Video: Why Israelis believe BDS is antisemitic, explained in 60 seconds.

Eylon Levy is an anchor and correspondent for Israeli i24 News and someone with unique insight into the malevolence of the BDS movement.  As we noted on these pages at the time, in 2013 at Oxford University, then MP George Galloway was about to participate in a debate with Eylon Aslan-Levy, who was then a student, on the motion: ‘Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank’.  However, once Galloway discovered that Aslan-Levy was an Israeli citizen, he stormed off the stage and said:  “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis”.

Galloway was, in effect, indicating that his support for BDS rendered six million Jews beyond the moral pale. 

Here’s the Israeli journalist today with a short but extremely effective response to those who ask why Israelis believe BDS is antisemitic. 

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  1. Its not just Israelis who believe that, most of us Jews out in the Diaspora (except for the useful idiots) and many many non-Jews believe it as well.

    • There is only one group of people whose interest in the subject counts – the Israelis themselves. The thoughts of Jew-haters like you have the relevance of a purgative enema administered to a cold cadaver. BTW let me congratulate to the last successes of the Jew-boycotters – Intel bought Mobileye for 15 billion bucks (never ever use driverless cars and especially Mobileye technology!) The Israeli GDP grew in 2016 more than 4%, private consumption 6.3%, fixed assets investment 11.2%, export of goods 3% and export of services 6%. Israel ranks in the top 18 nations in the world on the UN’s Human Development Index, which places it in the category of “Very Highly Developed” — the highest ranked in the Middle East, allowing the country to enjoy a high standard of living rivaling other Western countries such as Austria, France and Finland. Keep it up the good work of boycotting us Bellamy, your actions are greatly helping our success.

        • “And Israel is the most dependent country on earth”

          If that is true Stephen then you will not have a problem in posting a table of comparative figures to substantiate your claim.
          Your usual response is to ignore such a request or try and divert to a different question or topic. Please don’t waste your time, you have made a claim now either substantiate it or withdraw it. Failure to do either will, sadly again, demonstrate that your credibility is on a par with that of your pet poodle Farmer.

            • Stephen you made the claim “And Israel is the most dependent country on earth” Now either substantiate that claim with comparative figures or withdraw it.

              Forget your usual waffle and attempts at diverting away from your inability to respond to questions.
              You made a claim, substantiate it or withdraw it.
              Put up or Shut up!

            • For example virtually every European country. Without the US they would have became Russian colonies decades ago – including Ireland. And Israel kicked the shit out of your proxies without US or UK help in 1967. Israel is dependent on international cooperation and political alliances as every other modern country and is able to protect itself much effectively than any country in the developed world. But again, don’t let the facts disturb your hate of the Jews.

              • Stephen has also inadvertently admitted he does not regard Palestine as a country. Good work.
                The US spends in the 10’s of billions per year on the defense of Germany alone, not to mention 10’s of billions each on Japan and South Korea. Stephen is simply not well-informed.

        • As the above data shows Israel’s dependence exists only in your wet dreams. But numerical facts never influenced the opinions of your kind of racist bigots. Israel is not more dependent than any other developed country on the planet. And as the facts (not your forte) shows building in Israel is not exactly influenced by the US. But I like your use of words – begging. Last time who were begging for help from the US was the good old foggy Albion. Without US help today you would speak either German or Russian – I know for you either options would be satisfactory – just imagine the satisfaction of living in a Jew free Russian or German colony!

      • Further if we are to follow Peter’s train of thought, were it not for the French, you Bubba would still be singing God Save The Freaking Queen. I can’t for the life of me figure how come your capital is not Amiral De Grasse DC

        • We need no more proof to see that history is not your forte Bellamy. (A common occurrence with your kind of bigots, racists and conspiracy theorists).

        • Stephen once again you are attempting to avoid providing corroboration to a statement you have made.
          And once again Stephen you are demonstrating that your presence here is for no reason other than to satiate your obsession with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Surely there is somewhere in Harrow where you can get the help and treatment you so clearly need?

          In the meantime just keep on posting your farcical and evidence free posts. They are just ” an attempt to make lies sound truthful and give and appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

          To put it less diplomatically yet more succinctly, so that you and your pet poodle Farmer can understand, you dear Stephen are a liar who is full of piss and wind.