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Video: Why Anti-Zionism = Racism

The Working Definition of Antisemitism (adopted by the British government, European Parliament and the US State Department) includes, in its list of contemporary examples of antisemitism, “denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination”.  Israeli journalist Eylon A. Levy has provided an excellent explanation of the reasoning behind this codification of anti-Zionism as a form of racism in the following J-TV video:

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  1. The only thing I would have done differently comes up around the 2 minute mark where a map is displayed showing the various points in Europe from which Jews emigrated to Israel. I would have added arrows showing Jewish communities arriving from Muslim countries as well. As it stands, this illustration suggests that Israeli Jews are overwhelmingly if not entirely from Western Europe when over half of Israeli Jews left Muslim lands in the Middle East and North Africa to come to Israel. Unfortunately, this misconception of the makeup of Israeli Jews is fairly widespread.
    Other than that mild cricisim, it is a well done video.

    • Stephen where exactly either in the video or in Adam’s piece does it declare every Palestinian to be racist?

        • koufaxmitzvah when you write “Forgive him, Gerald”
          I have to decline.
          Because every time he posts on this and other websites Little Stevie makes a conscious decision to post his anti-Semitic drivel, (even though his risible posts are poorly written, poorly researched and drive a coach and horses through the truth and history,) deliberately to cause offence and attempt to delegitimise Israel. That I do not forgive.

      • Gerald I used my talents as a true child of Saul Kripke. The theme is Anti Zionism = Antisemitic. All Palestinians are anti zionists ( as near as makes no measureable difference) .Well y0u know stretch your mind a little.


        • So to cut through your usual obfuscation Stephen, when you posted above “..declaring every Palestinian to be racist.” It was, as usual, your interpretation of reality.
          In other words little Stevie was telling lies again. Tut tut.

          • By the way Stephen whereas I am always happy to stretch my mind and do so regularly.
            The one thing I will never do is what you do, and that is to stretch the truth and reality until it fits into your own little perverted fantasy World.

  2. Adam you have been linking to ” The Working Definition ” for well, years. But the working definition seems to change over time. Do make an effort to make your mind up. Please provide a link to the US State Department’s adoption of the current incarnation. No rush.The people are patient.