UKMW prompts correction to inaccurate Times of London headline on settlers and Trump

Yesterday, we posted about an inaccurate headline accompanying a Jan. 1st Times of London article by Gregg Carlstrom.

beforeWe demonstrated that no Israeli settlers – according to the text of the actual article – had in fact made such comments, and that the only person who did was Israeli Interior Minister (and West Jerusalem resident) Aryeh Deri.

The headline’s claim that “Israeli settlers” hailed Trump as the Jews’ new “Messiah” is completely erroneous.

We complained to Times of London editors (under the terms of the accuracy clause of the editors’ code), and today they responded by revising the headline to more accurately reflect the contents of the article.

Here’s the new headline:

Thanks to those who assisted us with this correction by heeding our call on Facebook to take action.

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  1. Kudos, but it’s still very blatant bias that they focus on a single Israeli minister out of all the government ministers in all the countries in all the world.

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