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Could everything the media told you about Israel’s ‘eroding democracy’ be wrong?

The putative ‘erosion’ of Israel’s democracy is one of those NGO and media-driven narratives that has developed into something akin to conventional wisdom among the state’s critics – despite the dearth of any real empirical evidence attesting to such a political decline.  

Such erroneous predictionsamplified within both the Israeli and British far-left, sometimes go so far as to predict “the end” of Israeli democracy.  Typically, such hyperbolic characterisations are employed in response to ill-advised (proposed) legislation that would never in fact become law – or, at least, end up being significantly watered down, rendering the original concerns practically moot. 

Here are a few examples of such dire predictions by widely read (or at least influential) media outlets.


Financial Times editorial, 2011


Independent, article by political analyst Donald Macintyre, 2016


Haaretz editorial, 2016

On occasion, the polemical prophets even speak of a dark descent into fascism.


Irish Times, op-ed by Uri Avnery, 2016

Of course, it’s extremely unlikely that more than a few actual Israeli citizens – those intimately familiar with the state’s robust democratic institutions – take such hyperbole seriously.  Further, our refutations of such unhinged predictions have typically relied on annual reports by the respected human rights organisation Freedom House, which continue to list Israel as the only “Free” country in the Middle East. Reports by the Israel Democracy Institute also provide detailed comparative analyses on the strength of Israel’s democracy relative to other countries – indicating that, though serious problems do exist, the overall health of the state’s democratic culture is strong. 

However, an even more empirically based barometer on the relative strength of Israel’s democracy was recently brought to our attention by Israeli political analyst Guy Bechor – via CAMERA’s Hebrew site Presspectiva.

Bechor noted that the newly released 2016 Democracy Index by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) reported that Israel was the best performer in the MENA region.  The Index noted that the country “has worked to strengthen various public institutions—such as the offices of the attorney-general and the accountant-general—to ensure that the government remains accountable to the public between elections”. 

Though the report also criticized Israel for what it termed “a huge disparity between the rights enjoyed by its Jewish and Arab citizens”, even more striking than their overall score is the story told by this graph created by Bechor which is based on EIU reports since 2010:


Graph indicates EIU’s Democracy Index scores from 2010 – 2016 for Israel, USA, France and the UK.

As you can see, whilst some media outlets were predicting the erosion or even demise of Israeli democracy, their overall democracy score has risen dramatically, and is now close to the scores of France and the US.

We have repeatedly argued at this blog that UK media reports on Israel – analyses on society, politics and government – often have little to do with the reality of everyday Israeli life, and serve often to merely reinforce existing prejudices.  The EIU Democracy Index clearly suggests that ubiquitous articles and commentaries on the putative instability of Israel’s democratic institutions are among the more egregious examples of this profound journalistic failure.

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  1. The UK is rising? They have taken away all freedom of speech, but their ‘democracy index’ is rising? They are not as free as the US

  2. They have not taken away “all freedom of speech” in the UK, but every now and then bills get proposed which represent a real threat to freedom of speech – not to mention Section 40 of the Crime and Courts act, inspired by the dishonest conclusions of the Leveson inquiry. The US is far freer because of its entrenched constitutional protections of fundamental freedoms. See various well-argued pieces by Nick Cohen on this subject, as well as the article referred to in my Times of Israel op-ed – which needs updating to take account of the political attempts in Israel. to suppress free news and opinion publications –

      • Try reading your own links.
        They involve people arrested for either inciting hatred against Muslims or Homosexuals.

        Nowhere in the civilized, democratic World is there a freedom to incite hatred or discrimination against people because of their race, religion or sexuality.

        • In other words they were engaging in what is called FREE SPEECH. They did not call for any harm whatsoever. Might want to look up that term and what it actually means because you sure as hell don’t know.

          Accusing everybody of racism like this shop owner is pathetic and moronic

          You are the racists – not the people trying to speak. What are you so afraid of? There was absolutely no incitement.

          • You might consider that to indulge in bigotry and hate speech that targets people based on their race, religion or sexuality is “FREE SPEECH” but happily the civilized and democratic countries of the World do not.
            They, the civilized and democratic countries, regard such speech as what it is bigoted and fuelled by hate, ignorance and fear.

  3. in response to Gee: from time to time the police abuse their power and/or overreact – or seem to do so – misapplying or misinterpreting the provisions of the ant-incitement or anti-racist laws in question. Far more disturbing in my opinion, however, is the failure of all too many legislators to do the job of scrutinising proposed legislation and ,where necessary, rejecting or amending it. (There is also the inherent corruption of the system of the Whips – which should only be used in cases of “no confidence” motions) My post addressed bad laws and bad proposed laws.