Eventually one year later Helen Boaden, Head of BBC News admitted this was “an editorial misjudgment”.”

  2. This is from the publicity blurb for the ‘kindle’ version of the book:

    “Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip in 2014 was unprecedented in its scope and brutality. Two years on, and many key issues surrounding the offensive remain poorly understood.

    Is Gaza still occupied? How and why did Israel launch ‘Operation Protective Edge’? Did Israel’s armed forces commit war crimes? Does Hamas use human shields – and what about the rockets?

    In this concise, well-sourced book, these commonly-asked questions and more are answered by journalist and author Ben White, a regular contributor to Al Jazeera, Middle East Monitor, Newsweek Middle East, Middle East Eye, and other publications.

    ‘The 2014 Gaza War: 21 Questions & Answers’ is a must-read for diplomats, journalists, students, human rights activists, and anyone seeking to get to grips with the situation in Palestine/Israel.

    With a foreword by University of Exeter-based Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, this is an indispensable resource for understanding both the events of ‘Operation Protective Edge’, the Gaza context more broadly, and the ongoing Israeli military occupation.”

    The first sentence is completely divorced from historical fact, it is histrionic nonsense.
    Final nail in the coffin is the start of the last sentence, foreword by Ilan Pappe.

      • Did you not read the linked article? Here is an extract:

        “Some of the very articles that White himself links to describe, among other things, how a female Jewish student was assaulted (i.e.: held against a door for two minutes); how the Friends of Israel group was forced to move from its original venue to a different room, and how its members were chased across the campus by pro-Palestinian students; how the speaker had to leave out of a rear entrance for his own safety; how pro-Israel students had to leave in threes, under the watchful gaze of the police, and then had the words “Shame shame” chanted at them. By any reasonable standards, these things constitute the violent intimidation of pro-Israeli students, not to mention the suppression of free speech on a university campus. Yet White simply airbrushes these details out of his account.”

        • Apart from moving to another venue to another because the original venue had been occupied, none of that actually happened. Oh and maybe shame shame was chanted. the only evidenced intimidation and violence came from CAMERA and HJS sponsored uber Zio0nist goons.

              • James I am fully aware of who the ” he just hit a girl ” guy is. There is no independent corroboration of an assault on a girl or any racist abuse from the occupier’s side. The only corroboration of such is that from the uber zionist goons. And we are not talking about ordinary Jewish students but about imported goons. Including Elliot, Harvey Garfield. Jonathan Hoffman, Sharon Klaff and, of course Simon Cobbs of SFI. The same SFI that specialise in stitching people up. see here.


                  • Stephen (and Edward for that matter), I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to refer to anyone as “goons”, but maybe that’s just me.

                    I don’t see any reason to doubt Devorah Khafi’s claim that she was assaulted.

                    There is video evidence of what happened here:


                    Doubtless, Stephen will excuse the protesters forcing entry through a window and intimidating Jewish students (not just the SFI people) by chanting “shame shame” at them as they left the venue under the watchful gaze of the police – something that, at 2:35 pm on Nov 20), Stephen claims “didn’t actually happen”. But then, this is the same Stephen who not so long ago wrote to the Bishop of Guildford defending Stephen Sizer… I will let other readers of this blog draw their own conclusions.

                    • I don’t see any reason to accept it either James. After all there is plenty of other instances of Zionist women making stuff up. For starters Izzi Lenga, Fiona Sharpe, Ruth Smeeth. Didn’t see any assault on a woman in your link James. And you seem to be confusing two different events James.

                      What did I defend Stephen Sizer against. ?

                    • Well Stephen, if you’re determined to find fault in “Zionist women” (most of whom are Jewish and which will include many if not most Jewish women) then you will find reason to disbelieve a Jewish student. There does seem to be a pattern emerging about whom you choose to disbelieve, no?

                      You defended Stephen Sizer against being disciplined by his bishop, not long after Sizer had posted a link on his FB page to an article claiming that Israel had a hand in 9/11. I will post your letter here, and, again, let other readers draw their own conclusions.


                    • James I am merely saying that if an allegation of assault is presented as established fact then it is reasonable to require that there is some evidence. Particularly so when there is a track record of anti Israel protesters and students being stitched up.

                      You clearly misunderstand my letter to the Bishop.

                    • Further James, world wide, Zionist women ( and men) for that matter, are overwhelmingly not Jewish. Even if we restrict the population to the bubble presently under discussion not all involved are Jewish. Simon Cobbs, for example, is about as Jewish as my grandma, Maggie O’hara.

                    • ” ..Simon Cobbs, for example, is about as Jewish as my grandma…”

                      Bellend now you have arrogated to yourself the authority to decide who is and who isn’t Jewish.

                      Please don’t post a link to your obnoxious site “BumBitersRuS” to try to justify your views of Simon Cobbs, your site has as much credibility as everything else you do, niente!

                    • Bellend, does Simon Cobbs claim to be Jewish?
                      If he does, then by what authority or right do you say he isn’t?

                      Were you present at his birth?
                      Are you his Father?

                    • “I can do better than that Gerald. I was the mid wife”

                      Of course you were Bellend.
                      I am going to use a word that clearly you do not understand, it is the word truth.
                      The truth is Bellend that, as is usual, when you are challenged and cannot substantiate your claims you will either a) attempt to ignore the question or point put to you, b) attempt to attack the question for example claim it is a stupid question, c) use a puerile form of what you consider humour. Anything other than admit the truth that you are incapable of substantiating your posts and the claims made in them.
                      Your posts and their claims have the consistency of candyfloss and the ‘fragrant’ aroma of donkey shit!
                      Frankly when it comes to honesty and the truth, you would make a snake-oil salesman seem to be a paragon of virtue.
                      Such a pity you are such an intellectual lightweight.

          • It might help to know that Stevie Shitstain also believes: Israel is practicing Apartheid; that Israel is a stolen land by Euros and Americans; that the pizza parlors are proper targets for political violence directed against Jews; but, no, you may not shoot up a rock club in France unless that rock club put on functions supporting the Israeli state; that it’s totally cool to demand the Jews leave the Middle East for sake of bringing peace to the rest of the planet; that Hong Kong was never occupied; that Tibet was never occupied; that Jews are aliens/space people; that if America were to no longer support Israel, all the Jews will go home.

            Yes, that Stevie Shitstain has a lot of stuff going up in the his brain. And by brain, I mean his asshole. By stuff, I mean gas.

            Fart out another philosophy, Stevie.

              • Do you really think I bookmark your batshittery? You’re always free to say:

                1. Israel isn’t an Apartheid state.
                2. Jews from America and/or Europe didn’t steal Arab land for their own colonialist enterprise.
                3. I, Stevie Shitstain, do fully and unequivocally condemn all attacks made against Israelis, including blowing up the Sbarro pizza parlor less than a year after rejecting the first of three peace deals rooted in the Oslo Accords.
                4. Jews aren’t aliens or space people.

                By all means, Stevie, stop being a shitstain and join us in Reality. Or you can choke on a shit covered donkey dick, it don’t matter to me, Son.

  3. 24. If someone like you, who makes a career of publicly smearing Jews and only Jews is not an anti-Semite (Ben loves denying he is), then how would you describe one?
    (Predicted answer: to be an anti-Semite you have to personally, physically shove Jewish babies in ovens–which I am not currently doing; so stop covering up Israel’s [invented crime here] with that slur thing you people do.)

    As for Ilan Pappe, pro-Israelis seem to have no idea how bad he is. They don’t read him, so they assume he is simply “biased.” Not even close. Hint: no invasion happened in 1948!:

  4. The problem with those 21 questions is that the statements underlying the questions are mostly so arguable that the questions are fire walled pending detailed argument about the statements. As I have said before, I am not a fan of Ben White, but Ben does at least attempt to evidence the answers to the questions he poses. You can challenge his evidence, obviously.

    The ZF post is typically juvenile blather from an increasingly juvenile organisation.

    • “The problem with those 21 questions is that the statements underlying the questions are mostly so arguable that the questions are fire walled pending detailed argument about the statements.”

      In plain English Bellend, you are unable to answer the questions so you try to cover up your inability by attacking the questions, hinting at underlying motivation. You also throw in inappropriate phrases such as ‘fire walled’ in a vain attempt to make yourself sound as if you are capable of making an analytical judgement rather than concede the self-evident truth that you are an anti-Semite with an IQ level that is smaller than your own shoe size.

      As for “..typically juvenile blather from an increasingly juvenile organisation.” You haven’t reached that level yet!
      Reaching the level of ‘juvenile blather’ is a level you aspire to obtain. You have a long way to go from the depths of the rank sewer you currently occupy with all the other imbecilic, anti-Semitic detritus.