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Why Jeremy Corbyn isn’t upset about Jayne Fisher’s call to expel an Israeli ambassador

The Guardian,  The Sun, The Telegraph, The Spectator, the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail all reported on Jeremy Corbyn’s controversial appointment of Jayne Fisher, a former Sinn Fein staffer who worked for Gerry Adams, as head of ‘stakeholder engagement’ for the Labour leader. Whilst most papers focused on Fisher’s IRA ties, only the Daily Mail noted another problematic element of her resume:

The appointment also risks further antagonising the Jewish community due to her anti-Israel history. In a rally in Hyde Park in 2014 she helped spread Mr Adams’ call for the ‘expulsion’ of Israel’s ambassador in Dublin

One Labour MP who confronted Mr Corbyn over the appointment last night told PoliticsHome: ‘It’s fair to say that the general response was one of shock and anger. 

‘Obviously, we really need to annoy more people in the run-up to Christmas.

However, the Daily Mail neglected to point out one relevant detail which would help explain why Corbyn wouldn’t have been terribly troubled by Fisher’s willingness to spread a call to expel the Israeli embassador. At a demo in London in 2010 to protest the Mavi Marmara incident, he gave a speech criticising Israel, which included the following:

“Isn’t it time our ambassador was brought back from Tel Aviv? Isn’t it time the Israeli ambassador was on his way from this country?

Here’s a clip of the entire hate-filled diatribe, so you can hear the words about expelling the Israeli ambassador in context.

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  1. Thanks for that Adam. Illustrates Corbyns journey from a man of principle to a wimp that jumps ten feet in the air when Jeremy Newmark says boo. Any similars you can find me will be much appreciated.

    • Pirates steal. All aid from the flotilla, which was minimal including expired medication was forwarded to Gaza.
      There was no aid on the Mavi Marmara.
      The number of casualties on the ship was 9, not 20.
      There were no casualties on any of the other 5 ships in the flotilla.
      Members of the IHR attacked with pipes cut from the infrastructure of the ship. There is footage of this attack and corroboration from a Turkish journalist.
      There was no justification for the attack by the IHR thugs, which appears to have been premeditated. They were in no danger until they precipitated the attack.

      You know all this, Stephen. You could have spun it the other way – that Corbyn is now realizing his errors of judgement and that Hamas is neither our friends nor friends of the Palestinian people. That the IHR is a reactionary Islamist group involved with terrorism. Except Corbyn hasn’t recognized his moral errors, just his political ones, and not even most of those.

  2. When you consider the IRA and PLO’s close alliance, which included training and arms shipments, Fisher’s anti-Israel comments are predictable. What would be newsworthy would be any criticism by Fisher of Arab violence, corruption or general societal failure by relegating women and minorities (ethnic and religious) to second class status. But that kind of news will never happen; that would require sticking up for Western values.

  3. Cornyn’s speech demonstrated so well why Labour. MPs and shadow ministers refuse to support him

    His statement that we support the right to life of all people conflicted with his indignation that the US gave Israel money to build a Defensive system, not a weapon at all, but a shield that halts the Palestinian missiles targeting civilians — the Iron Dome.

    It seems that for him Jews are not people at all.

  4. This article on Jayne Fisher http://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/jeremy-corbyn-aide-sang-rebel-song-with-ira-killer-a3421296.html

    ends as follows

    Ex–defence minister Lord Robathan said soldiers, terror victims’ families and “people who voted Labour in the past will be appalled that the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition sees fit to employ this person as a close aide”.

    A Labour backbencher said: “This appointment is madness. Our traditional voters will be horrified”

  5. The British Hard Left politics is so anti Israel – and really so anti-Semitic – but they think they have a superior moral identity so they never address their awful failings because they think they don’t have any

  6. The sheer irony of the vehemence that this hypocrite was able to whip up against Israel based on the relatively modest effects of the war in Gaza against people who attacked Israel, and the boarding of the IHH terrorist-run Marvi Marmara compared to his wimpish attitude to the appalling events in Syria is fantastic.

    • I don’t think that ‘the appalling events in Syria’ actually register with Corbyn and Corbynistas. Building homes for Jews sends them into a frothing frenzy though.

  7. I partially agree with one of Corbyn’s sentences.
    The UK Ambassador should be moved from Tel Aviv.
    Along with the Embassy they should all be moved to Israel’s capital Jerusalem.

    • But Gerald the UK govt denies Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and declares settlements in the west bank to be equal. And surely we must accept what the UK government declares to be so.

      • Bellend to answer your last sentence, first.
        “And surely we must accept what the UK government declares to be so.” No.

        “..and declares settlements in the west bank to be equal.” Equal to what exactly?

        Although I am Welsh and you are Irish, I would be grateful if you could communicate using the English language.
        No, sorry my last sentence isn’t strictly true. I would prefer to communicate with you via a Ouija board.

  8. Quite simply, what an appalling person Jeremy Corbyn-Milne really is. Rejected by more than 70% of his MPs, the jerk refuses to resign.