UKMW prompts Daily Mail correction to claim ‘Israel attacks Palestinian civilians’.

An April 3rd article at the Daily Mail, focusing on an alleged spotting of Banksy in Israel, included this passage purporting to provide context on the political nature of the elusive, radical left street artist’s work:

 As we argued in an email to Daily Mail editors, this is a classic case of blurring news with opinion, suggesting that it’s an uncontroversial fact that Israel (intentionally) attacks Palestinian civilians, rather than the highly contested opinion of some.
Editors agreed, and revised the passage, which now omits any mention of Israel.

We commend Daily Mail editors for the prompt correction.

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  1. I suppose they could have said the Jews owned all the Banksy. I think they were saying something like that back in 1936.

  2. Funny that Banksy doesn’t seem to care about Palestinian attacks on Jews. Oh, that’s right…. Banksy is an anonymous propagandist who doesn’t like Jews.

    Got it.

    • I’m still waiting for Banksy’s hilarious mural showing Israelis picking up body parts after another Palestinian attack.

    • Actually the result of the suicide bombers’ explosions is the wall itself. Took you too long to catch on.